2nd BA to Correct Asymmetrical Breasts

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I started this post to record my entire journey...

I started this post to record my entire journey from start to finish. I decided to post pictures after all, as everyone else's pictures have really helped me know I am not alone in my struggle with asymmetrical breasts.
The first picture I am posting is what my breasts look like currently, 7 years after my first BA.
I was originally a small A/B and went to a larger C with 325 CC under the muscle, saline textured. My right breast was slightly bigger before surgery, the doctor and I both thought that the difference would not be enough to warrant two different sized implants...we were wrong. I have suffered from severe asymmetry for the last 7 years and that is the reason I am going in for a revision. I thought for sure that I had a capsular contracture, but when I went in for the exam-the doctor said it was not.
I never had the time or money to try and correct with a revision as I had young children to focus on first, and now that I do have the means to do something I really want to make sure I take the time to make the right decisions this time, and I would love any advice.
It has been a very difficult journey for me. Asymmetry, as some reading this know all to well, is devastating to one's self confidence. I am so happy that I finally have the means to hopefully correct it. I know that the reality is that they will never be perfect, and I accept that. I just want to be more comfortable in my own skin. Not walking around constantly adjusting my clothes to hide my asymmetry, and to be more comfortable naked with my husband. I have dealt with this for almost a decade now, so do not worry about posting honest opinions or insights. Nothing can hurt me at this point.
I have heard, and read, so much conflicting information regarding asymmetrical breasts. There are so many different causes, and possible procedures to correct each. So much so that I stopped researching, as it only confuses me-not too mention stresses me out! From lowering the inframammary fold on the small side, 2 different sized implants, reduction on the large side (I would prefer not to do this as the larger one is the one I like) the possibility that my body, ribcage, muscles will just not comply to change ect ect...there are so many options, so many possible outcomes good and bad. I will have to wait and see what the doctors opinions are, and try to make the best informed decision I can.
I have scheduled some consultations, my first is on September 12 in Edmonton. The site requires a date for the procedure when posting, but I do not yet have date as I have not yet chosen a doctor. I wish it was as early as Decembet though! I am so excited for change. I have waited so long for this, September feels so far away. I will update this post on a regular basis, before and after surgery. For now I had had to leave most info at N/A.
Maybe, finally, I can move past this.

Getting closer to my consultation.

I am excited to be so close to finding out what, if anything, can be done to fix my breasts. It is like waiting for christmas as a child lol. As the date gets closer I start to question how I dealt with my situation for long. I have stopped researching what the possible answers are in regards to my fixing my breasts, I am now letting go of the obsession. I do not know if it can be fixed but I do know that all the worrying in the world definetly will not fix anything...I will post un update next week after the consult.


I had a great consult. As I knew before I went in, there is no chance for perfect symmetry. I did not have unrealistic expectations going in, and am happy that some improvement can be made. I do not go in for sizing until next month, and surgery could be as early as December. I am not sure about how we are going to proceed yet in regards to treatment, as I had a few questions that I emailed after the consult in relation to how we could address the asymmetry/volume issues. I am confident in my choice of doctor, and am happy that I can move forward in improving my breasts. I will update again when I can.

Less than 2 weeks now.

I am sorry that there have been no updates. I have been extremely busy, which has thankfully helped the time fly by. I booked my surgery at my last appointent. I got lucky and was able to schedule my surgery for one month later, November 10th. I decided on 500 cc silicone, with possible 550 cc in the smaller breast to help the ayssemetry. The doctor ordered implant sizers for the smaller breast, 500 and 550, so that he can preview the proportion of that breast against the other in surgery. I am hoping that my 1st BA "my training boobs" will make the process easier in regards to healing. The one thing I hated last time was the waiting involved in regards to the implants dropping, settling in to place. Less than 2 weeks to go, I will update you as I go.


I went in for my surgery today. Everything went well, and I am feeling great. 550 was placed on the left and 500 on the right. I am excited to see my results! The great thing about having a second BA is that you know what to expect. I know this time around not to be concerned with how they look as it takes months, sometimes longer, to settle in. I am trying to update my review to reflect my doctor, date, ect, but am unable to right now. I will update again when I am able.


Recovery has been much simpler and faster than the first time around! I am giving it a ltitle longer before posting a before and after, as I want to ensure I have my final result. I go in for my 8 week check-up in January. I will post more then. I can actally look in the mirror and have to really look to see the size difference anymore. If things remain as they are now, I will be extremely happy with my result! Silicone is way better than saline as far as feel, and appearance. It is true though that they do not appear as large as saline. That you loose around 25cc. I am happy with my size though, I think anymore would be too much. I will update again in January.
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