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I truly suggest Accutane that prescribed by...

I truly suggest Accutane that prescribed by doctors especially. While I did my course of treatment overseas, I have heard that here in the US a few otc brands are probably available or some not prescribed by doctors. Please by all means do not take those. Always consult a physician and dermatologist for these medications.
I do believe it works wonders and you will feel better off with it. Your physician will definitely highlight the indications, contra indications, pros and cons so this review is not intended to address this. I am reviewing it because I believe for a vast majority of those who suffer persistent acne or even the mod-severe grades of acne/ cystic variants, that marked improvement is seen with the six month therapy or for however long it has been prescribed. I took mine in a five month course.
It made me a different person giving me confidence and made me worry less about these break outs that do trouble us from time to time.
If you need me to answer questions please do feel free to ask questions. by all means I am not authority on this, but I can answer and if doctors answer your questions after reading my review well then you re pretty lucky either way.

IF you hate suffering from acne every so often and are immensely worried and conscious to live your life, yes please go for a consultation to receive ro Accutane. I waited until I was in third year dentistry to get it done, when my mum said I could do it earlier. I read too many bad reviews and shrieked and never opted for it. Truth is it's all individual based, I cannot guarantee anything, but stats have also shown that there is nearly 70-80 % clearance for severe types and best results for mild to moderate acne. I had mildest form of acne but yet I was so conscious and with the precautions required to tend for your skin during and after Ro Accutane, it teaches you how to be 'kind' to your skin and be gentle.

There are ofcourse the obvious stated side effects but these are not marked at all, or atleast was not in my case. I saw no untoward side effects, except for the initial peeling of skin and chapping of lips, but nothing more. This I believe made my skin transform, so I enjoyed the peeling :))) it was working is all I thought to myself. Well you have to look after your skin with aqueous cream, which I did a lot of and sun screen, limit your sun exposure, try not to run at the gym and sweat, also use lip balm, do not consume alcohol during or even after ( if you really want the best results).
Why you ask? This drug like all others are metabolized by the liver, and you will definitely need liver function tests, assessed through blood tests for the specific indicators and enzymes. IF you are at a risk of liver disease then you may not be a candidate for Ro Accutane. Also a lot of other drubs and medications and alcohol are directly and sometimes indirectly metabolized by the liver.
The dose of Ro Accutane falls into the 50,000 IU (international Units/ metric system) of Vitamin A.
Vitamin A toxicity cannot be reversed and neither can extreme liver damage. remember these are permanent damages. so do not take other sedative drugs, alcohol or major medications whilst on Ro Accutane. ('tis just a cocktail for disaster to the liver)... well even then I would suggest never consuming alcohol.

If your are serious and you can be disciplined with yourself and eat good food whilst on this treatment, careful to not consume many carrots either, then you re fine. The tablet must be consumed preferably with dairy products, as vitamin A is a Fat soluble and carried vitamin. Dairy does the job just well, or with avocado or some fat source ( if your vegan or lactose intolerant).

These are just precautions I was given to adhere to and I am passing them to you as readers.

There are more benefits accrued with this treatment than any other.
Note for developed scars, your best choice is Fraxel cool glide Laser, and it also is kind of beneficial to get a micro facial peel laser/ NOT the usual IPL burning lasers as there have been many law suits associated with it. I dare not try them. I suggest this at the end, is because at times scars may remain in the rarest of circumstances and to really wipe away all signs of acne sufferings, and improve your quality of life, you may like to opt for this a year after you've done Ro Accutane.
Remember not to subject too much irritation to your skin during before or after therapy with Ro Accutane. You will be sensitive to sunlight for some time, please use SUN SCREEN ALWAYS- the Higher spf the better.
No chemical peels, no daily acid contained wipes or cleaning discs, no acid based skin regimes until a year after RO Accutane.

Kind REgards
Let me know below (upto you) if this helped. I will always suggest a proper consultation with a doctor. I am a dentist and I believe that seeking professional advise where required is in order for best results. the doctors know best!

Sveda MG
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my dermatologist was based in NZ, overseas and I would give both my general Physician and my Dermatologist 10/10 for making me a happier young lady then and now.

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