Capsulorrhaphy with Implant Exchange from 300 Mod Plus to 400 Hp - Ontario, CA

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I had my original augmentation performed 1 year...

I had my original augmentation performed 1 year ago by a well known Beverly Hills surgeon. I was extremely unhappy with my results, especially because of the price. My breast implants were placed to low in my chest mound. I had two (bilateral) double bubbles. My original surgeon agreed to fix me, though 8 would have to pay 2500 for anesthesia and operating room fees, but not before making me feel crazy for being unhappy. I was sick of it!! I spent a year telling this doctor something was wrong (I could feel and SEE it), for him to tell me it was not a "big deal". I paid 11,000 for my first surgery. You do not always get what you pay for. Dr. ANDREASEN took the time to explain things to me. He was very kind, informative and understanding. I am upset I spent the money I did before for a " name" and didn't just go to Dr. Andreasen first.


6 days post revision feeling great

I had my post op wit Dr Andreasen yesterday morning. My dad is in town to help my husband and I with the boys, and he drove me to my appt. We almost died! My dad is from the east coast (my husband and I are too) and driving in Socal traffic and road construction makes him nervous! But we made to the office early and the doctor was able to see me early. It is so refreshing not to have to wait HOURS to see my plastic surgeon. I think I startled the doctor because once he said I was good to drive and live a normal life, I got teary eyed and asked for a hug! I was topless, so in hindsight maybe not the best idea LOL I am extremely happy with my breasts! Initially at one of my consultations, he had told me he couldn't completely repair what had been done but he would do his best and he DID. He fixed me. I still nit pick little things but they are 101% improved. Revisions can be easier than the original surgery and mine is for sure. No messages bc the pocket was made smaller and we want to keep it that way. I have to wear a wire bra all the time or a supportive one for sleeping and excercise. So my dreams of going bra less are over, but I am ok with that. M my husband deploys tomorrow so tonight is date night. It is uch a relief to have done this with such a wonderful doctor and to be on the other side. My previous implants and complications really affected me and my marriage and now we can move on.

1 week post

I feel good in general. Sometimes I have discomfort in my crease and incisions but I knew to expect that with the type of revision surgery I had. I am getting used to the size and profile, though I still feel large a round. I am super paranoid about the creases coming back or something going wrong again, but that is just my anxiety. Wearing support 24/7, even wore my underarmour high support bra to the beach today haha

Tried on some bras and swimsuits


The photo is of my 304 (r)/339(l) mod plus natrelle silicone with left bottoming out (placed to low my doctor) and double bubbles. Bottom is 1 week 3 days post revision to 400 hp

Little lessons from big boobs...

Today has been a long day, and my dog is an asshole. Let me explain. I once heard, and feel, that in this life if you ask for patience ( strength, self acceptance, etc.), God (...or the universe) will not just hand it over and say "here you go." *smiley face* Rather, you are gifted in LESSONS that will eventually teach you patience and the like prayed for. Example: I have prayed for patience, strength and self acceptance for a long time now...and God just keeps giving me those little lessons until I ace the course. This morning while loading up my kids to take my 13 year old to school, my Doberman sees a stray dog in our yard (unfortunately, this is common in CA) AND HE BOLTS AFTER IT. My sweet baby that can barely catch a fly but is 100lbs and very "scary looking" but not actually scary, chases this small stray down the street. I run after them, holding my boobs...because I am only 2 weeks post and shouldn't run...but I did. Down the street. Holding my boobs. While my neighbors are passing me in their cars on their way to work or their daily activities. Yep, totally happened. It was horrible and mortifying and I wanted to Kill my dog, but just screamed and grounded him. Because he obviously doesn't know that I just had a revision. Ugh, lesson in patience: check. My husband is deployed and I am stay at home mom with no family locally but some good close friends. So it is just me and my boys all day everyday. I am tired, and I can't be alone because they can't be alone. I felt like since I was 2 weeks today I could start cleaning because my house needed a major detox. My house still looks like a frat house, with clothes and toys strewn about and pee on the toilet seat. Lesson in strength: check. So my breasts and implants have affected my mental state a lot in the past few years. Before my 3 year old my breast were actually pretty nice, or to me they were. But from nursing confidence to post breastfeeding sadness. I either loved or absolutely hated them. My first augmentation gave me a temporary surge in both mood and acceptance of my body, but once the complications started it was a steep down hill. I am very happy with them right now, but find myself scared to take off my bras and face them. I can't help but compare to all the other beautiful breast on here befores and afters. But I have to accept I have done everything I can up to this point, without an internal lift or strattice. Those are options for the future. I just had two operations in 14 months and spent $16,000. Right now this is as good as it gets for me. Lesson in self acceptance: check.

2 weeks post op

6 weeks post revision

Still wearing a bra All. The. Time. But overall I feel great. This past Thursday was my 6 weeks. I atempted to run but starting panicking about all the movement and decided to stop. Going to have to get my cardio in other ways until I get over the bouncing. Got a few good underwire bras on sale to sleep in from Target. They are 34D which is a bit snug but the bigger options (36D) were too wide a band and big.

6 months post revision

Well, I just reached the six month mark past my second time under. I can say this time that I am thrilled with my results and my second doctor. I work puregularly and my implants do not get in the way. Anytime I have boob greed, just try to remind myself that this size works for me. Through the ups and downs, I am still glad I did this especially after fixing my previous issues. My best friend just had her surgery and I was so happy to be there for her and calm all of her fears, which we ALL have and are normal. It is so nice to go out with my husband or to the beach with my kids and at least feel confident about my breasts.

full body photos 6 months post

I do honestly miss the modestly and overall natural look of my mod plus sometimes but feel both styles have advantages. But for those out there wondering if HP looks too fake, here are photos. Most people I encounter have no idea I had either surgery until I tell them. I am very active and do not find my breasts/ implants get in the way. I think as I age revisions will consist of smaller/ lower profiles, but for my 30's I am loving my HP's =D

11 months post op

Taking the kiddos to the pool :)
Ontario Plastic Surgeon

He is a wonderful doctor. Very caring, concerned about his patients, and really takes time. He answered every email i sent personally. His staff are wonderful also. They were understanding when I got neurotic about size and surgery. I cannot recommend this office enough. His prices are very reasonable. Definitely make an appointment :)

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