29 Year Old Mother of Twins Needing Breast Revision - Little Rock, AR

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I am about a week out from my surgery. I am...

I am about a week out from my surgery. I am nervous and excited. I had twin boys in 2011 and had a breast augmentation in 2012. I did not do enough research and went to a cosmetic surgeon. This is one the the bigger mistakes I have made. Plastic surgeons have more school and training than a cosmetic surgeon. I wanted a lift and the cosmetic surgeon said I did not need one and put very large implants into my body. 500cc. I am 5'2 now 145 lbs. I am in pain most of the time and it is very uncomfortable. I have been unhappy with them from day one. So I am finally doing something about it. I did my research this time and planned and thought about this long and hard. I went to a few consultations and Dr. Spann just seemed right. He is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. I went to see him in October 2015 and again June 2016. Scheduled surgery for July 6 2016. I will be getting a breast implant exchange for a smaller one and breast lift. He is very thorough and provides honest information. He does not promise miracles but realistic expectations and outcome. Looking forward to seeing the results. Will post again after surgery. Or if any questions come up I will answer.

9 Days post op

Wow just Wow. For 4 years I have struggled with self esteem issues because of the botched job some pathetic cosmetic surgeon had done. It is only 9 days out and my breast are literally perfect. this man is a miracle worker. he has helped to restore my self esteem. even if you don't live in little rock I suggest that you drive or fly from wherever you are to use Dr. Michael Spann in little rock ar. I couldn't be happier.

update photo 2 weeks post op



I just continue to improve. And my weight is dropping bc I feel so much motivation now. So happy I got this back. Everything is healing so quickly and just looks spectacular ;).

July 25 2016

Recovery just keeps improving. I'm loving how they make me feel. I wanted them as small as he could go so I would feel comfortable with my body again. My body is not made for large breast at all. I feel better overall. I am at beach and feel pretty damn good. I am experiencing some nipple pain and throbbing but I'm pretty sure it's normal. Over all very happy.


It is August 5 and now my results are terrible. I don't understand why they look like they do now. They were great post op now they are awful. Super bummed so much money.

Feeling much better!

Had 8 week check up and everything is fine just need to massage left side more aggressively so happy about that yay
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

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