2nd BA to Correct Asymmetrical Breasts

I started this post to record my entire journey...

I started this post to record my entire journey from start to finish. I decided to post pictures after all, as everyone else's pictures have really helped me know I am not alone in my struggle with asymmetrical breasts.
The first picture I am posting is what my breasts look like currently, 7 years after my first BA.
I was originally a small A/B and went to a larger C with 325 CC under the muscle, saline textured. My right breast was slightly bigger before surgery, the doctor and I both thought that the difference would not be enough to warrant two different sized implants...we were wrong. I have suffered from severe asymmetry for the last 7 years and that is the reason I am going in for a revision. I thought for sure that I had a capsular contracture, but when I went in for the exam-the doctor said it was not.
I never had the time or money to try and correct with a revision as I had young children to focus on first, and now that I do have the means to do something I really want to make sure I take the time to make the right decisions this time, and I would love any advice.
It has been a very difficult journey for me. Asymmetry, as some reading this know all to well, is devastating to one's self confidence. I am so happy that I finally have the means to hopefully correct it. I know that the reality is that they will never be perfect, and I accept that. I just want to be more comfortable in my own skin. Not walking around constantly adjusting my clothes to hide my asymmetry, and to be more comfortable naked with my husband. I have dealt with this for almost a decade now, so do not worry about posting honest opinions or insights. Nothing can hurt me at this point.
I have heard, and read, so much conflicting information regarding asymmetrical breasts. There are so many different causes, and possible procedures to correct each. So much so that I stopped researching, as it only confuses me-not too mention stresses me out! From lowering the inframammary fold on the small side, 2 different sized implants, reduction on the large side (I would prefer not to do this as the larger one is the one I like) the possibility that my body, ribcage, muscles will just not comply to change ect ect...there are so many options, so many possible outcomes good and bad. I will have to wait and see what the doctors opinions are, and try to make the best informed decision I can.
I have scheduled some consultations, my first is on September 12 in Edmonton. The site requires a date for the procedure when posting, but I do not yet have date as I have not yet chosen a doctor. I wish it was as early as Decembet though! I am so excited for change. I have waited so long for this, September feels so far away. I will update this post on a regular basis, before and after surgery. For now I had had to leave most info at N/A.
Maybe, finally, I can move past this.

Getting closer to my consultation.

I am excited to be so close to finding out what, if anything, can be done to fix my breasts. It is like waiting for christmas as a child lol. As the date gets closer I start to question how I dealt with my situation for long. I have stopped researching what the possible answers are in regards to my fixing my breasts, I am now letting go of the obsession. I do not know if it can be fixed but I do know that all the worrying in the world definetly will not fix anything...I will post un update next week after the consult.


I had a great consult. As I knew before I went in, there is no chance for perfect symmetry. I did not have unrealistic expectations going in, and am happy that some improvement can be made. I do not go in for sizing until next month, and surgery could be as early as December. I am not sure about how we are going to proceed yet in regards to treatment, as I had a few questions that I emailed after the consult in relation to how we could address the asymmetry/volume issues. I am confident in my choice of doctor, and am happy that I can move forward in improving my breasts. I will update again when I can.
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