Love Dr Revis!

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Will post after photos once I have the revision

Thank you everyone who helped and gave your experiences. I'm excited to have tho fixed and move on.

Surgery is all over!! Now comes recovery!

My surgery was yesterday in ft lauderdale. Everything went well and I was very happy to see how thorough the hospital staff was As well. the pain is intense but as expected with all that had to be done. I had strattice attached internally and even though I'm very swollen, there is already a huge improvement in my breast shape. Dr Revis was great! I'm excited to heal and show some great pics but until then I'll keep you posted with my recovery.

4 days after revision

Happy already! Lot of swelling and pain, probably the most I've ever felt but I already feel so much better just by the way they sit on my chest and the shape. Dr Revis did amazing! I'm excited to see my boobs in the weeks coming once they have settled down and the puckering is gone. I'll post more pics as I heal. The best part is, they feel supported from the internal bra. ????

Before and After pics

These show the immediate change right after surgery. I'll post more as "The girls" heal. It just goes to show...when you have a good doctor it's like night and day the differences in your end result. Super excited I chose Dr Revis ????

TRUTH ON RECOVERY & How important it is!

So it's almost been one week from surgery. Today is the first day I've been able to sit up in a chair for a few hours before pressure & burning starts. I've Been listening to my body and if it hurts I lay back into the recliner to take pressure off. Even though im not a rookie when it comes to boob jobs (this has been my 6th surgery) I have to say every time you do somthing in surgery, the outcome is always different. This time I have been extremely careful not to cook, open refrigerator, cabinets, bend over, reach for anything etc it's been a challenge! My hubby misses his wife since I've been stuck to the recliner almost 24/7 (except to go to the bathroom). I'm a VERY ACTIVE person actually a fitness model so it's been a challenge. I wanted to write this because, just as I had no idea what I could and couldn't do after surgery...I'm sure a lot of women going into surgery also do not know the extent of what they need to do for recovery. My previous surgeries, I would basically 1-3 days rest and start back to my normal everyday activities. Which included, taking care of my family, gym, work (I own a business) etc. I never had a problem with pain. I was the girl who never took pain meds. I had a high tolerance for pain. The surgery one year ago, "before" Pics on my profile...(showing the horrible boob job) I didn't take time off but I also wasn't in pain nor instructed to take time off. THIS TIME!! I have the most pain, swelling I've ever had before but I also had the most work to do this time.

Dr Revis had To fix what had been done wrong. He did an amazing job! He was super detailed about what I could and couldn't do! He has returned my text, emails within 5-10 min of messaging him(super rare of any surgeon) He's committed to his work!
There has been a lot of puckering from the internal bra(so much that it's a little scary) but I finally have the cleavage and look that all other surgeons told me was "impossible"


1. Get a RECLINER! Even better a medical one! You don't want to be adjusting yourself with your arms or hands during recovery. It can hurt the strattice from staying in place.

2. Stay put! It's important that you discuss in detail to your family, that you cannot be cooking, opening things or straining your upperbody muscles the entire time of recovery. They need to be prepared for that.

3. Take up a hobby that requires sitting and resting such as computer work, movies, books, helping others here on the forums????

4. Eat healthy, (I prepped home cooked meals that included lots of fiber foods, (YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS OR YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE WITH CONSTIPATION) the meds give you this issue so drink a lot of fluids, eat vitamin rich foods, and don't sweat things like the house being dirty etc.

This time around I realized that with out the right recovery...your result won't be what is expected. The surgeon can give 200% of himself but if your not meeting him the other 200% you cannot blame anyone but yourself. I'll post some more pics as I go. For the next 2 weeks I'm chair bound and after that I've been told puckering will go away with months down the road. It's not fast but it's worth it to finally know you achieved your dream boobs??????????

finally able to walk around and sit up!

Feeling much better now. Able to walk around the house and sit up. Off all meds and pretty much pain free except at night time when I feel pressure on the sutures. I'll sit up for a few hours before I'll start to feel pressure and lay back down again. I haven't attempted house work or driving and won't until I see Dr Revis since that's what he instructed of me. My hubby was able to get a cooked dinner for the first time in 9 days so he's pretty happy about that but I'm still letting family open refrigerator, cabinets etc. love the results!! Like night and day! Dr Revis definitely knows BOOBS???????????????????? I'm looking forward to the months ahead with more healing.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I had searched for a while to find a doctor who knew how to deal with "big implants" most doctors don't know implants past 800 cc and needed a detailed, perfectionist doctor. Im a female athlete and model with very minimal body fat and limited breast tissue. I wanted a natural look from my breast augmnetation surgery, but being a professional athlete I was told it as impossible! I needed to find a surgeon With meticulous surgical technique and attention to every detail. Dr Revis is all that and more! I traveled for him, and was nervous about going to a doctor that wasn't in my home town but Dr Revis & his office staff made me feel super comfortable answering my emails, text and calls within minutes of sending throughout the entire process. I was nervous and constantly asking questions which they never delayed and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire surgery & recovery process. I would travel again and again for him and suggest to others to do the same. It's worth it!! I didn't think after having a bad boob job, from another previous doctor that it was ever be possible To have my dream boobs again and Dr Revis gave me a second chance to enjoying life with the look I desired! It's so comforting to know that he's my doctor now and not only professional, prompt and amazing at what he does...he has an awesome reputation everywhere I have gone or mentioned his name. Thanks so much to Dr Revis for the amazing boobs!

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