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I had my surgery on 6/15.

I had my surgery on 6/15. I had met three times with Dr. H before surgery. I was looking to have ABR, my bridge defined and the tip of my nose reduced. I thought I was in good hands from the beginning but I grew increasingly nervous as surgery date approached. White coats and needles send chills down my spine lol
I also became confused about the results I wanted to achieve. I was anxious about being on the same page with my doctor as to minimize the need for a revision surgery down the road. Dr. H was very patient through it all.

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Before And After Simulation

I showed Dr H these bef/after pictures as a guideline for decrease in size of the nose. I stressed out I wanted the bridge to be more defined and the tip less bulbous than shown in the after.

Surgery Day

On the morning of surgery, a cute nurse V** went over my post Op medication with me and later took some before pictures.
Don't be silly, keep your hairstyle simple and light for surgery. I did not do this and I felt like I was fighting gravity the whole time. Tried hard not to fall off the chair into a back dive posing for the Columella shot ;-)

I was then led to the pre op room. Was completely caught off guard to see not just Dr. H but two other male doctors (?) in scrubs. They looked like they were ready for some type of intervention. Auntie Flo kicked in right there. I am such a wimp lol
Since I had managed to squeeze in half of my bathroom toiletries inside my shoulder bag, I was prepared for the worst.
The nurse gave me a gown. Said it opens in the back and I will need to hold it close when I come out of the toilet. Okayyyy...
Coming back into pre op was the hardest thing I have ever done. Luckily the ninjas had temporarily retreated when I walked out the door :8
The anesthesiologist T** gave me something to relax and I passed out shortly after.
I recall waking up to someone feeding me some liquid. I was having a hard time communicating with people around me. I thought they brought my sis in to speak with me at some point but she said she never went beyond the waiting area.
My throat was very dry. I felt like i had tequila flowing through my veins. I was told that I spent 1h and half in recovery. Wut?!

I felt no pain at all on Day 1. Minor pressure inside my nostrils on Day 2. Swollen face and lips, lesions on tongue and inside my mouth. My lips were very, very dry.
My upper teeth hurt and are abnormally sensitive still. I can't open my mouth wide enough to see all my teeth. But I can feel they have shifted upward. Brushing teeth feels awkward.

I did not have a follow up appointment on the day after surgery I suspect because of the amount of time I spent in recovery. I was glad I did not have to go back so soon. But that also meant I would have to continue breathing through my mouth until the cast comes off. It is annoying at times. My teeth are sensitive to air. Luckily the pain medication gives instant relief.

Cast will be off on Friday.
Can't come soon enough! :-)

Cast On

I like how defined the bridge and tip are. I like the overall shape of the nose but I don't see a reduction of the alar?! What happened?! lol

Cast off today!

Had my follow up appointment this afternoon. Sis stayed home. She is getting overly emotional about the alar reduction not being done... Randomly checking my nose throughout the day and having dreams about my alar lol
Dr H removed stitches and cast, handed me a mirror. The base of the nose looked less wide than it appeared underneath the cast. He gave me a nice bridge that matches the tip and nostrils. I sort of understand why he said I did not need ABR. I only wished I had a narrower base with matching tip and nostrils. I feel like I have a beautiful big nose. It looks good in person but does not photograph well. I hope this is due to swelling. I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks. Hopefully swelling will subside by then. If I could have the same nose with narrower base and matching tip/nostrils it would perfectly fit my face.
Can't get good pictures but it looks much better in person.

Getting better everyday.

Getting Better Everyday

The tip and parts of the nostrils are swollen.
Width of the base still bugs me.
Happy with everything else otherwise.

Before & After. 2 weeks Post.

Before & After

For clarification, every time I used "Alar Base Reduction" I meant to say external excision of the nostrils. Alar base reduction can be done with external and or internal incisions and also simulated with raising bridge and giving tip projection.
I am fine with my surgeon using whatever technique he deems safe for natural looking results while ensuring that my goals going into surgery are still met or finding other ways to meet the same goals afterwards.
Although I am not a big fan of external excisions, I trusted that Dr H could do this in a safe way based on results I saw on other patients.
At this stage, I still believe that it is incredible difficult to achieve my ideals results (a narrow base that does not or barely exceeds the intercanthal distance of the eyes) on the nose I was born with without some type of excisions of the nostrils.
Let's hope that time and healing will prove me wrong.

For the time being I am happy with the bridge work and tip projection. Obviously some base reduction was achieved as well.

At the request of B. I put some before and after shots together. This was a good activity to engage in. It is so easy to get used to natural looking results and become oblivious to the changes. I stopped whining about my alar base for a moment to appreciate the hard work Dr. H. put into my surgery. Tx Dr. H! ;-)
Can't believe how long I have been walking around with that "before" lol

2 wk Follow Up. So glad I found a great surgeon :-)

I had my 2 week follow up this morning.
Dr H. explained to me how he decided against doing external excisions on my nostrils because they were flat and won't have allowed placing/hiding the incisions in the crease of the nostril in a manner that would look natural. I think giving me tip projection decreased nostril flare and I had asked him not to do anything that would give me unnatural looking results. He reduced the size of the nose using internal incisions.
If anything else is needed on the base, we will discuss this when swelling subsides. I am glad that he did not just blindly operate on my nose and it was nice to finally have a real talk about my surgery :-)
Sooooo... As requested I am uploading more pictures taken with my iPad. No filters added. Not sure why they look better. And I know you are all going to say my alar is fine as it is, but I swear it did not look like that this morning! Seriously. I was ready to start World War III with my surgeon this morning, it looked soooo laaaarge and the tip was mega gigantic. But then the nose sort of miraculously shrunk on my way to the office! I can't explain this lol It is like the swelling enjoys rearing its ugly, nagging head when I am alone, and as soon as I make a point of showing someone how large the base is, it just vanishes. Makes me look like a bimbo every time ;8
For sanity's sake I am going to heed Dr. H's advice and stop taking pictures.
Next follow up is in 3 months or may be sooner if swelling starts driving me zinzin again. In which case I may need to go see a different kind of doctor lol

2wks post

4 weeks Post. Waiting is the hardest part.

1 month post here!
I kept the little tape covering my columella for a little over a week after my 2 week follow up. I was very, very pleased I needed a magnifying glass to locate the scar on the columella :-) Not sure if it is swelling waving along the columella or the skin relaxing after tape removal but a couple of days later, on close inspection I can see the scar better with naked eye. Still very, very fine and unnoticeable to others, even without make up. Could not help but think I could live with scars that size on the external parts of my nostrils as long as they keep a natural looking flare/aren't flat ;-)

I could feel my nostrils melt during week 3, but swelling kicked back in a couple of days ago. Tip remained swollen all along. I started applying some light paper tape on the columella, then moved unto covering up the entire nose at night and quickly grew tired of it. Not worth fainting during sleep lol

So much time spent researching surgery and little thought given to recovery. Waiting for swelling to go down is definitely the hardest part!
To kill time, I started performing swelling surgery on my plastic surgery lol

Cant wait for my next follow up :-)

Just returned from a trip abroad and none of my friends and family noticed I had anything done. Although they commented that I looked like a Jackson. (Hugh!?)
" it is the way you wear your hair and leather jacket. You look like Michael, no Janet"
Whatever. Lol
If you want to fly under the radar after surgery, get a new hairstyle. Or better, a great surgeon :-)
Still lusting after some minor nostril work and can't wait for my next follow up!

Can't wait for my next follow up ;-)

Can't wait for my next follow up ;-)

Oops... I meant to say I am happy I have natural looking results and still look like myself. The changes are there even if unnoticeable to others. That is what good surgery should look like unless one is going the extreme route and completely changing one's look. The touch up I would like is pretty minimal. The tip is still swollen. The results are great and will be even better in my opinion with nostrils slightly brought in. My sister now disagrees with me. It is just a matter of preferences. I am impatient to see him next month and it has only been 2 months since my surgery :-)

Can't wait for my next follow up ;-)

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