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I'm not sure where to even begin. I went to Dr....

I'm not sure where to even begin. I went to Dr. Seckel after researching where to get my rhinoplasty. I had zero expectations and tons of nerves. Dr. Seckel was fantastic with every aspect of our meeting from beginning until I went under anesthesia. I was not looking for a cookie cutter nose job and I definately didn't have any set expectations as I knew a rhinoplasty could require revisions later on. All I wanted was a better looking nose (it was very wide and had a hump on the bridge). My nose took over my entire face. Dr. Seckel asked what I wanted and I foolishly showed him a picture of a Britney Spears poster. There was NO way I expected him to give me this nose as it was the complete opposite of what I had going on. Her nose was thinner, smaller, smoother, couldn't have been any different. When Dr. Seckel told me "Your nose will look better than that", I felt years of insecurities fall off my shoulders. I thought if my nose will look BETTER than that, then I'm definately with the right surgeon. I will say, Dr. Seckel did ask if I wanted to just remove the bump instead of breaking the nose and doing all the other stuff (thinning it out) and I declined. The problem I had was the bump and the size, like I said it took up my entire face. After Dr. Seckel had set my expectations beyond my dreams, I was VERY excited to get the surgery done. The surgery went well and I had minimal bruising. 

During our first post-op meeting Dr. Seckel seemed to be very pleased with my results, even chiming in that he'll need me to be in his next before and after photo section of the next book he had coming out. I was thrilled. It's one thing to have dreams of being pretty, but it's quiet another to be told you look so good you need to be in a book. A week had passed and I was doing stellar with recovery. I slept upright and kept LIFE away from my nose to ensure my results would be everything I was told. Then came the 3rd post-op meeting. I don't know how to properly describe the feeling I had when looking at my nose for the third time, still swollen but completely different. I could see some curvature from the bridge to the tip of my nose that struck me as off, but I chalked everything I saw up to healing. Dr. Seckel made no mention of the book again and it was pretty apparent he seemed just OK with the results now. I asked him a few questions about my concerns and was told to let my nose settle for at least 6 mos. before we discuss any disatisfaction. I waited 1 year before I met with Dr. Seckel again. I was devasted the swelling and curving and flat out crookedness had not healed. I was looking in the mirror every morning at a botched nose job. I couldn't deal with the fact that I did this to myself. 

I told Dr. Seckel my concerns and even my mother chimed in a few times appauled that he could not simply admit my nose looked worse than bad and needed to be revised. We went in for some 360 pictures and I asked him to show me the pictures he's had on file (the ones he took during our post op meetings). When he reluctantly opened the pictures my face popped up big as can be on the screen and my mom and i actually gasped out loud. I couldn't even believe this was how my nose looked. Like someone took a baseball bat to it. After what felt like arguing with Dr. Seckel for 30 minutes over the need for revision and the fact that I didn't have enough money for it, I was told he would get with "another surgeon" he knows and discuss how this can be fixed. I was in tears by the time I left. I felt hopeless even thought I knew something would come of the 2 surgeons meeting. After 2 months I called his office and left a message with the receptionist. It has been since 2007 that I have not heard back from anyone. It's very clear to me that upon realizing how poorly of a job Dr. Seckel did on my nose, he was more concerned with "ok'ing" me to death and getting me and my mother out of his hair rather than owning up to a poor rhinoplasty and revising it for me. Instead, he has a now 28 year old female who, for the last 6 years or so has been walking around with a botched advertisement for his practice. I have told everyone his name and warned anyone on any message boards I can find about the poor service i received both during my surgery and more importantly, follow up. 

Again, I wasn't asking for the moon and stars and I didn't expect or even want perfection. I just wanted a better looking nose. I can see the positive sides of my nose (woohoo I have 1 nice angle to take pictures from!) but there comes a point where being positive doesn't change a bad rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, It looks as though my nose was completely and utterly destroyed by this surgeon. I would highly recommend another surgeon.

New pic

Here is another picture of my nose. I can't find any good old photos to add to show the difference from before to after (before my nose was straight, just very wide).

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I figured I'd add a few more pics


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