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My consultation is next Monday, Feb 23, 2015. I...

my consultation is next Monday, Feb 23, 2015. I will update after consultation. I am looking to switch from saline unders approx. 325cc to silicone unders BIGGER cc's!! I am excited to see what PS will allow for my frame. 5'11" 125lbs. I have been looking at revision surgeries on RS and I am officially OBSESSED. my first BA was in 2003, so it has been 12yrs. I am currently rippling, seeing some asymmetry, etc. So I'm hoping PS will say all this can be corrected during revision.

I have to have faith that this 3rd BA will fix me for good!

I had my 2nd BA in March 2015, to fix a capsular contracture and to switch my implants from Saline to Silicone. Long story short it ended up being a complete disaster - I am not here to talk ill of my previous PS but I will also not recommend him to anyone either. He fixed my CC and left me with basically no cleavage whatsoever. He fixed one problem and left me with another. It is not technically symmastia; but my skin is lifted off of my sternum and I have tenting. My previous PS put me in a thong bra for a few months while I was healing, but all in all it didn't work and another surgery was suggested by my NEW PS. I have felt depressed, embarrassed, ashamed, a lot of physical and mental pain after this last surgery. I met with another PS in my area a few months ago and he put my mind to ease immediately - he told me he would absolutely be able to fix everything. It was so nice to have a Doctor that actually LISTENED to me and my concerns about my current state and undergoing my 3rd BA!!

I have my official Pre-Op in two weeks and what I am hoping for is that he can take out my current implants (495cc anatomical) and permanently suture both of my pockets to give me back my cleavage - possible internal bra - and replace them with some UHP Round implants that have less of a diameter to help maintaining a nice space in between my breasts. I am going to ask for either of these two options:
1. 480Ccc UHP Mentor Siltex Round Textured
2. 535cc UHP Mentor Siltex Round Textured

My Stats - 5'11 125# narrow chest

In my initial meeting with my new PS we did discuss the 480cc UHP and he thought they would work just fine, I do find myself thinking I would rather the 535cc UHP so I will ask him about those in my official pre op in two weeks. The diameter difference between the two is not that much, and that is the biggest concern at this point. I plan on wearing my thong bras for several months (or as long as he tells me to) after this 3rd (and hopefully final) BA. I do NOT want to have to go through this again, it has been a nightmare. In saying that, I really am hopeful that Dr Jones can fix me and I can move on with my life! paying for two BA's in the span of 1 calendar year is just heartbreaking - and I really want to be happy with everything about this surgery!!
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