Cellfina has made my legs look worse - Nashville, TN

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I've been waiting for Cellfina to come to...

I've been waiting for Cellfina to come to Nashville and more importantly have a reputable board certified plastic surgeon offer it. I was so excited to see Dr.Nein was now offering the procedure. I had been considering his practice for Exilis for a couple of months and one day I got on the site and SURPRISE Cellfina had arrived. I made an appointment right away. I am in my mid thirties and though I've had cellulite forever it has gotten notablely worse with age. I thought Exilis might work since some ripples could be from sagging skin. After briefly discussing it with Dr Nein it sounded like we should start with this and maybe follow up with Exilis. He explained that the lines I have across the back of my thighs were structural and they couldn't mess with that too much. This procedure is for more of the actual dimples. I knew that from research so I went in knowing I'm not going to have supermodel smooth legs. Having realistic expectations I signed up for the first available appointment. I had done SO MUCH research on this and Dr.Nein I had no doubt I wanted to give it a shot. I instantly felt very comfortable with him and his wonderful staff.

The procedure is really not so bad but yes you are awake and I took a Valium about 30 minutes before. I'm super hard to medicate so by the time the procedure started I wasn't feeling the effects but maybe that's from the adreneline you get from nerves. It's always scary when you don't know what to expect. You do get quite a lot of shots for numbing before they start. I only had 2 areas that really made me involuntarily jump when poked. Overall it is very tolerable. I listened to music to drown out the sound of the procedure and it went by fast. It was about an hour but it didn't feel like it at all. Afterwards his nurse padded me up and helped me in my spanx which was totally laughable. It was a tough squeeze but we did it! Today is my 2nd day out and I can't get those spanx back on WITHOUT all the padding. That is how swollen I am! I look like I got run over for sure so it will be a bit until I get an idea of my results. I have a ton of little holes and I think only one will scar. I have one big hole that keeps bleeding even today. But look at the close up of it and you can see how tiny the other holes are next to it. I think mostly you will be scar free if done right. Overall I am very very happy with my choice to use Dr. Nein. After all I've tried for cellulite I had given up hope of ever improving it. I hope I can report some positive results!

5 days down

Not too much to report. My swelling hasn't gone down yet and my bruises are really really itchy! I still am keeping a compression garment on even though I was told I only needed a few days. The compression helps with the discomfort. Still unpleasant to sit. Scabs are a little bigger than I thought they would be so crossing my fingers they won't scar! I think I can see improvement but so hard to tell. I will be asking for my before pictures at my follow up on Thursday. I don't expect to see anything notable until all this swelling and bruising goes away. I probably won't bother taking more pictures until bruising is almost gone.

Bruising mostly gone, lots of possible scars, no results yet

Unfortunately I'm feeling a bit down about the results. I have much bigger scars than I thought I would have and my cellulite is still there. I know I'm still healing so trying to remain optimistic.

My dimples actually look worse and scars are bad

I am very concerned about the large discolored scars. I was told at my consultation that scars would not be noticeable unless under a microscope. My husband also pointed out that my dimpling is worse and he's right unfortunately. I still am not going to say it wasn't worth it until 6 months. Just very very wary right now. Also really sad a vacation next month to the beach will shows these bad scars.

Before Pics but not from the doctor

I had asked at my follow up appoint to have the doctor's before pics sent to me. I was told I would get them but then never did. Here are pictures I had taken in Feb so there should have been no change from Feb to the beginning of May when I had the procedure done. Just so there could be a comparison since I have received requests for before pictures.

Almost 3 months out this procedure made my legs look worse

I am getting ready to go in for my 3 month checkup on Tuesday so I thought I would compare my photos. My legs look worse. Before picture on the left, after 3 months on the right. Not only was there no improvement but the back of my right leg especially looks far worse. You can see that there are more horizontal lines on the back of my leg now. I am pretty distraught about it. I was self conscious about my legs before now it is 10 times worse. There are deep indentions now in several places across the back of my leg that were not there before and I have round scars all over my legs. I would say if you even have the slightest bit of horizontal lines on the back of your legs DON'T do this procedure. I am not sure if my doctor can offer any help for this now. I have tried to look up solutions and there don't appear to be any. I am hoping my doctor can offer something. I will update what he thinks after my appointment on Tuesday. As for now I am changing this to not worth it.

Had Exilis treatments to try and fix the mess

So, I am feeling a bit discouraged this morning. I think I have permanent damage. I had complimentary Exilis treatments done to see if it would help the damage cellfina caused. It's been several months and I can't see a notable improvement. I go in in 2 weeks for another evaluation. Here is a side by side photo from the doctors office of their before and after to see the dangers of this procedure. Taken without a flash. Scars have also not improved. I have decided to try the Fascia Blaster now that I'm definitely healed. I will keep you posted if that helps!

Dr, Nein is very professional and has a wonderful staff. So far I have been happy with my care but my procedure has turned out awful. I'm still hoping for a solution to my bad results.

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