Active 29 Year Old No Kids Always Struggled with Cellulite. Portland, OR

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So I have always been an active person who doesn't...

So I have always been an active person who doesn't eat junk and works out or does yoga 3 to 4 times a week, but cellulite has always been a struggle for me. Even as a teen I played soccer and was a cheerleader and remember having cellulite in high school. We in the last few years my dimple have gotten much worse and much deeper and all I can think about is my grandmas horrible cellulite she has all over her legs and she is thin. I pray that wont be me one day. Well thank god for cellfina!

I am 5'2 115lbs and I had my procedure today which treated 24 spots. I was lucky enough to get cellfina for free to be used as a model at the Key Laser Institute in Portland. There were 2 cellfina physicians along with a nurse and Dr Key and his amazing staff who held my hand every step of the way. First they start by marking the areas then they suction up a portion of the area in a vacum device and insert needles for the numbing process. The numbing process is the most painful part. It feels like the suctioned area is a water balloon filling up with burning fluid about to explode initially. I would say pain for me was a 5 out of 10 and then once the numbing medication is in the areas around it arent as painful. The thigh area was the worst for me personally. After you are numbed the use the same suction device and instert a blade and move it in a windshild wiper motion cutting the bands to release the dimples. It sounds like a mini chainsaw, but there was no pain for this part. In all the pricedure was a breeze and yes you will have pain, but its worth having a smoother bottom!

I am getting copies of my pre op photos on monday which I will post next week. Im so excited to seethe results to come!

Amazing results so far!

I still don't have my pics from the Dr yet, but the results are amazing from what I can see!! I literally have no cellulite anymore.. A serious miracle! my husband was in disbelief when I took the bandages off the next day, he said he could already tell a difference! If course there is a lot bruising and some swelling, but from what I can see there are no more dimples. I will say the first few days were very tough to sit especially on the toilet. I went to work the next day and had no problem since stand mostly being a makeup artist. I recommend this procedure to every women who has this unsightly problem. There is finally a cure! My Dr is a bit old school so he is kind of being weird about sending my photos, but the nurse told me to call Thursday and she would send them to me. So I will be posting them hopefully at the end of this week. ????

Some post pics

Day 6 post procedure

10 days post

Still bruised and still is sore. The pain is pretty deep and almost feels like my sit bones are bruised. Anyhow it's worth every bit of pain because I feel like I'm looking good. On February 22nd I'm getting thermi tight ion the upper thigh lower butt area to lift the skin and sub due any other rippling that cellfina wasn't able to treat. I called my provider today to get before pics, but they still haven't sent them, they keep saying it could violate hippa. I don't see why though considering its my body. Hopefully I will get them soon.

Finally here is a before pic

Here is some before photos.

Getting IPL to help incision scarring

So the incision sights are pretty lumpy feeling to the touch and are red and raised plus I scar dark brown unfortunately. So I am getting IPL treatment next month for that. Something to keep in mind depending on how you scar and your skin tone. It kind of looks like acne or pimples which is unattractive, but still better than cellulite in my opinion. I also started using bio oil which should help.

in addition to cellfina, I had my first thermi tight treatment today which felt very relaxing like a heated massage. The only down side is it can take up to 6 months to see results, but that's fine by me. I am already happy with the cellfina results. I am gonna have the best bum I have ever had soon enough! Yay!
Dr Key

Great doctor who takes his time and goes in depth about explaining the procedure, process, and outcomes.

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