5 weeks post Revision Capsulorrhaphy Surgery for Lateral Displacement - Pittsburgh, PA

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Yesterday I had surgery to repair lateral...

Yesterday I had surgery to repair lateral displacement for my right breast and a slight bottoming out for my left. I am posting this because when I was doingnmy research I couldn't find much about the surgery.

My surgery went very well as far as I woke up feeling good and for the most part I am 31 hours out from surgery and while I'm swollen, I can manage the pain very well with percoset. I did do a detox of no alcohol or soda and tons of lean protein and FIGI water the weeks leading up to my surgery. That helped me process the anesthesia and should help me heal faster. I take the wrap off tomorrow to shower and will update how it looks. My original surgery came out amazing and looked totally natural so I hope this repair goes the same. The good news is that pain so far is way less than I read it would be.

Update: It's 4 days post surgery from my surgery....

Update: It's 4 days post surgery from my surgery. I'm less groggy. So basically what he did was put sutures internally to fix lateral displacement and bottoming out. Right now I am feeling pretty good. The pain has been minimal taking percoset. I can manage pain with 1 pill now and I am being extremely good. NOT using my arms at all. No lifting, pulling etc. I am very swollen in the middle of my breast to the point where the cleavage is raised up (but not painful) and it visually creeps me out. I took one shower and my breasts look like squares with how tight they are so I'm going to do a sponge bath and wash hair today - keeping myself in the compression bra. I have this $60 Under Armour bra. I highly recommend it. It's sized at 34D and you can control the compression. I have it on the tightest setting so that I literally don't move at all. that with the wrap and I can move without anything shifting so I think that helps with pain and I have zero bruising so far on day 4. My husband looked at my scars and they aren't even bruised which makes me happy. I do have gurgling and gushing sounds in my right breast which needed the most repair (and I'm right handed). For anyone considering this type of revision surgery FOR ME it has been way less swelling, was less painful and visually I am smaller and can hide the surgery a lot better. The hardest thing with 2 young kids is TAKING IT EASY. I really cant' use my hands and sleeping is tough trying to stay elevated but overall I am feeling pretty good. I will keep you updated on this recovery for anyone with lateral displacement freaking out over the reviews on how painful and awful it is- right now I'm saying its' NO where near the first surgery. :)

Well I took off my sports bra tonight and I felt...

Well I took off my sports bra tonight and I felt like crying. My nipples are extremely low on the breasts and wide pointing to the sides, the incision area seems like it's "pinned" in and the breast looks like Frankenboob. My sternum is also very very raised and bruised. :( I couldn't stand to look at it and put the compression sports bra back on. I worry this bra could be too tight and making me have the issues but I can't imagine that would be the cause. So I'm researching and feeling sorry for my deformed self. I am praying this is NORMAL and it'll all settle in the end. Sigh..........does anyone know if wearing too much compression can be harmful?

Well I called my surgeons office this morning and...

Well I called my surgeons office this morning and they had me come in. Turns out I had the mesh wrap too low and it was pushing my breasts UP and creating excessive swelling which is why my nipples look the way they do. He adjusted the mesh wrap and I feel a thousand times better. He also took off my steri-strips and said I look just as I should BUT I do need to take it easy. I have taken it very easy but even little things like opening a pill bottle contribute to swelling so I'm really going to focus on doing the least I can.

I think I'm going to wean off the percoset now that I am on day 5. I have only taken one during the day and one at bed but am going to switch to Tylenol and see if that does the trick because my digestive system is still slow and not working optimally and that makes me feel blah and fat.

I don't know if this is being posted anywhere. I can't seem to find it anywhere but if people can comment to let me know I appreciate it.

Day 6 - well today I am feeling good. I stopped...

Day 6 - well today I am feeling good. I stopped all percoset and only took Tylenol last night. I woke up this morning pretty swollen at first but when I took my bra off to shower I look better already. A lot of the swelling went down and my digestive system FINALLY kicked in and I feel so much better after having used the bathroom several times this morning. I may have lost like 5 pounds seriously!!! I wanted to share with you all a bra that has made my life so much easier:http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12565219

This bra is expensive but it holds you completely compressed and makes pain so much less. It's definitely worth checking out if you are considering surgery. I'd buy the size you think you will end up. Meaning if you are going from a B cup to a C/D buy the D and the band size around your rib cage. I might suggest going up a size around the ribcage (say from 32 to 34) because you will experience swelling. My sternum is very swollen. Heck, everything is swollen right now.

I did eat a can of pineapple last night and I think it helped with my swelling :) Pictures to come tomorrow.

1 week post surgery - well one week post surgery...

1 week post surgery - well one week post surgery and I am already looking really good. I am supposed to be "massaging" the breast but there isn't much flexibility going on right now. The sutures are all along the outside tissue so everything is very "tight" and bruised along the edges where I need to massage. I plan to post a picture tomorrow of the 1 week post op for you all. Right now overall my breasts are nicely pulled inward and I have excellent cleavage now that the swelling is going down. The nipples are also moving back towards where they below and I have some sensation in them which I didn't have after my original BA.

I have taken zero pain medication today and am doing OK. The hardest part is remembering NOT to lift my arms, push, pull stuff because it doesn't hurt while I am doing it but engages my pectoral muscle which by the end of the day throbs from being used.

Once I post pictures you can get a better idea!

Well yesterday was 1 1/2 weeks mark from surgery...

Well yesterday was 1 1/2 weeks mark from surgery and I met with my surgeons office. As you can see from the updated photos in just a few days I am already starting to drop into place. I started massaging (no downward massage, just upward and inward). The nipples should start to move into place a bit better and the incisions will heal up and not tug so much (especially the one side). I was cleared to do cardio (walk on treadmill) but no swinging of the arms, pulling, lifting etc. Nothing that will strain my pectoral muscles. I am still in pain at night. My left armpit is what aches........... it throbs. So I am taking 1 pain pill at around 10 PM to get me through the night. PLUS I am a side sleeper and it hurts to sleep on my side so sleeping on my back is making it so hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. The good news is that most of my swelling has gone down and I think I'm starting to look more normal.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

2 weeks and 2 days post surgery and I'm starting...

2 weeks and 2 days post surgery and I'm starting to have a little more pain at night than I was having. I am going to attribute this to the fact that I have 2 young kids and a busy life and I have to use my arms. Be that carrying a basket of laundry, reaching for this or that......... and by the time I lay down it really hurts. Things are softening up but I definitely am in a transition time for shape. My nipples are still not where they should be and I'll probably drop quiet a bit but overall things are good. I look a lot smaller than I was before but I think its because they are up high still and need to fall/round out. I can't sleep without my pain pill currently because I have to sleep on my back and thats not a natural/relaxing position for me (my side is). I am very pleased with my surgery so far though. I think it's going to look great.

I'm feeling pretty good a 2 weeks and 4 days....

I'm feeling pretty good a 2 weeks and 4 days. Although I'm upset about the nipple on my right breast. It is way further to the right. Also, my incision is also way further to the right of my breast. The original scar was dead center in the middle and nipples were totally in the right place. I'm going to assume that as I continue to heal this will correct itself but I definitely look funky without my bra on. I'll update pictures. Please note I'm wearing a very strong compression athletic bra so it leaves marks on me....but keeps things in place.

3 weeks mark today! I'm feeling pretty good........

3 weeks mark today! I'm feeling pretty good......and things are getting better every day. I do feel a bit of concern that the incision on my right breast was too far to the right and is the cause of the nipple being pulled to the right......... I'll post a picture of that scar and you'll see just how close it is to the edge of my rib cage. But, overall I will say that I am MUCH happier than I was. I think I may be down to a C cup as well now that the breasts are sitting closer together but I haven't tired on any of my 32D bra's. I'll do that once the scars are a bit better. I think I"m going to go spend the $50 on the scar cream my surgery center sells. I used it last time and had no scars visible a year later. Also, I apologize for the marks on me in the photos. I tend to do these right after I wake up and I'm still wearing a compression sports bra which is getting loose which is why I think I'm shrinking down to a C.

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks! I am doing very well......

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks! I am doing very well...... for the most part I don't really have much pain unless I over exert myself. I'm doing the massaging in the morning but everything is already softening up and starting to look more natural. I feel as though they still need to drop a little bit into place but I feel a lot better. I feel less bulky than I did before I had this revision which makes me really happy. Sleeping on my back at night is probably the hardest thing. I can't remember whether I'm supposed to keep doing that or not so I just am. My concern would be doing anything to mess up the pockets in my sleep! I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

Well 5 weeks post surgery and things continue to...

Well 5 weeks post surgery and things continue to heal. I can sleep on my side now without pain - I really don't have any "pain" period. I'm just very careful not to lift any heavy object and to be careful putting my arms above my head etc. My scars are still a little ruddy as you run your fingers over them but they are healing. I bought BIO-OIL and have begun using that which I really like. The surgery has definitely created some nice cleavage and the breasts now sit on the "front" of my chest vs all that side boob and big gap in the middle. My only concern is the lax nipple skin area. It was not this way prior to the surgery and it sort of "hangs" a little bit on the right breast. I"m not sure what would have happened to cause that. I'm guessing they have some type of issue during surgery because of the incision being so far to my "side" of the breast and the way they sutured it maybe affected it. It's not bothering me enough to get it "fixed" anytime soon but does make things less symmetrical. Check out the 5 week post op photos.

7 months post surgery

I thought it would be nice to post a 7 month update and some photos. For the most part things look really good. A lot of sensation is starting to come back although my incision area is very TENDER still. It's been one area that actually hurts and doesn't seem to be healing as fast as before. The scar is also very dark and isn't healing with nearly the speed my original surgery did. I find this to be really odd. Anyway, overall things look good as you can see. One nipple is still off to the side a little bit but nothing worth doing surgery over and if I massage things it pulls back towards the middle. I did very little massaging which is probably why I'm still high but I am almost 43 and gravity will pull everything down so I'll just let it happen naturally. I do love that things are now nicely in place and I don't feel so huge because of the side boob!

1 year 7 months post revision

I wanted to update everyone. Everything healed very nicely with the revision. All the sutures kept everything in place. No side boob and no drooping. They are nice and soft and look very natural. My scars are almost completely gone although the area at the incision is very sensitive. My nipples are just NOW starting to get feeling again and nerve regeneration but it's happening. I would highly recommend a revision to anyone who isn't happy. Also, my boobs used to look gigantic because they were so far apart (I have a fairly narrow frame) and now with them staying put in the front I look 5 lbs thinner just because they don't stick way out on top. I have been training for a marathon and have zero issues running with them too which makes me happy..
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