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After years of hating my large nose I've finally...

After years of hating my large nose I've finally took the plunge and booked my date for surgery, with Doctor Hodgkinson.

I've been searching for reviews and came across this site which has really helped, although not many reviews on Dr Hodkinson.

When I had my appointment with him he went through everything in clear detail and even told me how I wanted my nose to change before I even got the chance to say it for myself, he could just see from looking at me! Which put me at great ease and I feel he is the right surgeon for the job!

I will be having a closed rhinoplasty to remove the dorsal hump and then tip softened to be in proportion with my new shape. I have posted a few pics of my nose as it is now and hopefully will be to show even better pics once my surgery/healing is complete.

Now I'm just anxious waiting for the date and a little worried at being put to sleep but fingers crossed all will be fine :)

Pics of nose before surgery

Don not morph images!! .... Lesson learned :)

Well last night I had another consultation with Dr Hodgkinson just to clarify how I would like my nose to look after surgery. We had already discussed it all before but I just wanted some clarity so I took along some pictures I had morphed of my nose to try and gain this.

When I showed Dr Hodgkinson he again extremely straight to the point, no messing around said, how unrealistic of a result these things give you! He does not use them and dsnt like people using them as its not how it's going to be!

Like most would of been I was a bit disheartened at first but then he explained, that these morph apps do not take into consideration the work a surgeon does or the things the surgeon has to bear in mind.

The way I had morphed my pics was taken huge amount from the bridge which would then mean a lot would have to be taken from the tip and this is an open rhinoplasty not a closed one which I am having.

He went on to explain that although I could have an open rhinoplasty he does not think I need this kind of surgery on my nose. He said my nose is actually in proportion with my face and he clearly drew out what a surgeon looks for and can notice the three point which show if a nose sticks out too much or not and mine doesn't do that!

This gives me great confidance in this man, that he knows what's best, plus he's shown just how honest he is as he could of said yeh lets do the open rhinoplasty and it would have cost me considerably more money but he does not think this is necessary at all, and thinks It would take away from my facial features and not look good at all!

He assured me my results are going to be achieved just definitely not through a morphing app :-)

Surgery complete !

So, today at 11:00am I had my surgery, whoo hoo I finally done it :-)

Got to my app 30mins before and was taken straight through and all my detail checked, nurses were so lovely. I then met with the anesthethesis who was lvly man, just talking to him and the nurses made me forget why I was there for a few minutes, as they make you feel much at ease!

I then got changed and into the room to be put to sleep. I was very worried and nearly started crying at one point lol, but they really help by just talking and making a but of a joke to put me at ease, which was lvly. I got the needle in my hand then a gas mask on my face and that's the last thing I can remember!!

Once I came round I had a headache, felt sick, and hot. The nurse said this was completely normal and gave me some more meds for the sickness and within ten minutes the sickness feeling had gone.

I then got taken to the ward where minute by minute I started feeling more and more back to my normal self:-) after a cuple of hours I was able to have a cup of coffee, a biscuit and then go home, which is where I am now.

Here Is a pic just before I got to go home, feeling back to normal but a bit of a sight for sore eyes to look at lol, cannot wait to see the result in a cuple of weeks and so happy I've had this procedure done!! :)

Will keep this updated once splint comes off too X

itch under splint!!

I had my op 4 days ago now eyes/face still slightly swollen but no pain except I have started to develop an itch under my splint and it's driving me insane!!

The only thing helping is cool air from my hair dryer but I cannot keep that thing on all night!! I just want the splint off now, I don't know how I'm going to cope for another 13 days like this!!! Does anyone have any recommendations that could help?

I've spoken to the nurse and my surgeon who said he would take the splint off clean it but then put it straight back on as it has to be on for the whole 2 weeks :( So I'm guessing I'm just going to have to try and deal with it.

This is definitely the worst part of rhinoplasty, :( wish I could sleep the next 13days away ... Fingers crossed they fly by!! :-)

Day 8 - post op! :)

Well I am 8 days post op today and feeling just fine!

I seen Mr Hodgkinson on Friday, as my itch was still being a pain in the backside and I felt like my splint was more loose on my face than it should of been....OMG!! However, he advised it was slack but that is perfectly fine as it will start to loosen off as my swelling goes down, Phew!!

He then took off my splint.... (What a relief) cleaned it, whilst the nurse cleaned my face and noticed how red my skin was! I adv her I have very sensitive skin to start with so now having something on it 24/7 didn't help. Mr Hodgkinson adv it was because I have got water inside the splint that's why it's ended up irratataing my skin and that's what's caused the intense itching!! Which I have to admit I have been having a shower and sometimes the water did get onto my face even tho I tried not to let it, so that's what's caused my problem.... oooppss!

He then put my splint back on taped me back up (using different tape this time) and off I went. I can't tell you the difference now, with the clean splint and better tape, I still get the odd itch but nothing like it was.... Thank the Lord!!!

I was dying for him to let me have a peek at my face but nope, lol, although he did say it's doing fine, although still very swollen.

here is a pic of me today, still looking a mess, and have brushing/ swelling under and around my eyes, plus my tip still looks quite large, but I can see It is taking shape so the swelling is going down,which is exciting!! I'm really looking forward to the splint removal and being able to put some makeup on and feel like a girl again! Thankfully not long to go now :) X

8 days post op - side view pics

Thought I would post a couple of side view pics, even though the splint still remains, I can already see my bump has gone and the slope it's more noticeable :)

Cast off! Results - 13days post op!

Well I got the cast off last night much to my absolute delight!! I couldn't take it anymore and my PS agreed to remove it for me, instead of waiting until Monday!

It's still very much swollen in bridge and tip, but I am over the moon with it so far! My tip is a little bit up turned but been told this will settle down over time!

I have finally been able to put some makeup on and take a few pics, in diff ways and diff lighting so you can see what it now looks like!

Happy days :) lol X

Day 17 post op

Just thought I would post a few more pics to show comparison, still got lots of swelling in and still a bit sausage looking from different angles, but already very happy so once the swelling completely goes over the coming months it should look more refined.

I will update in future to show progress, here is the last few pics for now :-) X
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