27 Years Old. Breast Fed for 1 Year. Had Full Anchor Lift with 600cc High Profile Silicone Gel by Natrelle. Miami, FL

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I'm 27 years old with and 8 year old son whom I...

I'm 27 years old with and 8 year old son whom I breast fed for one year. I had my first breast augmentation in 2011 with Dr. Leonard Hochstein and at the time I didn't want big fake crazy boobs and I did not listen to his suggestion when he said to get a lift because I didn't want the scars. Well, that was a terrible idea because considering the amount of stretched skin that I had and I asked for 339cc silicon moderate profile it didn't take long for me to be unhappy with my breasts. Because my breast were extremely saggy and the implant was small they only looked good when I had a bra on or if I was standing up naked. When I would lay down with no bra my breast would fall to the side by my arms and you could see the implant move around and stick out. I seeker advice from other surgeons with the impression that it was something that Dr. Hochstein did wrong but the answer was obvious to all. They said my breast looked great and they were like that because of all my extra skin and tissue. I had a consultation with Dr. Hochstein May 13, 2015 and we decided full anchor lift with 600ccs was the best option for the goals I wanted to achieve. My surgery was set for May 22nd and so far I haven't had the bandages removed but I like the size. I was afraid they were going to look gigantic but they dont.

1 day post op

Feeling really sleepy and nauseous but no where near in as much pain as I expected. Haven't had a BM yet so that's kind of annoying but overall I'm doing great. Can't wait for the nausea to subside.

these were my wish boobs btw

I wanted nice full round large breast that I could wear a dress with no bra and still have cleavage and volume

wish boobs

Wish boobs

before photos from 2011

This is me 4 years after I breast fed my son for a year. Before my first BA. Dr. Hochstein suggested a lift and to go bigger then 339cc's but I didn't. I'm showing these pics and writing this review in hopes that it will help women out there realize that sometimes dealing with the scars of a lift and trusting your Surgeon is more beneficial In the long run. Having to have 2 BA in 4 years is no fun. I should have takin the suggestion and saved myself the extra 4,800 it cost me to redo them. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

small update 3 days post op

Well my docs office is closed for memorial day so a lot of questions i have haven't been answered. I still haven't seen my boobs, I wasn't instructed to remove any bandages so I can't post pics until my post op appointment tomorrow I will say that my left nipple has a vibrating sensation coming from it. Almay like there's a phone ringing on vibrate in my bra lol but its normal, I remember that from last time.. it's just the nerves communicating with each other again so that's a great sign. No more pain meds, I hate them. They gave me perk 10's and they constipated me very bad. I picked up Magnesium citrate liquid form laxative from Walgreens last night and drank the whole bottle along with 16oz of water and I finally went so I'm feeling much better. I'm cutting the perk 10's into 4 quarters and taking them only as needed. Hope everyone else is doing ok. Please feel free to ask any questions

got the bandages off

Today at my post op they removed the bandages, so far I love them! My areolas are smaller (which is something that has bothered me for 8 years now) and they are nice and youthful high on my chest. I'm off of the pain meds because they are causing extreme constipation, nausea, floating, fatigue and head aches. So I'm taking tylonal extra strength when I'm in pain. My right nipple has had a vibrating sensation coming from it and I checked it at the doc office and I have full feeling on that nipple but the left is still numb (very normal) overall I'm very pleased with the size and the high profile

getting tingly sensations in my breasts

So it's been 6 days PO, I'm finished with my antibiotics as of last night. I've been sleeping ok, I'm getting stir crazy and sick of sitting around but overall no complaints... I keep looking at my breasts and it sure doesn't look like I got 600cc's, to me they're small. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. I was instructed to wear this surgical bra 24/7 for the next 6 weeks and not to wear and under wire or padded bra for ONE year after surgery, never heard of this but I guess every doctor has different methods. I have these little tingly vibrations that get randomly throughout the day and I know it's just my nerves coming back, it happened after my first BA but not as quick and I got full sensation of my nipples back so I'm excited to feel such activity so early.

don't think my new crease will be along the incision line

They're dropping below the incision line (which I read is normal & I've also seen it a lot on RealSelf) so my scar won't run exactly on crease under my breasts. Which is ok I guess... for some reason I had it in my head that that's where the crease would be. Guess you can't focus too hard on a certain results. I'm feeling much better though, still not completely comfortable putting my hands fully above my head because the skin is so tight on my breasts and it makes me nervous with my incisions. (Paranoia)

one is dropping sooner and has more pain

So I'm having trouble sleeping.... one implant I assume is dropping sooner then the other and it has this strange feeling of discomfort (like a pinched nerve) yesterday the left one hurt and the right one was fine and now today it's the right one. I called my doc office and they said this is normal but I can't tell you how over this I am. I'm cranky and tired and uncomfortable, I usually sleep on my tummy with no pillow and this whole sleeping on my back deal keeps me up. Anyone have any advise on this situation or want to ease my mind? Sorry to sound like a big baby lol I'm just so tired.

"pinched nerve" like pain under breast leading to arm

I'm 2 weeks PO today and starting this morning I've had what feels like a pinched nerve under my breast where my ribs are and it leads to my arm, I'm wondering if this is normal? I can really feel it the most when I take a deep breath. I had an anchor lift and switched out 339ccs for 600ccs, I'm 5'4 and 128lbs. Please ease my mind and tell me this is normal.

had my second PO app today

Just got back from Miami, it's like 45 mins from my house. This appointment was useless I feel. I waited forever to be seen and Dr. H didn't really answer my questions or concerns (like he was in a rush) sometimes he's great and other times he's not so great but I really wish he didn't do that today, he just brushed off every concern and said it was "normal". I could have said my tongue was falling outta my butt and he would've said "it's normal" his staff was very helpful though to make up for it. They agreed with Dr.H saying that I'm healing nicely. At first I was regretting this surgery because of the pain and being stuck in the house but the more I heal and see results the better I feel. He did not approve me to do cardio, he said I must wait the full 6 weeks. Which sucks because I'm such a gym rat and I've already put on 7lbs. I need to be patient though

exactly 3 weeks PO. steri strips off. kinda freaked out

So my steri strips are off... my wounds still look a little fresh and this strange patch of raised skin formed in a tiny area under the breast, not sure if that's normal and of course it's Friday so I won't be able to consult with my doc about it until Monday. My boobs still feel so strange, I have most of the feeling back in my right breast but the skin and nipple on my left is still pretty numb. Over all I'm not in any pain... I take tylonal at night because they only hurt over night for some reason. If anyone has had this same patch of raised skin could you tell me if it's normal or if it eventually flattens out? Thanks :)

one month PO boobie blues

I'm two days away from being one month PO and I'm having such intense boobie blues (depression) I know I'm still healing but it's been too long since I've gone to the gym, I'm packing on the lbs, I'm tired all the time and I hate looking at my scars... I just feel like I was chopped up when I look in the mirror. I know this is just in my head but I can't shake it... and my breast have bairly dropped and they are still pretty stiff, the skin feels so tight.. they just feel like two foreign objects sticking out of my chest at this stage. I just can't wait to be further along in this healing process. So, my intentions in writing this update is not to sound like a baby but to inform whom ever is reading and going through the same that it's normal to feel depressed and regretful at this stage, it'll pass. I've read so many reviews from women that have felt the exact same way. :)

6 weeks PO

So, I'm 6 weeks post op. They still feel very foreign... although they are finally feeling a little softer, the skin is still pretty tight. I've started doing light cardio and they have dropped a little. The silicone scar sheets are great! I can't find the right bra anywhere... im not aloud to wear under wire or push up bras for the first year so I have no clue where to ship because VS doesn't have much of a selection for wireless bras with no extra padding so... im open for suggestions. I'm starting to like them more and more.

7 weeks PO

They are a little softer but still have a long way to go... my scars look better and better each day, one of them is higher on the breast than the other but I'm told it's normal and doesn't really matter that much as long as everything else appears good. I Continue to wear the surgical bra to bed because they are very heavy and still a little sore. I don't really go bra less at all. I want them to feel 100% before I do that. Overall I really am starting to love them. They look great in bras and cute tops which is a first for me. I'm enjoying the confidence :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very straight to the point. Very matter of fact. A little friendlier then I've seen him in the past. Overall I trust him so that's all that mattered to me. His staff was sweet.

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