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Hey ladies I thank God for you all. I had silicone...

Hey ladies I thank God for you all. I had silicone injections in my but since 2005. Well the silicone has migrated into my back and legs. I suppose to have my surgery with Dr. Mir next week but I am afraid. I've been working at my job for only five months, and afraid to take the leave, and they let me go. I know that this silicone has affected me because I have been in and out of the emergency room for infections or complications do to the silicone. I ready to have this stuff removed so I can life a healthy lifestyle. Pleas help!!!!!... I hate to go out on leave of absence without pay and struggle financially, and then loose my job. I finally got a job that I enjoy doing but want this surgery too. I am also afraid that if I wait until August more complications might arise and I will be hospitalized for something far worse. I think I answered my own question Lmao. I am going to pray and get it done. I want to live and this is a chance of a life time. Thank girl

Lost soul

Thanks for giving me something to think about. I will have the time next month and I will wait til them. It is scary though. I can wait until the end of July. I need my job and my health too. I've waited for ten years a month won't hurt. Thanks Eva G


Hey Ladies I am finally feeling better. I need to update you all of my process. I had my silicone removal on June 29,2016 with Dr. Mir. This has been a long process for me and although I am great full that he was able to remove the junk from my truck it really has been a process with him. I had to go back in the hospital in August to partially closes the open wound and to put the vac machine on because of to much draining. I would go to see him every week and he would change bandage and monitor the open wounds. I begin to get tired of going to NYC every week to change bandages and not take any blood work, Mri,X-rays etc. I began to get sicker than I already was so I decided to go to the emergency room and Thank God I did I had an Infection and was immediately admitted and was put on antibiotics for four days. I really was pissed because he should have monitored my case more better knowing that I am a older woman with other health issues. I was released from the hospital today and still have to wear the vac machine because the drainage did not stop yet. I have had so many set backs from this surgery and need relief. I do feel much better since leaving the hospital hopefully I am healing????????????????????????????????
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