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Like many others on here, I have been wanting this...

Like many others on here, I have been wanting this procedure done for most of my life. The few friends and family that know I am having it done are a little surprised by it purely because I never spoke about wanting it. I chose not to speak about it because I felt like if I didnt have the money to do anything about it then I shouldnt talk about it because it would make me more depressed about it. At the same time, I thought that if I spoke about how much I hated my nose and everything I want to change about it, they would notice my flaws even
more... Kinda silly, I know.

Anyways, I have finally saved enough to have my procedure done! I found my PS when I was researching online reviews and on this site. No matter what site I went to, Dr. Epstein scored high on all his reviews overall. He has many videos on YouTube that I have watched... 3 or 4 times! When I watch them I get a great feeling of comfort. He seems to truely love doing rhinoplasty procedures! He does an average of 3 per week which puts my mind at ease also.

I have been in contact with Dr. Epstein online and over the phone. He had me take photos of myself so he could use his photo imaging to show me what he could do. It seems that we were both on the same page from the beginning! I dont expect a huge change. I want to still look like ME, just an improved version and he seemed to do that in the photos.

My goal is to remove the bump, narrow the bridge, and just slightly refine the tip. I look horrible in the photos (no make-up) but I want to post what he did. I dont feel like it is a huge change but it is definitely much improved!

Only 3 weeks away from my procedure date, March 20th! I am beyond nervous but at the same time I know that I will not back out of this. The closer it gets the more I realize how badly I want it. I am soooo tired of taking pictures from only ONE angle! I am ready to stop cringing at myself everytime I look in thw mirror.

Okay, so we are only a little over 2 weeks away...

Okay, so we are only a little over 2 weeks away from my surgery! I'm honestly more nervous about flying than I am about the actual procedure at this point. Reading peoples stories on this site has helped me prepare both mentally and financially for the things to expect and what to buy to help me afterwards. I have also been meaning to post pictures but I couldn't figure it out from my phone. But here are the pictures and I'm sure you will be able to see exactly why I would sincerely benefit from having this done!

I forgot to ask! I am nervous about the IV...

I forgot to ask! I am nervous about the IV "Twilight" sedation... I have never had this done before and I was hoping to hear from others who have had this done that could perhaps ease my mind about it (hopefully)??

Okay so I have another question... I am going to...

Okay so I have another question... I am going to be flying for my procedure. I am scheduled to leave 8 days after my procedure. Although my PS says I should be just fine, I want to know if anyone else has flown after having their rhinoplasty procedure done? If so, do you have any suggestions for me or things I should be prepared for?

Wow, the date is approaching faster than I...

Wow, the date is approaching faster than I thought! I can't believe that in just 12 days I will be boarding a plane to go have the procedure done that I have been waiting 15 long years for!! It's crazy to me... Oh! Speaking of boarding a plane, has anyone else flown on a plane after their procedure? If so, what should I expect and are there any suggestions you could give me?

I am only 6 short days away from my surgery, I...

I am only 6 short days away from my surgery, I can't wait! As much as I am excited about it, I am extremely nervous about so many things still... First, flying just 8 days after my surgery and being prepared for it. Second, the IV sedation ( mostly cause I HATE needles) and I am afraid I will be awake during it. Third and most important, how my nose is going to truly look after :-/ I am praying that all goes well and that I have made all the right decisions... But I can't help but worry :(

Yikes!! The time is here! I am leaving on a plane...

Yikes!! The time is here! I am leaving on a plane in just a few hours to Miami :) The next morning, I will be the first patient of the day @ 7:30 a.m. So crazy! I have so many emotions running through me right now... Mostly excitement but just like in my last post I am nervous too. I really wish I could fast forward to after the surgery and then the day the cast comes off and last but surely NOT least would be me coming one to my babies!! I just finished packing and I can't help but feel like I am forgetting something important :-/ Hopefully not. For the first time I don't have to check-in any luggage to fly! I am just bringing 2 carry-on bags. I feel as though I won't be needed much else besides lounge clothes since i will be stuck in our hotel room for 8 days (unless to go to the doctors of course). No fun that this will be my very first time to Miami and I won't be able to enjoy it in the least... But hopefully it will be all worth it and then some ;)

Oh boy! Hard to believe that I am really having...

Oh boy! Hard to believe that I am really having this done in the morning!! So surreal even though I am here. We flew into Miami this afternoon and after getting checked in to the hotel I made a trip to the store to grab some last minute supplies... More q-tips, Afrin spray, & Peroxide. I already have my medication filled, Vitamin C, U-shaped pillow, extra gauze and tape, yogurt, frozen peas, facial cleansing wipes, & magazines. Not sure if I am missing anything else?? Well, I suppose I will try to get some rest tonight (if that's even possible)... I will update in the morning!

So, As of right now, I can not say enough good...

So, As of right now, I can not say enough good things about Dr. Epstein and his team. Every person I talked to after walking through his doors not only greeted me with a smile but they took the time to talk to me and make sure I was feeling good and to reassure me I was in great hands. Love them!

After all the paperwork was done, I put my gown on and they started to set me up for my IV "Twilight" Sedation... I spoke earlier in my review about how nervous I was about it because I really didn't want to be awake for it, And I wasn't!! I was there one minute talking and laughing with all the nurses and the anesthesiologist and then BOOM I was out. I woke up thinking we hadn't even started the procedure yet! They then brought me to a recovery room where they let me relax and come out of the sedation while icing my eyes with cold gauze pads. When I was finally ready to leave, we went over post-op care and then they gave me some hot, fresh chicken noodle soup to take home with me! And it was soooo good ;)

I am now back at the hotel and I can honestly say I have felt NO PAIN :) About 10 minutes ao I started to get a tiny headache so I went ahead and took a pain pill just in case. Overall, I couldn't have asked for this to go any smoother than it has so far. Oh! And my PS didn't use packing either :D I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon so they can clean up my nose so I will update again tomorrow.

Let the bruising and swelling begin! I woke up...

Let the bruising and swelling begin! I woke up with def more bruising and swelling today, as expected. I had a doctors appointment at 1:00 to have my nose cleaned. I had no idea that I was about to feel pain for the 1st time!! I don't want to alarm anyone but this was very painful. I even cursed immediately once he finished each nostril. But I am just glad it was quick! As soon as it is done, the pain is over. It was worth being able to breathe better! I will be going in on Monday or another appointment. Overall, the worst things to deal with so far has been trying to sleep sitting up and the suctioning of my nose. I will make sure to keep updating!

So I am Day 3 Post -Op and I can honestly say that...

So I am Day 3 Post -Op and I can honestly say that the most annoying the today was the pressure on my nose from the swelling under the cast. Slowly but surely breathing is getting easier. The swelling on my face is a little worse and the bruising is HORRIBLE on my eyelids but I knew this was going to happen because Dr. E said he was going to have to work hard on my bones/bridge. I posted pics of the bruising. I just hope it goes away for the most part by the time I fly home on Day 8 :-/

I was debating on posting on Day 4 because the...

I was debating on posting on Day 4 because the bruising and swelling was so bad I couldn't even stand to look at myself, honestly. But I decided to post a couple pictures to show how bad by bruising has been. I am Day 5 now (including the day of surgery)... I am feeling the best I have and I am breathing the best I have. I am finally starting to be able to taste food again which is bring my appetite right back ;) Oh how I have missed smelling and tasting things!! Now if my bruising and swelling would just go away I would feel SO much better. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PS just to get the tape on the bottom of my nose removed. Hopefully I will find out when exactly I can expect to get this splint off! ;) Either way, I am excited to have an excuse to leave this hotel room!!

So i had an appt. today with Dr. E and he removed...

So i had an appt. today with Dr. E and he removed the tape from the bottom of my nose. I was SO nervous that it was going to hurt and look horrible. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw that you can barely see the incision!! All you can see really is the stitches and its only been 6 days (including the day of the procedure)! Only 2 more days and the cast will come off :) I couldnt be more excited right now. I am little nervous to see the final result but I am just praying that this was all worth it. Oh!! He also cleaned out my nose and I CAN BREATHE! Not just breathing, but i am breathing BETTER than I ever have my whole life. That alone makes me want to rate this as "Worth It!"

Finally the cast is off! Even though there is...

Finally the cast is off! Even though there is still swelling, I love it! I can honestly say that Dr. Epstein did an amazing job and listened to exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to see how it looks weeks from now. Today was the first time I looked in mirror and saw exactly how I always saw myself but pictures did not resemble.

Dr. Epstein and his staff were amazing. I never once had to wait in the waiting area, they always brought me right in. They called to check on me the day after and I had Dr. Epstein cell phone # in case I had a question or concern when the office was closed (which I did twice so i texted him and he answered me both times on the weekend). I couldn't have asked for a better experience. If I could change ONE thing, it would have been that I wish Dr. E had an office in Boston! Well, I get my stitches out tomorrow and then I get to go HOME finally :)

Wow, I can believe it has already been 3 weeks...

Wow, I can believe it has already been 3 weeks since my procedure! Sorry for not being able to update earlier than this but I have been non-stop since I got home from Miami. I have been working alot! My flight home went perfect! I didn't experience ANY extra swelling during or after the flight home, it was great. All I did was spray Afrin nasal spray 30 minutes before we departed and 10 minutes before we descended.

I am not sure how much more swelling I have but I don't feel like I have alot left. The only thing I notice is when I go to the gym, the inside of my nose swells up a bit still, I hoping that stops soon. But other than that, I don't have much to complain about! My breathing has much improved since the surgery which I am so grateful for. I posted a couple pictures that I JUST took, so excuse how awful I look :-/ I just got home from the gym and I'm exhausted.

Well, if anyone has any questions for me, PLEASE feel free to ask away or even PM me I will be happy to help!

Good days and bad days

So, its been a LONG time and I apologize for anyone that has wrote to me on here and asked questions. I have been extremely busy with work and to be honest... I have been a little depressed with how everything has turned out now.
It has been a little over 10 months since my procedure and I just kept hoping that the things I was noticing would go away or change for the better but they haven't. But let me just say that I have known from the very beginning not to expect perfection because you will be disappointed. But for the 1st couple weeks after the procedure I was BEYOND happy with the results. I never thought that I would be happy so early after it and I also assumed that it could only get better from there... But I was wrong.
I started noticing that there was still a bump on the bridge of my nose just a month or so post-op that was more to the right side than the left. Also, there is a slight indent directly under the bump so in pictures my nose looks crooked or broken I feel like.
I am so upset over it and don't know what to do. I definantly can not afford to have this done again. I have even attempted to meet with Dr. Epstein at his NY office just to get him to check up with me and give me some answers but everytime I schedule an appointment I have to cancel it because I just cant afford to take the time off from work. I used everything I had to do this and I am starting to question if it was the right decision.
I will add a photo or 2 soon, I am just so upset over it.
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