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I had an initial Turbinectomy and Rhiniplasty done...

I had an initial Turbinectomy and Rhiniplasty done in early 2009. I loved my surgeon but as time went on I noticed that the bridge of my nose was a little lopsided, mostly because I have a pretty asymmetrical face. I was really happy with my profile but it was a pain constantly having to contour my nose with make-up so that it wouldn't look warped from the front.

What brought me to get a revision was primarily because of my trouble breathing at night. My turbinates regenerated (which my surgeon previously warned me of before we did the surgery) and were still super enlarged so I wanted to see if there were any other options than having them removed only to regenerate. In addition, since I had to get that done I thought what the hey, lets see if I can get my nose straightened in the process too.

By your requests.

At first I was hesitant about uploading pictures, but since most of you have been so brave and kind, here we go!

About 3 weeks post-op.

By the way.

I actually use this app called "True Mirror". Apparently I found out that a regular camera does not show what you really look like in real life, so these pictures are actually taken through this app.

I know my after nose doesn't look anything spectacular, but to me is does. Having been plagued with a misshaped/crazy looking nose all my life, this has been a great improvement. Again, I did not want to look like anyone but an improved version if myself. Trust me, I'd looooove to have an Angelina Jolie nose-- but for one, it's not natural to my ethnic background, and let's face it, I'm not as genetically lucky, lol. (I've gladly accepted this!) Hence why surgery should not be so frowned down upon.

9 months post-op.

I am so glad I had a revision rhinoplasty & that I chose Dr. Pontell. I was always so self conscious of my "beak" in pictures, as my sister would call it. Here are a few before & afters. Everyday I feel the swelling going down. Again, I have an asymmetric face so I didn't expect to come out with a completely different "perfect" nose. (I knew this was not achievable with what I was giving him to work with) I was fuller on one side and Dr. Pontell was very up front with me about it. I said I just wanted a better version of myself and that he absolutely delivered. Thank you so much Dr. Pontell!!

So happy I did it!

It's been a year and roughly eight months & I love my results. I must say that at first I was afraid I'd come off as superficial & shallow to my family/friends, so I kind of told everyone that the procedure was to improve my breathing (half true). My boyfriend (who patiently nursed me back to health after my surgery) joked the other day about my "nose job" to which I replied "No... it was to fix my breathing!" saw through it and said "It's fine, you can admit it... it looks good." Haha, to which I remained silent, by default admitting my guilt. I'm actually really glad that it's out in the open now. Although I'm pretty sure some can definitely see a change. I love that it still looks natural and belongs to my face. Anyways, I'm so happy I did it, and so very glad I chose Dr. Pontell.
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My surgery was at the end of January, and off the bat I could tell Dr. Pontell is an incredibly exceptional surgeon. Not only was there no packing (I was very concerned about this since I've been plagued with this annoying whopping cough which Dr. Pontell was so great at keeping contact with me to ease my anxiety about leading up to surgery) there also was barely any bleeding at all! I only kept changing my gauze pad out of habit from my 1st surgery. There was literally only 2 drops, I'm still amazed at how there wasn't a lot of blood post-op. Not only has my breathing improved SIGNIFICANTLY, but I can already tell that the bridge of my nose is not crooked anymore. The tip is still swelling quite a bit and I kind of feel like the old guy in the movie UP, but this is certainly expected since Dr. Pontell said he did a little tip work because he noticed a small bump. I know it's all in my head-- like when you go to the dentist and get novacane and it feels like the side of your face looks all crazy, but you actually look normal to everyone else. Dr. Pontell is also very conservative, he loved that I had realistic expectations and especially when I said "I just want to look like a better version of myself." My top fears in life are mice, heights and ending up with a Michael Jackson nose. So I knew Dr. Pontell was the surgeon for me when we went through the before and afters and everyone looked great and not overdone at all. Oh yeah I also might have said something about my phobia of "triangle nostrils" which is such a dead giveaway for rhinoplasty. Not that there is anything wrong with a little improvement! Sorry this review has gotten ridiculously long but when you are getting a procedure as significant as this, kind of life altering, you really only want the best in the business. Dr. Pontell is so gentle and caring. My sister who picked me up after surgery said "He is so nice! You can tell there is no ego whatsoever" after he came and talked to her about my procedure -- and she is not one to give out compliments frivolously. Not only is Dr. Pontell extremely gifted, he literally makes you feel like you are his ONLY patient that he is operating on. He has been voted numerous times as the best surgeon on the Main Line so I know he is very busy. The amount of care pre/post-op was outstanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Pontell to anyone considering a facial procedure.

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