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8/22/2012 I had a previous tummy tuck more...


I had a previous tummy tuck more than 5 years ago in Beverly Hills and it was horrible, the doctor did a very poor job, my loose skin was still there and worse, I had a bulge on my upper abdomen which was not there before surgery. He said my skin is still healing and will get tighter after a few months, months and years have passed and still no improvement. Finally, after 8 years, I said to myself, I don t want to deal with this so I decided to have another tummy tuck, I could have done it only once if only I did my homework.

I was hoping that I would only have a mini tummy tuck, but after Dr. Agha saw previous tummy tuck, he said he will do a full revision. He said, he ll give me a tight and a beautifully sculpted body like the Victoria Secret models, and he will also do a front thigh lift. I did not really expect to have a VS model body, all I cared was to have really tight tummy.

It was a 2 weeks after the surgery when I finally saw my new tummy....WOW! I couldn t believe my eyes, he was really serious when he said, he ll give me a Victoria Secret model body, my tummy is very very tight as if I had done hundreds of pushups, and I have a nice voluptuous curve like the VS models. I just got back from a vacation, bought a nice VS 2-piece swimsuit to compliment my new abs and I have received so many compliments.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Simply the best out there. 5 stars isn t enough for Dr. Agha...he exceeded my expectations. He gave me a new tight and voluptuous body. For those of you who are contemplating on getting a tummy tuck, please please please be very careful. I did an extensive research of every reputable surgeon in California, spent hours on the computer going through the profiles of these surgeons, then and I found Dr. Agha, aside from his education, experience and patient testimonials, he s the only one who showed a ton of before and after photos, check his work on youtube and you ll see what I m talking about. He s not just a surgeon, he s an artist, he has every right to claim that he s the only one who does the High Definition Tummy Tuck. I hope my experience will serve as an inspiration and learning to all women out there who are thinking of having a tummy tuck, Dr. Agha will not disappoint you, he is the only one who will give you the body that you've always dreamed of.

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