5' 9" 150 Lbs, 32, No Kids, Replaced 350cc Saline Mod Unders with 750cc Mod+ Silicone Mentor- Lutherville Timonium

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I had my first BA at 21 years old due to the...

I had my first BA at 21 years old due to the unfortunate fact that I had tuberous breasts that were also almost 2 awkwardly shaped cup sizes different (left was barely an A cup, right was almost a C)....its been 12 years and I am dealing with rippling of course, but more so my aggravation is the huge space in between..these things swing out to the sides like crazy lazy eyes, as well as, when I lay down they disappear off into my armpits! I have ZERO upper pole fullness and find myself stuffing my bra on a regular basis (annoying, considering I paid to have these things!).....I was relieved at my consult appointment to learn that, in his words, "a lift will do nothing for you"...one, because I dont want those scars, and two, because I wouldnt be able to afford it if a lift was needed. To my surprise, he told me I could easily go the max of 800cc...I do have another consult set to discuss this further, so in the meantime, just here to get some professional and personal opinions on size...Also, not sure how he plans on correcting the "boobage side swing" problem. I shouldve asked, but of course didnt think of it at the time:/ Excited, but concerned.


So here are my before shots....

Sizing/misc. ?'s appt. Complete!

Went in for another consult to ask my PS questions that I've come up with since my initial consult and finalize size. He will be doing internal sutures to attempt to correct my pocket, which was initially made to be too large causing my implants to fall into my arm pits when I lay down.... He was realistic about the outcome stating that I don't have the "best" tissue in that area. Chance of failure is at about 30%. I asked about the strattice and aloderm I've read about here... He said it would cost about $3000-$4000 more and would only increase my chances of success by about 10-12%. He assured me that I can accommodate his suggestion of 750cc mod plus silicone implants. The reason for this size is too achieve the desired volume in the areas that are currently flat. Difficult to imagine the implants in, while I have implants in now, but this was the best pic I could get to wrap my head around it!

3 days post

Internal sutures are pretty painful, and I'm SWOLLEN and riding high, but wanted to share some pics:)

4 days out, post op

Surgeon said they look "perfect" and I agree:)

Surgeon says "perfect" I agree!

750cc's looking better each and every day, very happy!

Let em breathe!

Incision through the nipples... Bottom half only:)... Red underneath from keeping underwire bra on 24/7...What ever it takes to give my internal sutures the best chance of holding!


Driving myself to work today drove yesterday and felt just fine so I think I'm good to drive left side feels a little more sore than my right but I think he had to do a more in-depth pocket revision over there not sure I will ask tomorrow when I get my stitches out

Additional support lol

Wanted to post a tip EPS. to those who are having pocket revision/internal bra and have to wear under wire 24/7 after surgery.... Shower time support made easy with this underwire bathing suit top

New pics

FINALLYYYYYYY, the bloat is leaving the building!

Internal bra sutures possible issue, help!

Experiencing some sharp pains and burning in an area along side internal stitches placement area, along with some mild swelling... Started on day 8, side note: also the first day that I drove my 1 hour each way work commute.... Had follow up with surgeon and he said I MIGHT have popped a stitch in there some where, but there is no infection and no way to tell just yet. Anyone on here who's had those stitches experience this???

A few before & after pics

Only 13 days post-op so clearly, this is not a final result... Also I'm still not quite out of the woods with the whole internal sutures/pocket revision possibility of failure these first 6 weeks... BUT.. So far I am extremely happy with my results! 12 year old 350cc smooth, saline, moderate profile mentor unders replaced with 750cc smooth, silicone, moderate plus unders with pocket revision on both sides for lateral displacement, areola insicions.

Day 3 compared to day 15

No major changes, except a little less tightness, and tape... Still having some pain in same area on my left as last week, but it's not constant so that's a plus:)

THIS is what you feel like post op..lol

Soooooo, I found this pic in my phone from the morning after surgery, and had to share! My face! Hahaha!! I will say, that look on my face is EXACTLY how I felt. To you girls who look amazing on day two, kudos!

Well from this angle....

Just to give you an idea.... This arms length away selfie angle CLEARLY makes these puppies look WAY bigger than they actually are.... Don't let some photos full you/scare you.... Full body images are the most accurate!

Some pics with clothes on!

Love that they aren't out of control in clothes, and they make my waist look small!

Come oooooon summer!

Glad to be filling out my old bikini tops nicely! 2 more weeks before I can start back up in the gym, my muscles feel like MUSH. Being patient will be worth it (at least that's what I've been telling myself)

4 1/2 weeks.... Sudden change!

Well just when I thought they weren't moving, I can see some drop, and of course I am not immune to the phenomenon of one side dropping quicker than the other... Dang-it! Was hoping I was gonna be the first person in history to have an even drop n fluff lol

Gentle test of internal sutures

I was told not to, and have not laid down flat without underwire support to see if the internal sutures are holding, and keeping the new implant from migrating out into my arm pits..... However I did snap a photo with a gentle twist to compare before and now. Looks to me like things are staying put

5 weeks update with MUCH needed new bra

Kohl's has (online only) an amazing size selection! Free shipping too! I ordered a ton because I had no clue what size.... Think I found it! This is a 36DDD! Wow! No more back pain from wearing the wrong size!! Thank goodness!!

2 months! FINALLYYYYYYY cleared to hit the gym:)

Well ladies, it's been 8 weeks since my revision, and I cannot believe how much muscle and endurance I've lost! I did manage to only put on 3lbs (however it's prob more considering my muscle loss)... All in all it has been very worth it! Shouldn't take me more than a month to get my "pre-booby" body back lol

Boobie buddies!!

Thanks to realself, I not only felt very informed and confident before and after surgery... I met a great person! This chick supported me (as many if you have).. she checked up on me after surgery religiously, and has been a inspiration in other aspects! We shared the same stats with height, weight, AND saline 359-360's prior to revisions. We both went with 750 cc silicone implants for revision. Difference, she has beautiful ultra high profile, I have beautiful moderate plus profiles:) lucky enough to live less than 2 hours apart, and so we actually got to meet! What a wonderful friend to now have:) You rock Brandy! Brandybz for those who want to check out her profile!

2 1/2 months

So I'm almost at the 3 month mark since my revision, and I'm happy to report that not much has changed:) I am def not "perfect" by any means, and of course I have analyzed every small imperfection because, well... I'm my own worse critic. HOWEVER, guess what!? Not one single part of my entire body is perfect, and it never will be. My goal was to improve what I started with, without complications, and that goal was achieved! I work out regularly to IMPROVE, I eat healthy to IMPROVE... I did this to IMPROVE, not PERFECT. Anyone considering surgery should be sure they are going in with expectations for improvement only, otherwise you will not be happy, EVER. Best of luck girls! I will log in periodically if any of you have questions, or requests for updates... Aaaaaaaaand I very well may post some bikini pics this summer:) thank you all for your support and kind words, this site has made my experience delightful!:)
Lutherville Timonium Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. Very honest and straight forward. I Explained to him what I wanted to correct and improve, also showed him wish pics, AND "what I don't want to look like" pics... then, I trusted his professional opinion as far the as size and style implants to go with. This man knows what he is doing, and I would recommend him to anyone, especially those who aren't sure on size/style. Staff dropped the ball on several trivial things which was annoying, however, those issues have nothing to do with my results, and I paid for RESULTS , and got exactly what I wanted:) he is without a doubt, a wonderful, gifted surgeon!

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