23 Y/o, 5'2, 115 Lb- Inspira SRM345cc - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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I am 23 years old with minimal breast tissue. I am...

I am 23 years old with minimal breast tissue. I am currently a 32A and wish to go to a small to mid C range. Dr Pinsky suggested possibly a 304cc natrelle style 15 (moderate profile) implant the first time I met with him. I then went home and thought maybe I could go a bit bigger and met with him again to review and revise. This time he showed me SRM-345cc Inspira on vectra. These implants are slightly overfilled and are fuller at the top, which give a perkier look. This would possibly put me at a mid-full C . I am excited but worried about going too big. But excited none the less! The pictures below are of vecra. From left to right is my natural breast, 304cc style 15 implant and then SRM-345cc Inspira implant. Haven't decided which I should go with!

So I just went to my preop on Monday and my...

So I just went to my preop on Monday and my surgery is next week on Friday! Can't believe the time had finally come!! My goal is to be a mid C from a small A. Dr ordered SRM345, SRM360, and SRF385... I'm little nervous because I really don't want them huge and obvious, but I trust my ps completely. So excited/nervous/scared! I am such a needlephobe, I'm more scared of the IV than anything lol will keep you posted on which ones he decided to use!

Day 1 post op

So yesturday was the big day! Sorry I didn't post on the day of, I was basically sleeping all day. I was a 32A and now am a mid C, I don't know what size implants my PS decided to use because my post op is on Monday, I'll find out then. I do know I'm a mid C because the PS went out to my boyfriend after surgery and told him i was a mid C and they look just like the picture of my wish boobs.<br />
At the hospital, I remember waking up and telling the nurse I had pain in my left incision, so she gave me two doses of pain killers and it did the trick. I did get a little nauseous while coming off of the anesthesia but it wasn't bad at all.<br />
One thing I will say is that I had a sore throat after wards because of the tube they put down your throat during the general anesthesia. When I woke up I had to cough so bad and it didn't hurt because I was in pain killers, but I did have a sore throat the rest of the day and night.<br />
When I got home, I went to bed and rested the rest of the day. I didn't get nauseous at all after the hospital and I'm so glad.<br />
I'm not in much pain at all right now. My chest just feels really tight and sore like I worked it out a lot. I've been walking around the house to keep circulation in my legs. I'm eating normal and feel great so far. <br />
The only thing I hate about this whole thing is the sleeping arrangement. My back hurts from sleeping at an angle and not being about to adjust myself at night. That is deff the worst part for me!<br />
But other than that, I am so happy and can't wait to take the bandages off today for my shower! It is deff worth it and not painful what's so ever!!<br />
Here is a picture I took last night. They look a little weird because they are so swollen and tight, and I'm not allow to take the surgical bra until I shower today. But I'm sure they will start looking normal soon enough!

Day 1 post op shower

So I took a shower and it didn't go as smoothly as I expected. I almost passed out. Luckily my mom was helping me shower and she let me down on the toilet to sit and breath. I started getting dizzy and nauseous when we were trying to gently remove the old dressing to clean the incisions and put fresh dressings on. I guess I got so nervous that I worked myself up to the point were I started feeling sick.
I managed to take some pics before the shower. They are tight and swollen, but I'm loving how they look! Super happy that my nipples are symmetrical and not cross-eyed! Lol that was one of my worries.

1 week post op

So it's been a week since surgery. My post op appointment was Monday this week and he used SRM-345 inspira implants, just like I wanted! He said everything looks perfect and the swelling will slowly go down as I heal. I only took the pain killers for two days and I've been fine ever since. I've never been in any real pain after surgery, which is awesome because I am such a baby lol
I have noticed that my left breast hurts more than the right one. Especially my left nipple. Not any real pain, just some discomfort. I have my appointment to remove the stitches on Monday the 19th. So nervous about that, I've never had stitches before! Let alone having them removed! I'm the biggest baby lol
Well here is an update pic

Stitches out!

So the stitches are out and I didn't feel a thing. Literally. I am completely numb from the nipple down. I wonder if that'll come back eventually? Anywhooo, left incision look perfect. But the right one bled a little, like a tiny tiny bit. they said it didn't seal all the way on each end of the incision and just to play it safe they sent me some antibiotics. I have to wash them twice a day and apply bactricin twice a day. Follow up appointment is next week on the 28th! here are some pics I took right after the removal.

3 weeks update

So I had my three week post app and they said everything looked great and I am exactly where I'm suppose to be! Still sleeping propped up (which really sucks) and no longer on antibiotics. They still feel a little sore, but better each day for sure. I played some dress up with old bras (this is a 34A bra from VS) and put a shirt over it. I'm so happy with the results :) :) :)
Palm Beach Gardens Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pinsky is the best of the best. He listened to me every step of the way and gave me exactly what I was looking for. He was very professional, kind and knowledgeable. He was always punctual and answered all of my questions. He made sure to make me feel like he was the man for the job. Recovery was pain free and that has a lot to do with his work during surgery. His staff members are beyond sweet and professional. His PA, nurse and patient coordinator are so kind, polite and professional. If I had to do it again, I would do it with Pinsky and his team in a heart beat. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Best experience with this surgeon.

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