My Experience with Revision Rhinoplasty and Dr. Davis - Miramar, FL

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Howdy folks, I’m sitting in my hotel room,...

Howdy folks,

I’m sitting in my hotel room, waiting for my flight after what has felt like one of the longest weeks of my life and I thought this would be a good time to write about my experience with Dr. Davis and generally about my revision rhinoplasty, number 4!. I relied quite a bit on the reviews on this site before having surgery with Dr. Davis – I’m hoping someone else can benefit from mine.

I had my primary rhinoplasty at age 19 with Dr. Philip Solomon in Toronto. (I terribly regret my decision to have rhinoplasty in the first place, and I think I always will.) The deformity that presented post-surgery 1 was instantly apparent. The tip was twisted and pinched in and my bridge was too flat, uneven and without definition. A few years after the surgery I had two subsequent revisions, which I later found out Solomon scheduled a mere half hour to complete (makes sense since this was out of his pocket). I literally woke up post-surgery and it was as if he had not touched my nose.

Around four years after my last revision, I began having breathing problems and could see that the right side of my tip was becoming more indented and apparently slowly collapsing in. I then started considering another revision and began the difficult search to find an appropriately skilled Dr. and the right Dr. for me. I read everything I possibly could to become informed about the leading specialists. I narrowed down my search to four specialists and ended up consulting with three.

I decided to consult with Dr. Davis after carefully scrutinizing photos of his work and in particular after reading through his entire website, which I found to be very impressive. The information on his site is not formulaic like most other cosmetic surgery sites. It struck me as rich, detailed, practical and balanced and I could tell that he had personally contributed to the text.

I travelled with my lovely and incredibly-supportive husband for the consultation this past summer. Dr. Davis spent over three hours with us carefully and patiently explaining everything. So much about our conversation during the consultation told me that he was an exceptional human being. After the consultation, I decided that Dr. D’s technical skill, experience, and character (which among other qualities seemed to be one of considerable integrity), would probably give me the best chance of success, as I saw it.

Fast forward through several months of angst and worry about having such a serious surgery and having to do it so far away from home. I flew in last week, had my pre-op consult the following day, followed by a sleepless night before the surgery and then was off to the hospital at 5:30 am last Thurs. The staff at the hospital in the pre-op area were absolutely incredible and made me feel so calm and comfortable. I was off to sleep. I woke up with a bit of a headache, after what I learned was a 7.5 hour surgery. Dr. Davis was there very shortly after I woke up and spent some time explaining the surgery to me. It turned out that my nose looked better on the outside than on the inside since he had to work extensively to restore its structural integrity. Dr D. repositioned and reworked my nose cartilages, fixed and straightened my fractured septum, removed random and unsightly grafts that were previously put in place, and did various other complex things which I still can’t quite comprehend. He also ended up using ear cartilage and septal cartilage, which he harvested from deep inside my nose.
Dr. Davis spent time with my husband after performing the 7.5 hour surgery, explaining the surgery itself.

I was feeling pretty awful from the anesthesia, I felt I could not move and the moment I tried to get up I got very nauseous. Dr. D spent time with me at the hospital that evening – once before and once after the staff meeting he had to go to – he did this all on the same intense day of surgery and was so kind, caring and patient. The man’s a saint.

The night at the hospital was pretty rough. It was the first night of icing, which was uncomfortable and the nausea sucked, big time! I literally couldn’t get up to go to the washroom. However, I think this reaction is probably atypical since I seem to not tolerate anesthesia well and have a history of a much worse reaction on a much shorter surgery too.

Dr. D came by to see me again the very next morning and gave me and my husband detailed aftercare instructions and his contact info.

The first few days were pretty rough, I felt terribly lousy and managed to get out of the bed just to keep the blood from pooling in my legs. I didn’t have pain (despite only taking Tylenol 3 for the first 48 hours), just felt nauseous, and totally wiped. I also felt like my senses were really overwhelmed. I couldn’t stand light, watching tv, noise or to eat anything except plain cold oatmeal. Day 4 was the first tolerable day, and afterward I felt much better. For me, it was an extremely steep but short enough recovery. I texted/called Dr. D with some concerns throughout the week (that in hindsight were probably irrational) and he was instantly responsive.

As for the outcome, I got my cast removed yesterday and was so, so impressed with my nose!!! It now has structure – good, symmetric structure – and despite being swollen, looks amazing in my opinion, and my husband also agrees. I do have a slight nostril asymmetry apparent mostly when I tilt my head up, but I believe this is because my right side is currently more swollen than my left. I am not too worried about it at this stage and Dr. D gave me some instructions on how to help even it out as it heals. Overall, so far, I am happy and optimistic about my outcome. I followed the post surgery care protocol without any deviation and will continue to take care of my nose as instructed. I think now it’s just a matter of letting it heal over time.

I had an A++ experience with Dr. Davis – he exceeded my expectations. I actually feel that, for the service he provided me, I definitely underpaid. To say he went above and beyond is for sure an understatement. Now I really know what other people mean when they write in their reviews that “Dr. Davis is the BEST!” He is the best. And he is a true master of his craft.

I will write back with a short note to document my progress in about a month or so.

Take care y’all.

About two months post op now...

Hello, I’m checking in with a brief update and to answer some of the questions posted in the comments section. My nose is healing beautifully, I am so pleased with everything. It looks natural, symmetrical and also enhances my features. I am thrilled. It is eerie how similar it looks to the photo morphs Dr. Davis created, he is so precise! One thing that I forgot to mention in my initial post is that I used to have pretty intense nose bleeds on very dry winter days and whenever using nasal decongestants. I spoke to Dr. Davis about this before the surgery and he mentioned afterwards that he corrected the problem. I have not had a single nose bleed since Dr. D fixed my nose even though it has been extremely cold and dry where I live. Now to answer some questions… On grafts: I gave consent prior to surgery for Dr. D to use any grafts at his discretion during surgery i.e. cartilage from the septum, rib, ear (I wanted him to have all the tools to do his job). He ended up only having to use septum and ear, but initially thought we may need to use rib. On swelling: I had quite a bit of swelling around my eyes on the day after the surgery, this went down on day three/four. As for my nose, the cast and ice kept the swelling down in the days following surgery. My nose did swell when we removed the cast and on the flight home. After this the swelling went down gradually, today it seems ever so slightly swollen but only to the touch, it has a beautiful and defined shape. On photos: I will not be posting photos at this time. I may decide to post some of just my nose later on… I don’t know. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments and wishing everyone good luck on what I know to be a difficult ordeal.
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Dr. Davis is a truly remarkable surgeon and, it seems to me, a very special person.

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