8th Breast Revision I Hope I'm Lucky This Time - Michigan

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I have had 7 breast ops since 2005 every one has...

I have had 7 breast ops since 2005 every one has gone wrong,each surgeon has not fixed the true issue which is clearly a pocket problem.This time I'm seeing a surgeon I truly hope will help me get my confidence I never had (the reason I had the op in first place ).In 2005 I had over dissected pockets,2006 revision I had severe flex distortion large pockets too,2009 I had bottoming out and symastia,2009 symastia repair left me with two different breast one over one under and pockets too big could not afford to fix until 2012.So again another revision in 2012 but had severe seroma,needed removal of implants to fix seroma issue and replaced but immediately could see pockets again were too large.2016 revision to correct previous pocket issues yet again,was this the end?nooo the pockets are still too big my implants fall under my arms and move all over the place.22k later and not one Dr corrected my pockets lateral repair.This surgeon knows what he's taking about he knew immediately the problem.Cost is approx

I found Dr Gray by chance and I am going to see him soon as I'm post op 6 months from last revision.This Dr has endlessly listened to my worries and my problems and clearly knows what he's talking about as not one surgeon in the past had a damn clue to what they were doing and just left me in a mess causing me to have to fork out more money each time (loans I have to pay off).This Dr comes across as caring and listens to you and your concerns whilst most surgeons like to fob you off after 10 mins consultation or are rude and do not want to hear your story.I truly believe this lovely man can help me and you can tell he's not just another money grabber as he even said to use my existing implants to save me me,most would try squeeze out whatever they can make from you.I have done articles in magazines on my umpteen botch ups and I truly hope that after this one I can give this Dr some praise in my next story,so far he's passed the bill in my books,if he delivers the outcome I'm hoping for I'll be happiest person in the world.Oh and he does not overcharge either.Watch this space for update......

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