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I've hated my nose ever since I was 12 years old...

I've hated my nose ever since I was 12 years old and getting a nose job has been something I've always dreamed of ever since. I'm now 20 and am finally going through with my rhinoplasty procedure in a week from today. I'm beyond excited. I figured I would write a post here so maybe I could get some insight and tips from people who have had it done. I can't wait to post about my results and my thoughts and feelings throughout the ordeal and of course - photos ! I've uploaded some pictures of my current nose so we can follow through the changes after my procedure. Can't wait for this to finally happen.

3 More Sleeps Til My Surgery

Well more like 3 non-sleeps til my surgery, thats how excited I am !! I'm more nervous about how I'm going to get through the healing process than I am for my actual surgery and result. I do not take kindly to any kind of pain and I am an extreme drama queen who kicks and screams and cries and complains every time I feel any kind of discomfort. So this will be a big smack in the nose for me ( pun intended ) but hopefully all will be worth it.

I've been waiting for this day for as long as I could remember - not to sound dramatic but my nose has really ruined the way I've seen myself since I was just a young girl. I could never ever see myself as beautiful no matter how hard I tried because of my big fat nose blocking all my other features. I even developed a horrible life consuming eating disorder at the age of 14 that has been going on for years - because I felt that if I couldn't be pretty then I had to be skinnier than everyone else to make up for my ugly face :( However I am now at a healthy weight and size and have been taking good care of my body in preparation for this procedure. I'm so excited I could cry. Actually I AM crying right now as I write this lol. Anyway here are some more pictures of me now. The next pictures I upload are probably going to be me all swollen up after surgery with a massive nose stint and tape all over my face. How attractive ! Thank you everyone for your nice comments so far.


Oh god. I don't even have the energy to write all about it right now so I'll keep it pretty brief. Yesterday I finally underwent my rhinoplasty procedure and I was so excited that I was pretty much trying not to laugh the whole time because people were looking at me funny. But then - I woke up - and even more people were looking at me funny because I was making ridiculous sobbing noises. The pain was unbearable. I've been up to date with my medication so far and my painkillers are doing their job but it's still extremely uncomfortable. The 3 things bothering me the most is my throat hurting to swallow from having the tube stuck down it, the tip of my nose where the stitches are, and my ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THE WORLD SWELLING !!! My lord I was no expecting this much swelling. I'll attach photos for you guys but DAM ! I actually look like an avatar lol. But I'm trying to stay positive as I know all will be worth it.

Congrats, good luck and happy healing to anyone else that has just recently underwent their procedure like I have.


Swelling !!

I've been researching post op swelling for rhinoplasty and I am yet to find any as horribly predominant as mine. I'm not freaking out or anything as it did only just happen yesterday and of course was expecting lots of bruising and swelling considering it was an open rhinoplasty focusing on the bump on my upper nose.


HOLY SHIT I've never seen anything like it !!! Sincere apologies for graphic content and extreme uglies but oh my god this is just crazy. I've been dabbing, icing, wiping and taking good care of it but I guess I'm just sort of in shock really.

Any suggestions or advice or just anyone to say its okay and perfectly normal lol.


I know I already posted about this and got some reassurance but I was just wondering, will my significant amount of swelling affect my result in anyway ?? Because I'm SO swollen that I feel like the tight tape around my nose and face might damage the result. I mean it probably won't but I just need some reassurance. I'm still in shock at the amount of swelling I have. Even my right eyeball is all bloody :( I feel like my head has been pulled out of a wasps nest I'm so tight and sore and puffy.

I even googled 'worst black eyes ever' and 'worst facial swelling ever' and to my horror I couldn't find anything as bad as mine except for like 1 MMA fighter. Gosh.

I know I need to relax and that swelling is normal but I honest to god just cannot get over how bad it is. My doctor said that none of his patients experienced very bad swelling at all so I suppose I'm the first. It's just really uncomfortable and it doesn't feel healthy or natural :(

But in saying all this I can't wait for it to go down and the cast to come off so I can heal without all this stuff on my face. PS the bandaid is being used to cover my nostrils because I can't stop picking at it which isn't good. I can feel a MASSIVE clump of dry blood or whatever it is in each nostril and it's driving me insane. Ugh this experience is awful - but I must keep the result in mind.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.

My bright red eye is freaking me out

I've done my research and found out that my extremely bloody red eye is not unusual and if it doesn't impair my eye sight then I have nothing to worry about and it will heal bla bla bla but still feel the need to share this because holy crap. Seriously why me lol ? I can barely look at it without thinking I need to go to the ER or something lol. Anyway here are also some other pics of me from the last 2 days of post op. Extremely ugly. Sorry.

So far so good - Cast comes off in 2 days

I'm still very colourful but the puffiness and swelling has definitely gone down - my crimson red eye is still rather creepy but I spoke to my doctor on the phone this morning and it's always nice to have his reassurance that everything is normal and I'm doing well. Anyway here are some more photos of me from just before.

It's starting to look so good already - it looks better in person too - like the tip of my nose in the pictures for some reason look slightly pointy and droopy but it's not at all it's soo nicely rounded !! And I've kept in mind that it's still going to shrink as well cause it's still swollen as hell at the moment.

And when the cast comes off ill have a nice little curve instead of the massive hump I used to have and ugh I could not be more happy right now and it's not even close to the final result !! It's still so surreal that this finally happened like this is my new nose that ill have for the rest of my life the other one is gone forever.


Be honest but please try not to freak me out more than I already am. So I understand its completely okay to gently clear the nostrils with hydrogen peroxide and q tip but I think I've taken it to the extreme. I literally every ten minutes find myself in the bathroom shoving q tips up my nose making sure no square millimetre is left uncleaned - like I'm completely unstoppable. I did some research and of course the answers made out like I'm doing severe damage especially since I'm only 4 days post op but I cannot see or feel any damage so I FEEL like I'm okay. But as I mentioned in the title - I'm extremely paranoid. And I'll be honest there are times where I haven't been as gentle as I should be like I really make sure I'm getting the job done, but as I said my nose feels completely fine and the pain, swelling and blockage is actually improving immensely. I only have 2 more sleeps til my first post - op appointment with my doctor so I'm really really hanging out for that so I can finally get some reassurance and peace of mind. Hope someone can help me out here until then.


This isn't really a massive deal but I'm just very curious as I have noticed that the majority of people on here that had a rhinoplasty procedure did not pay as much money as me. My total was $9000 but I included the hospital and anaesthesia fees in that total. But the procedure itself was like approximately $7000 or something like that. So my question is - did you guys include the TOTAL cost in your review or just the cost of the procedure itself ??

I know it's not that big of a deal seeing as it's already done but I'm just curious to know because I have this uncontrollable feeling of guilt considering I basically forced my dad into paying for this procedure for me because I felt that I literally could not go on with my life unless I had it done.

Hope to hear some input from you guys soon !


Yaayyyy can't wait. I've already got a glimpse of what it looks like because one morning I woke up and my freakin stint had come off because the tape had come loose so I had a panic attack and called my doctor and he assured me that it was totally fine as long as it was securely taped back up. BUT ANYWAY can't wait to see the results tomorrow. Here is one last photo of me as of right now until tomorrow when I'll be stint - free. Weeee


OH MY GOD the day I've been waiting for since I was old enough to realise how disgusting my nose was has finally arrived !!! Just got the cast off my nose and I could not be happier - not even if Jesus came down and granted me eternal life. My nose is beyond perfect - and it hasn't even healed enough to produce the final result yet. I don't even have the words to describe how happy and emotional I am. As soon as the mirror was held in front of me for the first time I burst into tears and got up and hugged my doctor and his nurse. I'm ecstatic. I'll upload some pictures for you guys now !!!


Still amazingly happy with my results - thought I'd share some more pics. Check out the bright red discolouration I still have in one of my eyes !!! Apparently it takes a while to go down. It doesn't really bother me that much but it bothers my family lol nobody wants to look at me :( And the stares I got at the supermarket yesterday - DAM !!! Anyway I suppose my extra bruising swelling and suffering was worth it because my nose looked great the very day the cast came off which isn't so common. I'm also pleased that I still have my freckle - I've had that freckle on my nose since I was a little girl and I always hated it on my big nose because it just made everything about my ugly nose more noticeable but I think it looks cute on my new lil nosey. I better stop before I get all emotional again. Really couldn't be happier with my result.

As for how I'm feeling PHYSICALLY - not bad. Pain is excruciating upon waking up in the morning but after taking a painkiller, drinking some water, clearing out my nostrils and dabbing my face with cold water and solution and / or icing the bridge of my nose for a bit - it definitely starts to improve. However when the pain is bad - its bad. Feels like superglue all over my nose. Very tight. Oh and my septum where the stitches were removed stings a bit sometimes. And the scabs in my nose bother me immensely because I'm sorry to admit it but I've been a serial nose picker my whole life. My nostrils must be empty at all times. However this is teaching me some patience lol. Anyways I'm officially stopping now.


So its been 11 days since my surgery :D Still got some bruising and that freaky looking red eye but neither of those things bother me in the slightest. I'm in no rush for it to disappear plus I have really thin skin so I know thats why.

Pain isn't too bad at all - except one teeny tiny bump to the nose and I squeal and cry for about a minute then the pain goes away. Have to be so careful ! I'm mainly just patiently waiting for the scabs in my nose to heal - I'm extremely OCD about it I can't handle not having my nostrils completely clean and empty. And I'm one of those freaks that literally as soon as I wake up I actually look forward to cleaning out all the gunk first thing in the mornings. Sorry not sorry.

Still happy with my results - all I need to do now is HEAL :) thank you so much to everyone for my lovely comments so far you guys are all so nice. I hope everyone can be as pleased with their turnout as I am :)


Alright so I've woken up this morning with a small lump on the right side of my nose. I've called my doctor, spoken to some friends, done my research etc etc and I believe it's just extra swollen tissue and blood around where my nose was broken and all that but I still had multiple panic attacks this morning as I was curious as to how it only decided to appear today ? Like was it something that I did ? Why did it only show up today ? WHAT HAVE I DONE ??? D:

My doctor's assistant that I spoke to today said that I am going to notice some changes as my nose starts to heal and take its shape but I should still keep an eye on it so I'm doing my best NOT to freak out but clearly I'm not doing a very good job at that.

Can anyone else offer some advice or has this happened to anyone else ? Like noticing changes / lumps / extra swelling multiple days AFTER the cast has come off ? The bump is not visible to the eye thank god but I attached some photos for the sake of it just incase anyone is seeing something that I'm not.

Thank you all ! x x x

3 days post-op VS today

So I was flicking through my camera roll and was looking at all my pictures from just after surgery up to today. I put together a little side by side to show my progress lol. And had a giggle at this one I made of me and an axolotl.

So I'm around 18 days post op now. I still have a little bit of bruising under the eyes and I still got my burst blood vessel very prominent in my right eye, but I don't really mind. I'm back to work on Tuesday finally after 3 weeks off ! I tried a bit of light make up today to see if I could cover up my bruising and nope - so I figured I just won't bother as I really dislike wearing make up.

Everyone at work knows I've had my surgery so I don't mind about my bruising being shown anyway to be honest but hopefully the customers don't get the wrong idea.

Just over a month Post-op

Bruising has finally gone down - These are a few pictures of me with make up. Everything is going good now - no more discomfort surrounding my nose :)
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

After my consultation I knew straight away that I wanted to go ahead with my procedure with Dr. Glatt. He was polite and kind and understanding, extremely informative, and so were his staff at the office. He knew exactly what I wanted and was very confident that he could give it to me. He constantly reminded me of how beautiful I was and that he was so excited to perform surgery on me because he knew I would be ecstatic with the result. We were on the same page throughout the whole experience. I sent him pictures of my nose goals in which he indicated he could most certainly do his best to achieve this, he was polite and caring and reassuring every time we spoke whether it be phone call email or in person. Now that I've got my cast off I am so happy with the results they are very natural and suit my face much better than before ! Would definitely recommend Dr. Glatt !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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