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I've been waiting to do this since I was 20! Now...

I've been waiting to do this since I was 20! Now that I'm done having children I'm SOOOOO excited, and pretty nervous!! My PS is Dr. Gorin in PDX and so far he's been truly wonderful. I have full faith in him! At pre-op last week we debated between a 370cc and 400cc Sientra, "gummy bear" textured shaped/teardrop implant. My biggest fear is going too small, but as a professional I can't look like a porn star! Haha

Before photos

I've been obsessed with before and after photos recently, but as I'm reading that's pretty normal! It's nice to be able to visualize what results the various CC's have on different body types! I finally took my before pics, so I'll post them here. Any input on size CC's (to big, too small, absolutely perfect) for those of you with similar body types?

The first set are front (photo left is my right), left, right... second set is my in a VS lace only bralette. I think these are SO sexy with beautiful breasts, but on me they just look like a cute training bra. Haha. Next set is a tight T-shirt, no bra, Final set is same T-shirt wearing my fave VS "add 2 sizes" mega push-up bra. I'm shooting for maybe just a little larger than that...


Before- Bralette

T shirt without bra/with mother of all bras ;P

Dream boobies

Surgery day tomorrow...

And I'm FREAKING out. Totally second guessing the Natrelle 410/anatomical "gummy bears" after reading several negative reviews. My PS recommended them based on my breast shape and volume...He's been highly recommended by several people and he seems to have some of the best reviews in the state, and he was very attentive, insightful, and thoughtful in my two previous appointments, so my logical brain completely trusts his decision but AAAHHHHHH!! Lol anyone else totally panic about their decision just before? I wish he'd given me a Xanax in all those prescriptions... lol

Surgery day

Thanks for all the support ladies, this website has been really helpful. I'm off to Portland...(I live in Bend, but hadn't felt comfortable with the three PS here so did some research, asked around and given reviews and how good I felt with the consultation chose this PS, who is about 3 hrs away)...So I really did do my research... I'm feeling much better today although I have to admit I had a few too many glasses of wine to calm my nerves last night (nothing past midnight!) and woke with a bit of a hangover... NOT the best feeling going into surgery! Haha silly girl.
Curious to see how the long drive home goes after surgery. Yikes. Thankfully my friend is driving and he's very patient. Hoping I don't throw up all over him ????????????

Happy Birthday, boobies!

Out of Surgery and heading back to Bend... not feeling too terrible at this point given some pretty brilliant drugs. Starving and surprised by that! Obviously hadn't eaten anything since last night so food is most definitely the first stop!
Only freaking a little because my right breast (which was bigger) is definitely much bigger and higher than the left...I know this is normal but I'm still a little nervous! So glad it's done though! Yay!!

PO: I Don't Think It Could Have Gone Any Better!

Loving them so far and think they will settle perfectly after looking at so many post op day 1 photos! This site has definitely helped minimize my anxiety so thank you ladies!!

Dr. Gorin went with the 375cc Natrelle 410/teardrop shape/"gummy bears". Had some asymmetry with the left breast originally smaller than the right, but I think it's pretty unnoticeable from the front PO. Pole of Right breast is higher and stiffer but I think it will even out. Yay!!! I honestly have only fairly tolerable pain thanks to the pain meds they gave me! Walking around and no nausea thankfully at this point, but going to try and not push it. Also

Can't sleep haha

Took these a few hrs after surgery. I think they're going to settle exactly as I'm hoping!

Animal love

My dog clearly knows I'm hurting. I think he's worried about me because he's been extra clingy and attentive. Anyone else's animals worry? It's the sweetest!

Boob greed...check

4 days PO and I'm really feeling like I should have gone bigger at this point. I know in reality I need to give it time, but I am so impatient and frustrated with the way The girls look today.


Before, day of, and 4 days PO

Boob greed... continued

So I've been obsessively fearful that I went with too small a size despite my PS's opinion that 375 would look better than 420 due to my frame. All I have been doing during my recovery time is looking at others' progress pics. Thankfully I've found a few progress pics that are giving me some hope. If I can end up like these two, I'd be absolutely thrilled! (I'm in the black halter top at 4 weeks).

4 days post-op (not counting surgery day)

Freaked out days 1& 2 convinced that my boobs would only be fuller versions of their small saggy selves, but as I've read others' posts and looked at progression pictures I'm starting to understand this process more, and am trusting it at this point. I'm starting to believe that at the end of all of this they'll be exactly what I wanted. The girls are still really high and very tight, but I am needing much less pain medication and am moving around a bit more. Looking at their progress, my left boob seems shorter but thicker while my right is a bit higher/longer while a little thinner, so I'm thinking there's about the same amount of volume, they're just settling differently. My nipples seem really well placed now despite some asymmetry initially, so I'm really happy about that, too! Only issue now the bloating. Is it possible to overdose on laxatives?? I've never felt so uncomfortable lol.

I think it's time for me to go back to work

Otherwise I'm going to make myself crazy second guessing and overanalyzing everything! (Heading back tomorrow!)

Wanted to post a side by side before/today comparison, mainly for myself.


Pics didn't post. In any case I'm hoping they will be quite a bit fuller and rounded after they d&f...

One week out!

Well I went back to work Wednesday, 6 days after surgery, and it was only a little premature. Still needed the neurontin/nerve med that day, but yesterday was much easier and today so far they're just mildly annoying. Still very tight and sensitive in areas, but I can lift my arms without much pain. Yesterday was also the first day I didn't feel so terribly bloated, and that my body was back to its normal self otherwise. The girls are dropping out of my neck more and more every day, and while they're looking better they still have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do as they're still pretty rock hard and high. Hoping that in that process they become fuller/bigger and cleavage gets closer. You can see In my little bralette that there's still some room in the front that I'd imagine they will fill in.

4 weeks

Thought I'd throw up a quick update as I'm 4 weeks out... given I went under the muscle with anatomicals I've read and heard that it takes longer for everything to settle, so I know I still have some time... At this point I really love them with clothing on, and with bathing suits/lingerie etc... I do still wish they were a little bigger/more full when completely naked, but I'm hoping and my doctor has assured me that as they do settle they will become more full. In reality I don't think I tastefully could have gone much bigger given the professional office setting I work in, but I do still have moments where I maybe wish I'd bumped it up over 400-450 CC's (I did 375)...even though I know this wouldn't make a HUGE difference...

Healing wise I'm feeling MUCH better. Was pretty miserable sleeping those first 3 weeks, but I've been given the ok to sleep on my side and for the first time in these last few days it really hasn't been uncomfortable for me to do that. Incisions look amazing, and I think they feel really good too, so far.

I've added a few update pics just for reference.
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