after disappointment w my first surgery decided to upgrade to Silicone and a higher profile implant-not a good idea...

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June 24th 2015 I had mentor saline moderate...

June 24th 2015 I had mentor saline moderate profile implants put in. 475 on both sides filled to L525/R500 through the armpit incision and I have been trying to be patient however they just look flat and wide with no projection even from day one I wasn't happy with them.

I went in for a consult last Thursday and have decided to move forward with the revision with a completely different dr (not happy with my previous dr) we discussed sticking with saline to give me the upper pole and projection I need for my body frame. We discussed going with high profile allergan natrelle implants in the size range of 650 to 750.

Terry the patient coordinator said she would order several sizes around there and the dr would places sizers in during surgery to see what best fits me and my goals. So I will need to find some good wish pix to show my new surgeon! Just need to save money for it!

Just counting down the days!!

Counting down the days till my revision surgery! And trying not to get impatient! I feel like I have been on and off the roller coaster of emotions! Happy/scared/excited/guilt...etc! I know I want to go through with my revision! I just wish it were sooner! Last time I booked my surgery within a month but it will be here before you know it!! I have found some wish pix, and some "don't want" pix! Since I'm a little scared of going TOO big and having a fake or unnatural look. But I cannot wait, I need to find ways of keeping myself busy instead of obsessing over boobs! Lol I should work out or something and tone up my tummy with all the holiday eating around the corner lol!

They say revision is easier than the first time around and I hope this is true! The plan is to get around 700cc HP natrelle implants through the breast fold and I will be getting a crescent lift on my right boob. :)

9 month update

I have been updating my review under my original BA review and thought it would be a good idea to update here since its been a while and because I have been having complications and used two different surgeons for both surgeries.

At first the staff at MPS were really great and seemed helpful, unfortunately the kind helpfulness in the nurses and patient coordinator have to be looked past when the dr is lacking patient care. At first I was happy w my results w the revision. I ended up w a larger size than I hoped for but thought I could deal. Well little by little I started having discomfort that has worsened. Dr bernsten has failed to acknowledge my concerns for the last 6 months and has agreed to down size my implants at just the cost of new smaller implants however is uninterested in helping me figure out the root cause of my pain. Not to mention if I downsize I will be in the same boat I was before my revision--upset w the look, shape and size of my augmented breasts. He became very smug, rude and I started worrying about the results I would end up with and his lack of seeming like he had my best interest at heart and he really didn't seem to care about the look or long term results I ended up with.

Long story short.. (Or I'll try to be!) I had 3 kids, significant weight gain and loss up and down. I had very deflated breasts with NO upper pole. Nipples were pointing forward and not down, didn't have much breast tissue to think i needed a lift, but after much research the only way to achieve a good long lasting result would have been to get a full lift w implants which is why I'm unhappy w my results and instead of dr bartell or dr bernsten fixing this the RIGHT way they just stuffed larger implants in and I believe caused me more problems that I pray are fixable!

I am now consulting with other Drs in the area and potentially out of state to correct my concerns and problems of my breasts. Ladies.. Please do your research!! And do it good! Don't rush into the surgery and if something doesn't seem right, trust your gut. These online reviews are extremely important and helpful and I can honestly say I never thought I'd be the unfortunate one to have these complications but here I am at least $15,000 later in need of a 3rd surgery and looking at spending at minimum another $9,000 for a 3rd surgery! It sucks, it's so frustrating that I could cry most days, I'm so upset w myself and I shouldn't blame myself for the lack of care and skills of the surgeons I choose! Make sure the surgeon you are chosing for your initial BA is good at revision surgery also and 20+ years experience doesn't always mean they are a great dr.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has!

Stats and other helpful info

Just Incase I missed it or to help provide any useful info for others I thought I'd provide some extra info in an additional post.

I'm 5'4, 157 lbs currently (usually fluctuate between 147 and 160). I have had children and I am in my 30s. I was a VERY deflated 38 b before any surgery. After weightloss my band has gone down to 36 or 34, but most 34 fit best. After my first surgery I was a 36D. After dr bernsten stuffed these huge UHP (ultra high profile) implants in me I am currently wearing a 34DDD, which I think I may need a larger cup size. I did want to be full and have more projection but it went to the extreme and because he didn't do any reshaping of the breast (i.e. A lift) the shape isn't pretty and he tried to compensate with a larger implant. I thought that was the right decision and looked past the need for a larger cc volume implant but after much research that is not the RIGHT thing to do if you want your results to last.

My advice is do not try to avoid a lift.. You will be unhappy w the appearance and in the long run you will need one any way because the breast tissue will just hang off the implant anyway and will not be pretty. Which is why we all have this surgery to have boobs with volume but most importantly pretty boobs with volume. Don't be scared of the thought of scars, they will fade in time, just do it, you will be happy you did in the long run and your results will last longer.

As mentioned in my last post I am now a year and 3 months into this whole process since my first surgery and I am on my way to a 3rd surgery. I likely will be getting a full lift with implants (smaller than I have now). The lift does scare me, the thought of scars kind of scares me but I can look past that. I want nice results that LAST! So I can stop wasting all of my time, energy and money on this crap!! I swore to myself I wouldn't be the person this would happen to and avoided the "horror" stories but realize that it is real and it happened to me so it *could* happen to you. Not trying to scare anyone out of this surgery, but to put an awareness and stress the importance on your research and making sure you find a surgeon who is skilled, stands by their work (will offer surgery to fix problems/concerns at little to no cost) and who actually care about their patients. I can't imagine not having done this surgery, which is why I am trying to find a dr who can help me fix the problem. Just be careful in your decision ladies that's all...
Madison Plastic Surgeon

I initially had a consult w st bernsten and went with bartell because he seemed nicer and spent a little more time with me, that all changed after surgery and he dismissed my concerns. I went to dr bernsten around 4/5 months after my surgery and he did my revision (implant exchange) at around 6 months post op. Terry his patient coordinator is really good at BSing and taking out of her ass. She was very nice and sweet and understanding so don't get me wrong!! However I was in the office several times w questions, making sure I was making the right decision and then later after surgery with my concerns of pain I was having. The more I saw dr bernsten and Terry it's like each time their answers would change and contradict what they previously said, sometimes I'd catch it right away and others not until after I left the clinic and started thinking about it all and let it all sink in. Dr bernsten became so rude and smug with me, even making a few rude remarks to me where I left feeling even more upset and cried on my way home. Dr bernsten does not have any before/after photos, he does not measure you for implant size, and he pretty much ALWAYS uses mod plus profile in implants with a range of sizes on hand but not all sizes, they do not share this with you!!. If you want HP or a specific size it has to be special ordered but you would have to know the specific size and in my opinion the patient shouldn't pick the size, the surgeon should make recommendations based on their skills and expertise giving the patient options, but they do not go over any of this in your consults, so it almost seems like you don't know what you are getting yourself into. He also doesn't seem to do any pocket work for revisions which does seem a little scary., almost like he will close you up with potential problems and not really care much. If this is your first surgery and you have done a lot of research and know you will be ok with only implants and need nothing more (like a lift) and know that you want mod plus implants under 500cc then I think dr bernsten can offer a good result for a first time patient. However his after care follow up is not the best and if you run into any complications you can likely rest assured he will wave his fees, however his demeanor does change which can leave you unsure of his judgement and how much of your best interest he has at hand and I would worry if you do run into complications or need a revision I do not think he is your "go to". If I could do this all over again I would have taken more time to research and find a better dr, most likely not in Madison.

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