35 Year Old Struggling with Cellulite - Phoenix, AZ

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I have struggled with cellulite for as long as I...

I have struggled with cellulite for as long as I can remember. When I heard about the Cellfina procedure I was very excited. Finally a treatment option that was not a cream or a laser. The bad thing about this procedure is there is not a lot of information out there yet. I was able to find a few reviews on RealSelf but not much else out there. There are also very few doctors who preform the procedure. I had to travel 3 hours to see the doctor who preformed my procedure. I went ahead and scheduled the consultation and the procedure at the same time because of the distance I had to travel and because the procedure seemed to make sense to me. If the dr thought I was a good candidate then I was in.

During the consultation the dr. felt I was a very good candidate for successful results. He talked me through the procedure and answered my questions. I was prescribed a valium and waited about 30 mins before I was taken back for before pics, marking and then prep.

After the dr made the marking on my legs and buttocks I was given the chance to see if they had "missed" any. They also look at your treatment areas under different lighting to make sure they get all of the dimples marked. I thought that was a great way to ensure a complete job was done. During the picture time I was asked to take my valium.

Next I was taken to the procedure room and the treatment area was cleaned with a solution and the rest of my body was covered with sterile drapes. Then they started the numbing process. There is a suction that is placed which hurts a bit and a needle give the numbing meds. This process hurt. In some parts it hurt worse then others but over all it hurt. I feel the other reviews and the dr down played how much this part was going to hurt. I had 25-32 dimples that were marked and each had to be injected with the numbing meds. OUCH!

They waited about 20 mins for the numbing to be complete and then they performed the procedure. I would say out of 25-32 "cuts" that were made I felt 5 or 6 and man oh man did those hurt. The dr and I both never knew which ones were going to hurt. I think the anticipation of not knowing which one was going to hurt was the worst part. LOL. The valium def. took the edge off but I wish I had taken a pain pill before too. The dr offered one but I decided against it for some silly reason. Don't do that!!

After the procedure was done they applied bandages to my legs. There was a little bit of blood and fluid. The bruising was already starting to show and I could see the there was swelling too. I was told to put on spanks and for compression and that was incredibly painful to put on.

My boyfriend drove us the 3 hours home and I was reasonably comfortable in the car. Getting in and out was a bit uncomfortable and walking was too. I felt sore. But nothing to unbearable.

I took ibuprofen before bed and slept well. The next morning I took more before getting out of bed and its truly helping with the swelling and the pain which is just soreness.

I was able to take a shower the next morning and I removed my bandages. The bleeding and fluid oozing has stopped and I'm just wearing the spanks. I was told to wear them for 2-3 days. It actually feels better with them on because of the compression but the getting them on and off is horrible!!

I will post pics later!

Before pic

Day 1 pics

Day 2 bruises

Starting to see smooooth skin. Still have lumps & bumps from swelling.

Day 3. Holy Bruises Batman

Day 8

Very little pain left. I only really had pain when I would sit on the toilet or if my little kids would hug/bump my legs. Most of the swelling is gone except for some hard knots right at the "puncture" sights. Bruises are getting better. I'm starting to see really smooth skin. I'm excited. My Dr did tell me that he doesn't mess with dimples on the buttock check crease. I can see some dimples there but I'm not worried. I'm already seeing significant improvement.

Additional BEFORE pic

Even in this pic my cellulite looks "not bad" at least not as bad as I thought it looked in person. Again it's a difficult pic to take yourself and there's not many people I wou ask to take it. But I can always count on my Mom!! :). Hopefully this additional pics helps.

3 week update - happy w/ results

3 week update

Hello everyone! So I'm a little over 3 weeks post procedure and all my bruises are gone. You can barely see the incision spots. I have no pain unless someone or something presses up against my legs. I do have knots at the incision site. They are about a quarter size. Hope those go away soon.
The only thing I wish I had done differently is get this done in the winter. It was difficult to hide the bruises and I had to wear pants all the time and it was hot!

More after pics

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