40 Year Old Redoing Boobs After 12 Years. Newport Beach, CA

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I had my first set of implants over 12 years ago....

I had my first set of implants over 12 years ago. I got 400cc's of saline. I started off as a 34D but now I'm down to a C cup. I want to get silicone implants this time and my doctor is recommending 600 to 650cc's. I'm very nervous about going that big. I definitely want to go bigger obviously but I don't want to look ridiculously big.

One boob is lower than the other :(

One boob sits lower than the other. I didn't notice when it happened but it is quite noticeable. I hope my new boobies sit even.

My wish boobs

These are my favorite!

Three more days yay!!!

I finally got medically cleared for surgery. I thought for a minute I might have to postpone my surgery because my primary physician was not coming through. I already have the week off work so that wouldn't have been good. Three more days and I'm getting my new boobies!!!:)

600cc's or 550cc's for a 5'4", 130 lb woman???

I need some good feedback on what I might possibly look like with 550cc's vs 600cc's hp silicone implants? Any suggestions anyone???

I did it! 6 hours post op woohoo!

i just got home from my surgery and I feel pretty good. I have minimal pain and no nausea. I decided on 600 cc's after much debate. My doctor was hoping I'd go 650's but I was so afraid I'd be ginormous. He was right :(. I don't seem that much bigger than what I was. It's a subtle difference. I forgot to mention I also had a dog ear revision with lipo of the hips. I had what's called "dog ears" as a result of my tummy tuck two years ago. So now I have a two inch longer scar on each side :(. Oh well :(. With the lipo of the hips my waist should be smaller. I'll post pictures of that in a few days. Here are pictures of the new boobies.

Day 2 Post Op....feeling optimistic

So today I'm on day 2 post op and I'm doing better than I expected. I have been taking over the counter Motrin and my antibiotic but have stopped taking the muscle relaxers :). I am quite bummed that my boobs look just slightly bigger. Although I wasn't looking to go HUGE I still wanted a significant difference. I can't believe 600cc's don't look like much on me :(. I'm hoping it's just too early to see what they will really look like.....fingers crossed. Anyhow here are some pictures of what they look like today. One is much higher than the other because of the sutures my doc out to bring it up.

4 Days Post Op & first post op doctor visit

I had my first post op visit today and I expressed my disappointment with my size to my doctor. He said nobody listens to him lol. He did say my boobs would drop and fluff still so I need to give it 6 months before we consider going bigger....not that it's even an option for me. I did notice them looking nicer today. My husband was pleasantly surprised to see an increase in size and better shape. I'll post today's photos so you can see and tell me what you think. I am feeling a bit more optimistic today. What else can I do? My husband will not support me on another surgery. It was hard enough convincing him on this one which is why I'm so bummed I didn't get the results I wanted.

Today I felt a "little" better about new boobies

Although I was expecting to be bigger than this I am noticing a difference and I'm starting to like the new boobies. I really have to give them time to settle and "fluff".

They're falling into place

So I'm beginning to get an idea of what they're gonna look like on me. The swelling I had on my belly due to the revision he did on my tt is starting to go down. My boobies are not a whole lot bigger than before but they are fuller and rounder. Maybe just maybe I'll save enough money to try this one more time and this time get 700cc's or maybe even 750 cc's. I guess I wanted big boobies after all lol.

Boobies are starting to settle.

I'm starting to really like my new boobies. They are starting to drop into the pocket and are fluffing like the doctor said they would. I do have boob greed and still wish I had picked 650 but I'm glad to see the difference from my old boobies and they're not too bad. My hubby is starting to fall in love with them too lol.

10 days post op

Wearing my old sports bra. New boobies are too big for this sports bra.

1+month post op

Well my new boobies have pretty much fully settled. My doctor asked me to start wearing underwire bras so that they don't drop anymore. I still wish I had gone a little bit bigger like 100 cc's bigger (700cc's total) but it is what it is and overall I do like my new girls. My hubby is in love with them lol and can't stop touching them...it's like his new toy ha ha ha.
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Taneja. He makes me feel like family. I had a tummy tuck by him two years ago and I'm very happy with the results. I have also referred several friends who are also very pleased with his work. He's the best!

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