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After much research I found there are really only...

After much research I found there are really only 2 surgeons in Omaha, NE that I would consider for rhinoplasty: 1) Dr. Denenberg and 2) Dr. Perry Johnson. Both are board certified plastic surgeons. I had consults with both. I'm scheduled to have surgery 10/11/12 with Perry Johnson.

I started my journey due to a deviated septum. I'm hoping the septoplasty will reduce the number of migraines triggered in the springtime when my allergies are at their worst. The septoplasty MIGHT help. I decided if I was going to go to the trouble of having a septoplasty, I would get a rhinoplasty as well. I have always hated the hump in my nose. I am 38 years old and don't have the insecurities I once had, but I still don't like my nose. I figure the rhinoplasty is an investment. I think the hump makes me look less credible, especially in combination with my weak chin. (I am a successful professional, but I imagine my profile looks a little like Marge Simpson's). By the way, I am not going to correct my chin with jaw surgery or an implant. I respect others' decisions to get implants, but I don't like the thought of having something foreign in my body, and jaw surgery is traumatic. The benefits would not be worth the pain, time off, and cost in my case. My husband is now on board with the rhinoplasty, or at least he's not fighting the idea any longer. My husband's sister had a rhinoplasty years ago after he talked to her about my upcoming surgery, he became more comfortable with the idea. On the other hand, my best friend who I have known for 25 years is scared I will look like a different person. I think she's afraid she will lose ME because she loves me the way I am and doesn't want me to change. She keep's reminding me that after Jennifer Gray's nose job, she didn't seem like the same cute actress we fell in love with in Dirty Dancing. Her image changed. Other than my BFF, I don't think anyone else is a fan of my nose. I'm actually hoping the change will be subtle to others and I will just look better to them without them being able to figure out why.

For more on my story, you can also see the Questions I posted earlier this year. Cheers!

For more on my story and experience with Dr....

For more on my story and experience with Dr. Denenberg and Dr. Perry Johnson, you may want to check out the Discussions I started earlier this year. Best!

Hello - Yep. I am post op. So far it has not been...

Hello - Yep. I am post op. So far it has not been a bad experience although a few things surprised me. The staff at Village Point were awesome. Everyone comes in to introduce themselves prior to the surgery. For some reason I started crying right before surgery! I think my husband was nervous and was a little cold (he's been great since). Plus, I hadn't eaten and had been running around getting ready to take two weeks off work, and then all of a sudden I was just sitting there waiting and started crying. It was embarrassing. I told them when I felt the tears coming on that I was feeling emotional, but that I was okay. One of the surgical techs was really cool about it when she came to introduce herself and saw I was teary. She said, "um, is there something we need to talk about?" She had frogs on her surg cap and made me smile. I didn't anticipate the number of people there. I was picturing a nurse and the doctor. In reality, I had AT LEAST a pre-op nurse who was also my post-op nurse, one or two surg techs, an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Johnson and his Resident and a student there to observe because of Dr. Johnson's association with the NE Med Center. Having the Resident and student there didn't bother me. They lightened my mood. When the student said he was "just a student", I saw a very serious Resident go from doctor in training (he went over my meds, listened to my heart, etc.), to this big brother type scolding his little brother "you are a student. Not JUST a student". It was entertaining. I thought for a second he was going to whack the younger "kid" up side the head. After surgery the anesthesiologist came over and was concerned I would have a sore throat. He told my husband if I have surgery in the future, we should let the doc know the breathing tube placement could be a challenge. I have a really small mouth and jaw issues so I am sure that's what he meant. I was impressed that he cared enough to come tell us. Meanwhile my husband was teasing me about putting pictures of me on Facebook --- he would NEVER do that – and the anesthesiologist overheard and got a little protective. My pre-op/post-op nurse had been around us long enough to assure him that he was just teasing. I was pretty groggy at that point but managed to smile and say, “can you believe I have put up with this for 12 years?”

Bottom Line Advice -- Your stomach may be...

Bottom Line Advice -- Your stomach may be sensitive several days after surgery due to drainage/constipation. Buy lots of mild food to have on hand (soda crackers, frozen yogurt/fruit bars (not acidic fruit), applesauce (no cinnamon). Also, get bendable straws. I am glad we had some because they make sipping water easier. Also, I took someone else’s advice and bought a comfy travel pillow that I could wrap around my neck when sleeping upright. Target had several versions. I bought the softest, most supportive version they had and it has been a huge help. I was concerned about being able to sleep sitting up. We don’t have a comfortable recliner. I found an awesome Bed Lounge Chair on Gaiam.com. I am so glad I bought it. Between that and the neck pillow, I haven’t had any issue sleeping and my back and neck aren’t sore from bad posture either.

I am totally breathing through my mouth. I keep a...

I am totally breathing through my mouth. I keep a glass of water with a straw beside the bed to occasionally sip. I also have a humidifier in the bedroom so the air is not quite so dry. That might be helping a little. I can only see the tip of my nose right now. The nostrils were huge at first but the swelling has steadily gone down. He's got it taped up and back. I am trying not to think about it because I think I resemble Miss Piggy :o I've read that the tip comes down once all the gear is off and swelling continues to reduce, sooo I am trying not to panic about it. When I see him on Friday, he'll take the splints out and cast off and I should have a much better idea. I think I may still have some stitches after Friday based on what I've read. One caution - when they say "take it easy" there is a reason. At times when I've felt pretty good (probably the pain pills), I've gotten a little motivated. One time I cleaned off the kitchen counters and another, I painted my toe nails. Seems like no big deal, but I could feel the difference the next day. More junk in my throat, nausea, and more bleeding on my dressing below my nose. I think leaning down to paint my toe nails was the issue and light cleaning got my blood pressure up a bit. Neither are good for my healing nose... The bruising hasn't been as terrible as I thought it would be. I had surgery last Thurs. Today's Tuesday and my eyelids are just red and my skin is yellow underneath my eyes.

ONE WEEK AFTER SURGERY: I saw the doctor this...

ONE WEEK AFTER SURGERY: I saw the doctor this morning for my 1 week post op appointment. He took the cast off and stuffing (like tampons) out of my nose. I can breathe and I am liking my nose! What a relief!

The little piggy effect was temporary and due to the way he had taped my nose after surgery to control swelling. Now that the tape is off, I still have a slightly upturned tip but can see it is swollen. In response to my questions about the swelling and what to expect, he said if someone doesn't like their nose six weeks after surgery, then they can assume they aren't going to like their nose because all the significant changes occur in the first 6 weeks. Right now I am happy.

In addition to the mild swelling, the skin on my nose is red and irritated. I have Eczema and otherwise very sensitive skin, so that doesn’t surprise me. I know it will calm down over the next few days. The fact my nose was under a cast for a week without air and then the cast was pulled off (a little ouch), it only seems logical that I'd be red. I have broken capillaries on the side of my nostrils that were there BEFORE surgery. I plan to get them treated. Dr. Johnson said to wait about a month. I am happy with the outcome so far and definitely don't hate my new nose!

TWO WEEKS POST RHINOPLASTY - I'm loving my nose!...

TWO WEEKS POST RHINOPLASTY - I'm loving my nose! Today I looked in the mirror and thought to myself that Dr. Johnson did exactly what we discussed. Later my husband told me my nose looked fantastic. At this point, I only have two bruises left and they can be covered by make-up. I don't have any noticeable swelling left. I've been using a saline sinus rinse (e.g. nettie pot) and I've continued to sleep in a reclining position. I think those things may be helping speed my recovery.
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I was referred to Dr. Perry Johnson by my ENT. The ENT was not in the same health system as Dr. Johnson. He had no obligation to refer me to him. The ENT said the patients he's referred to Dr. Johnson have all been satisfied. Dr. Johnson wasn't particularly wordy or salesy during my consults, but he was very patient and thoroughly answered all of my detailed questions. I had three free consults! He didn't sugar coat anything and that helped build my trust. In the end he did exactly what we discussed. I had a dorsol hump removed and the tip of my nose was narrowed a little and deprojected. My nose looks very natural and fits my face.

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