Breast Lift Mastopexy W/ Silicone & Rhinoplasty - Miami, FL

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4/19 Today I went for a consultation. I want DD...

4/19 Today I went for a consultation. I want DD size breast, no more sagging, or discomfort from my last procedure, which was from a different doctor. I am so excited to be having both procedures! I have considered this for over 5 years and I never expected to be able to get both procedures done at the same time. My boyfriend is the best! Woo hoo! So, now to come before having surgery will include: blood work, medication, vitamins, ultrasound, urinalysis, and a basic metabolic panel, bruising meds, and new clothes (sports bras/surgery comfort). I added those items because not only will the procedure cost $12,500, there will be a few other cost. I have pre-op appointment scheduled for 7/15. I'll keep this updated. Yay! :)

Awaiting test results

I have completed my ultrasound and blood work. Now, I'm just anxiously waiting to find out if I can have my surgery. I'll find out my test results on the 15th. Wish me luck! :)

Results are in! I'm having my surgery!!

July 30th is the day! For two weeks I've been taking a Centrum and an Iron pill. I've started taking my Arnika Forte for bruising today (3 days before my surgery and nothing on the day of), which I purchased at the office. I'm so excited!! I should be getting a call Monday, to prepare me for last minute things. :)

I had my surgery!

It went great! I stayed overnight with a nurse. I was up and walking on the same day. I had some pain the first night. The rest was easy. I had a sleep number bed at home to keep me in the upright position, which I'm still sleeping in. I ate lots of jello, apple sauce, and soup. I've had my stiches taken out of my nose, recently. I am still a little swollen around my nose. My chest is slightly tender and not too swollen. I haven't been out in the sun much because I'm not allowed to. I can't wait to go to the beach! I'll post pictures before and after, soon.


Here are some before surgery pictures.

After my surgery

The pain was worth it. I was surprised because there wasn't much pain.

Got nose brace removed and gauze taken out

I can breathe! Lots of blood gushed out. eeew! :)

More recent pics

I'm loving my new nose! I was told that it will see results in future months and for up to two years from now. Look how amazing I look! I still have sutures on my breast, so I'll post a picture when I get them removed.

Waiting on breast sutures to fall off.

My sutures aren't going to be removed. I have to wait until they fall off. I'll post more pictures soon.

I love it!

Steal healing, but I look amazing!

More pics

I can't wait to see the end result! :)

And here are two new nose pics!

Feeling much better!

I had an issue with my breast. One of the stiches opened up. The gash got much bigger. My other one did the same, soon after. It healed finally. This is why I haven't posted, lately. It was very uncomfortable to sleep. I put gauze over it and it's all better almost.

Still healing.

Steal Healing

The bigger you go, the more issues. Unbelievably, my breast are still healing. The spot where they opened up is taking forever to heal! Everything, including my nose, looks phenomenal. I'll post a pic, soon. By the way, I have been purchasing out of pocket, wound bandages and expensive scar cream, since I began healing. They don't tell you about these costs. Thankfully, I have a supportive boyfriend. :)

Incision Won't Heal

Today was my appointment with my surgeon. 12 months is extremely too long of a healing process, so I'm going to be going back to get this issue fixed. I will be awake and I will be given a local anesthetic. The skin near the small open wounds of each breast will be getting cut and stitched. Wow. I plan to, during my school winter break, get my areola area and stitches tattooed with cosmetic surgery. I hate pain, but I was told that I won't feel anything during the surgery. I'm still a little nervous about both procedures. I just want this all to be over with, so I can get on with my life. :/
Miami Plastic Surgeon

100%. Confident, educated, and he knew what I needed to have done.

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