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Hi, I'm searching for a GREAT PS to do my revision...

Hi, I'm searching for a GREAT PS to do my revision which would include a lift and switch out of implants from saline to silicone. I've narrowed it down to dr Roudner or another Miami ps but really leaning towards dr roudner. Can anyone share with me their experiences? I'm nervous about the whole thing so any feedback is muc appreciated!

Has Anyone Used Dr Roudner or Dr Hochstein for a Lift with Implant?

Hello-I'm 35 and I had a BA in 2007 and after kids I now want/need a lift and want to switch out my saline for silicone. I'm split between dr Roudner and Dr Hochstein. I would love to hear feedback on these doctors. I met Dr Hochstein and it went well. However it seems his reviews are mixed but still good. I didn't meet Dr Roudner but I haven't read a bad review. Any help/advice is appreciated! Thanks!

Down payment made! Ready!

Going with Dr Hochstein. He and his out of town coordinator, Jennifer, have been WON-DER-FUL! Very excited to have my benelli lift with implants/revision from a 2007 BA. Scheduled for November.

Wish pics

Wish pics

One week away!!!

Wow, I can't believe in one week I will have my surgery with dr hochstein!?! I was so scared for awhile there but lately I've just been excited. I hope my excitement continues and fear doesn't take over. Plus I will be traveling there so I'm excited for the warm weather!

Surgery is tomorrow!

I didn't want to go to big but Dr H thinks I need to go slightly bigger in order to achieve my wish pics. I'm nervous that they will be too big. Has anyone dealt with the same thing (u want smaller but dr suggested larger) and what did you end up doing? And are you happy with your results. I just don't want a tone of projection. I always have thought that more cc's equals more projection. I just want natural Joanna Krupa look. Hers make people think "are they real or fake??". That's what I want! Ugh, it's stressful and scary. Hard to tell from pictures what someone will look like in clothes. Needless to say, I'm struggling with this decision of size. Any suggestions? Dr H is so amazing that he can get you what you want but just because I like the way the girls in my wish pics look like, it's hard to tell what that will look like on me. Any suggestions on how to determine size? I already have implants and I think they are 325cc. Dr H says they look more like 350/375. We'll know tomorrow! Thank you ladies!

surgery day!

Today is my surgery and I'm just nervous about communicating what I want to look like. I trust dr h and he has been so great to work with. I just want to get surgery over so I can eat! Lol! Wish me luck ladies and if you pray please say a prayer for a safe surgery and quick healing. Thank you! I will update again today.

Today I have my second surgery to remove the excessive blood from my other breast

On my way to dr Hochstein's office so he can clear out the blood on my left breast. That's the one that was so swollen, painful and had a lot of extra bleeding. Can't wait to be done with this! I couldnt take any pain meds after midnight so I'm like OUCH right now! For lack of better words, this sucks but I'm glad it was caught and is being addressed before I leave town tomorrow. Wish me luck and if you pray, please say a prayer for me that surgery and my recovery goes well. Thank you ladies!

Out of hematoma removal surgery

Everything went well. Starting to feel better mentally too. Now let the FULL healing begin! Just picked up food because the nurses said I wasn't eating enough since my surgery on Tuesday. Cheers to good healing! To

Finally home!

Hey everyone! I'm finally home and in my own bed resting and healing. I will add photos sometime next week. Just want toheal a little more. Today I'm going to start just taking Tylenol for the pain instead of the heavy stuff. I had a question for Dr H today (Saturday) and called him on his cell. He answered right away and answered my question. Such a good feeling to know I can call him day or night for any concern I may have. my friends and family have all been very supportive-except for my mom. She's a little "different" so I didn't expect much support. Still having a bit of pain/soreness on my left breast but nothing too bad. Anyways, just wanted to update everyone to say I'm doing good and also that I love looking at my boobs in the mirror-ha! My friend wants to come over to see them today too. It's like having a baby-everyone wants to visit and have a look! Maybe I should serve tea and host a sip and see! ;)

1st photo-6 days post op

My left one still hurts everyday and that was the one that had the hematoma. Still have swelling on the side under my armpit on the left side as well. I swear, the right one has never hurt since day one! It is my golden child! :) Never gave me problems.

9 days Post op

Hi Ladies,

So far so good. I'm feeling better but still trying to take it easy. Especially since I'm still under the 2 week mark. Just wanted to update with some pictures. I'm concerned they are too close together and maybe a little too large for me, but I'm going to be patient and see.

Pics 9 days post op

Another milestone!

I can FINALLY sleep on my side! Oh it feels so good! It also makes me feel less of a "wounded patient" that I can sleep normally. Still can't sleep on my stomach-that I can do at 6 weeks.

Revision with new doctor!

For months after my surgery with Dr H I tried so hard to convince myself that my breasts looked great and that I loved them. Truth is-I hated them. I just wasn't ready to face the realization that I would need another surgery...another recovery, another surgical bill, another several weeks of depending on others to take care of all of my responsibilities. Ugh. But I faced the ugly truth finally and dealt with it head on. I found a new doctor whom I couldn't find a negative review on despite calling medical boards and looking over websites for hours! I didn't want another disappointing result. So long story short, I had a pocket revision (breasts were too close) and implant exchange (went to the size I originally asked Dr H for) and I feel like myself again! I feel happy! I love my results and the aftercare I received has been amazing! My new doctor follows up regularly with all his patients and even sees his BA patients once a year, every year for the life of the implant! The guy stands by his work! I guess my lesson and message is this-PAY ATTENTION to negative reviews! They are there because they are real-they really did happen and these people are not just crazy. Also PAY ATTENTION to how a surgeon responds to his patients. Does he say "I'm sorry you are not happy, please call our office and we will be happy to work with you"'or is it more on the defensive side? Is the dr attempting to make others look crazy or dumb to make himself or herself look good? HUGE red flag. RUN! Don't try to convince yourself that you will overlook bedside manner for good results. I made that mistake. Bad bedside manner basically is a medical term for "a**hole". And you don't want an a**hole performing surgery on you or being the one to be in charge of your post op care. Typically their staff is afraid of them too and get nervous when they have to talk to the surgeon so they will try to not have to! So they will attempt to answer your medical questions which of course will be ill advice because they are not doctors or nurses. Also, if you want 350cc and the doctor convinces you that you need more....like a lot more. Run. What they are trying to do is "fill up" your skin. Large implants will give you more problems down the road than smaller ones. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. If you want and like large breasts that is different. I'm talking to women who want natural looking breasts that fit their frame. That's what I wanted. But I got large breasts instead. Finally-if you are unhappy with your results and you can financially afford to fix it-then do it. I tried to talk myself into believing I liked something I didnt. And that took a toll on me. I am so happy I went ahead and got a revision. I'm also glad I didn't go back to him and have him do it. If anyone wants to message me with any questions please do.
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