Nervous and SO Excited! - Newport Beach, CA

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Hi everyone! First of all, I've been addicted to...

Hi everyone! First of all, I've been addicted to this site for months! Guess it's good that I finally joined.
I'm hoping to chat w/ people here who are/were in the same boat as I am. As I've gotten older and gained weight (in my face-YUCK!) I've been very unhappy with my nose and the hereditary 'bump'. Friends and family don't get it and tell me I'm crazy! I personally am ALL FOR plastic surgery, I think it is amazing and the closest thing to magic. I really dislike the stigma attached with it and hope someday everyone will get over it! I'm nervous because I took the first step in starting this process. My consultation is tomorrow with Dr. John M. Shamoun in Newport Beach. I'm very confident by the reviews among patients, different journals and articles claiming he's beyond great. I know exactly what I want and have my iPad equipped with pictures of my nose, in angles that I really like...along with my ideal nose, inspired from a few celebrities. (I know, what a nerd.) I'm looking to ditch the 'bump' and sport a slender, sleek, CUTE nose. I guess, I'll update this after my consult? Incase someone out in the world is dying to know exactly what happens next? Haha!


Consultation was a success

I love Dr. Shamoun already. He was so animated and to the point. I feel so safe and taken care of. Dr suggested I also get a very small chin implant to balance out my new nose. I have a very weak chin and was never apposed to the idea, just the price tag. I took pics today @ the office and will return in September to see the photoshopped pics :-) Bringing my mom with me, to hopefully calm her nervous about it. Hoping all goes well and that I can book my procedure date bc Dr goes on Xmas vacay right after! Eeek! Crossing my fingers! Also, grand total with both is $12,270.00
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