33 Years Old, 5 Ft 6 In, 130 Lbs, Mother of 4, 375 or 405 CC Smooth Silicone Allergen Inspira Under Muscle - Raleigh, NC

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Hello all! I have been wanting to get my breasts...

Hello all! I have been wanting to get my breasts done for a long time. I have never been big chested but a perky B cup in my younger years and before kids. I was mostly happy with them then but would have wanted to be a little bigger. Since I have had 4 kids and the last 2 were breastfeed for a year or over, I now have very loose skin only on my breasts. They got so large, probably a full D all 4 times so they have been stretched a lot and several times, LOL! In the past 3 years I have also gotten a lot more fit and work out regularly with weights. I have always stayed the same weight mostly but I have gained muscle and lost fat, therefore taking even more from my boobs! I am happy with my body, just not my boobs. I would love to feel more like a woman at this point. I would like to be a full C, maybe a small D and proportioned to my body. I have wide hips for my frame and a bubble butt so my boobs do not match LOL! So I am pretty curvy for my thin frame and just wants the curves to match up top. My ps is suggesting at least 375 to fill out my loose skin and get the look I want. He said 405 would be great based on my measurements and my height. Since most women wish they would have gone a little bigger is why he suggested 405 I think. We picked out natrelle inspira smooth silicone under the muscle. If he does 375 then it would be moderate + and if we go to 405 then it would be SRF which I *think* is high profile. I need to ask to be sure. I think it is b/c if he goes up in volume I have a narrow chest I would need high profile. Anyway, sorry for the long post but just wanted to share! Surgery is scheduled for 12/9/16 so I am very nervous, never having any surgery before. Thanks for reading and let me know any suggestions you may have!

Before pics

This is my before pics. No upper volume at all and loose skin :-(

Before pic

Before surgery!!! :-(

Wish boobies

I hope I turn out like these babies lol!
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