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I had a breast augmentation on August 5, 2013. I...

I had a breast augmentation on August 5, 2013. I went from an A cup to a small D cup. I had gotten 400cc high profile textured under the muscle. I had asked my doctor for a natural look on me and something that won't be too big or too small. Well they happened to be too big on me and I don't like them :|. They look fine under loose clothes, but when i wear a strapless tight tops or a bathing suit or bra, they look too big on me.

What I did not like about my current breasts:
- They stick out so much out of my frame
- Too large of breast for my body

What I wanted:
- Proportionate breast size to my body (natural)
- Wanted them to fit on my frame

My surgeon wanted me to wait 6 months before I did my revision because he wanted me to see how they will look once they drop and start to look more like real breast. I on the other hand was worried that by then if I decided on a smaller size I could have possibly needed a lift. So I knew I was sure that this is not the size breast I wanted and told him I wanted to get this done any time in November. He was ok with it and let me know that there should not be any complications and my skin should be able to adjust back since I am young and my breast tissue is not stretched loose since its only been 3 months. I have actually been wearing a sports bra day and night, I don't ever take it off unless I'm taking a shower! and I do this just so I make sure my breast don't strecth any more so that it's easier on my skin to go back and fit the new implants. I have been doing this since the day i was able to get out of the grandma bras they give us lol

Now my breast revision is on November 18, 2013! I will be getting 260cc high profile textured under the muscle. Under the muscle is the best for me since I have barely any breast tissue and I'm very skinny, so having them under will provide a more natural look. My surgeon recommended textured just to prevent any complications in the future like capsular contraction and its best for my frame also because the pocket doesn't have to be made too large for these implants. I am nervous and excited at the same time, also scared if it doesn't turn out to what I want. I have seen many pictures similar to me and I have measured my chest size and compared it to the implant size and it will fit perfect! My surgeon also told me that the 260 cc will fit perfect on my chest wall!

The 400 cc that i have now are 5 inches in diameter and are 4.5 cm of projection (how much the breast come out). The 260 cc are 4.1 inches in diameter and are 4 cm of projection.
I found it crazy how saying 400 to 260 sounds like such a big difference but when I look at the measurements, the new implants are just 1 inch smaler and still have a descent amount of projection.
They will obviously look different on me and will make a difference though! The great difference that I'm most excited about is that my breast will fit great on my chest wall and look more natural! :]

Right now i have been taking my vitamins for a week. Just incase you are interested on what I'm taking I will list everything. It is also crucial to eat healthy, thanks to my mom all my life I have done this :] and also have lots of food with protein and natural sugars that come from fruit.
These are my vitamins:
- Vitamin C 1000mg (3 times a day)
- Vitamin A 8000IU(2 times a day)
- Essential Amino Acids (3 tablets 4 times a day)
- Rutin 500mg (2 times a day)

For now this is all that I can think of! I will be writing on here again soon! and if you have any comments or questions feel free to write me :]

3 Days!

It's getting so close & I'm getting so excited! but I'm also nervous for my surgery because my first surgery ever was when i first got my breasts done and I had a bad experience thanks to the nurse. After my surgery I don't remember anything until I woke up in the room with an oxygen mask, my mom on my left and the nurse on the right telling me to wake up. Kind of scary to me but i did not know what was going on at the moment. So my mom told me when she got there the nurse did not have the heart beat machine on & that my mouth & nails wear purple. My mom said she told the nurse and the nurse said that i was fine until my mom insisted and thats when she tried to wake me up with an oxygen mask. The nurse did not pay attention at all that i was not breathing through my nose when i had the oxygen on my nostrils. When i sleep sometimes i breath through my mouth because my doctor told me my nostrils are smaller and the best form of breathing for my body sometimes is my mouth. So after surgery i was not breathing through my nose and i wasn't breathing well through my mouth due to the tightness of my chest. That nurse is the stupidest nurse i have ever met in my life. I called the clinic and let them know of what happened and i told them i don't want to even see that lady there the day of my surgery.

I'm sure my next surgery will run smoothly and i will have my mom there again with me :)

By the way now I'm also taking:
- Vitamin K (4 days prior to surgery twice a day)
- Arnica (3 under tongue 4 times a day, 4 days prior to surgery)

Day After Surgery! I'm Alive & Feeling Great!

So my surgery was yesterday 11.18.13, I got there at 9:30 am & i was scheduled to be there at 9:45 am. I actually waited 2 hours until i got into my surgery because Dr. Karlin was with another patient in the surgery room. So my surgery did not start until like 12:30-1:00 pm and it took him like 3 hours to finish lol but everything came out great! I had a nice nurse who took good care of me this time :)
The pain is not the same as the first time, the first time i was extremely sore everywhere, my back, arms, armpits. Right now I'm just a little sore and i mainly have pain where my stitches are & the center of my breasts. I can get up on my own but carefully.
Dr. Karlin did have to adjust my pocket for the smaller implants and he also raised my crease so i have better cleavage up top. He also was able to move my breast a little bit closer together :)
I'm so excited to see the girls heal and look beautiful! :D

Day 3! :D

They area looking amazing!

I have to wear a bra like the one on the pics that has underwire and an elastic band right under that because he had raised my crease during surgery and the wire will shape my crease better. I found one at victoria's secret & i love it because its comfy. It's a size 32B but I usually like my sports bra a little smaller because of my tiny frame. The only problem I'm having is my left breast on the side the wire is hurting me a little. I called my doctor but he wasn't available so he will get back at me about how to make that breast more comfortable.

I'm using Bacitracin on my stitches and around the skin and i change the gausses everyday, 2 times a day, morning and night.
I'm also icing the bobbies everyday :)

Had to re-upload this pic

Loving the Girls!

I have not posted in a while because i work a lot but they have been healing great! The stitches came off last week on monday & they put white strips to conceal the incisions, i couldn't shower for 10 days so i had sponge baths :]. I had a small issue because i was having a small discharge on my right breast. I went to get it checked & they told me somehow moisture got in there & it was probably from sweating. They took the strips off & told me it was fine but now they will leave it to air dry and use the Bacitracin & gausses. Now I'm just waiting for the insicions to heal! The other night i took the girls out with my friends to have some drinks lol ;]
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