On my Way to Getting Rhinoplasty with Dr. Motykie - Los Angeles, CA

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I plan to have a rhinoplasty surgery in December...

I plan to have a rhinoplasty surgery in December of this year (2013). I have been researching for 2 years+ and have always had my eye on Dr. Motykie - that was until I found Dr. G. Now it is between Dr. Motykie or Dr. Grigoryants. Dr. G is VERY personable and I have yet to met with Dr. Motykie...

Updated Consul visits

Just finished my with my first consul with Dr. Motykie's office and my second consul with Dr. Grigoryants.

Dr. Motykie: I was surprised at how friendly, helpful and informative Dr. Motykie and his office was. I read a lot of bad reviews and it made me have a very negative feelings toward visiting his office but I am very glad I did. He went through all of my questions, was pleasant and his staff went above and beyond to help me with an unrelated cosmetic issue I have with another doc (who did my breast aug). I am really thinking of going with Dr. Motykie but the bad reviews are throwing me off and I even read that his before and afters online are altered and not actual results....that is disconcerting to me... I would really like to see real-life before and afters of his rhino work...but I cant seem to find many online.

Dr. G. He was an extremely different person this time around. I'm not sure if it was because he was tired or what the case was. Maybe he was upset that I had taken his time for a second consultation - but we are talking about my face here. He was very matter-of-fact and not to comforting and that made me nervous. He wasn't too rude - but he did come off a bit cocky which was surprising because I had experience another side of him last time. My friend said maybe he was upset at all the questions I had being as I am not the surgeon, etc.

Another thing I noted was that he looked overworked (and even told me he does about 15 rhinoplasties a day - no.1 rhino doc in the nation, etc..) something to that extent and that made me worry a bit as I wouldn't want an overworked and exhausted doctor working on my face.

I don't know at this point - I am extremely torn and really wish I had some type of "sponsor" who went to either of the two doctors for some insight...

Update - pre-op with Dr Motykie next week!

So I chose Dr Motykie and I am very glad I did. He has kept his same professional demeanor even after I placed my down payment. I just need to conclude what exactly it is I want in order to convey that to him. My surgery is scheduled for the end of this month! I'm excited and nervous.

6 Month Update

HI all, i have started responding to emails - please feel free to email me with q's.

so here is the thing. I am approaching my sixth month of healing and now that most of the swelling has subdued - i am not impressed with my results. though my profile has improved, its not as much or "pretty" as i expected a "nose job" to be.... and what i was worried about most happened - my nose not only looks exactly the same from the front view - it is a bit wider than when i went in. i am actually extremely upset at the moment and greatly discouraged that i just went through all that time and money to come out with a slight improvement....

at my 3 month checkup: Dr Motykie said to give it time and if i still wasn't happy at my 6 month checkup he'd "do something" about it... let's see if he keeps his word. but here is the dilemma, do i want someone to go back in a second time when they clearly didn't have the capacity to do the job the right way the first time around...? :/

9/16/14 UPDATE: Results and Revision

Hi all, I apologize for not coming on for sometime now... I have been answering a lot of personal messages and if I have missed anyone - please let me know!

It has been a good nine months now since my primary rhinoplasty with Dr.Motykie. Though I do not have some type of terrible "I cannot live with myself" result - it is not as defined or "clean" as I would have and did expect it to be. While my right side (my original "good side" before the primary) is very much to my liking, the left side (my original "bad side") is still just that. There is still a buldge and overall - the tip is not defined at ALL if not even a bit more wide.

My profile has improved dramatically, but I am looking for an overall improvement - not just the right side of my profile.

HOWEVER!! during my last visit with Dr. Motykie, I shared these concerns, under the impression I was left hopeless and that nothing would be done. He told me he does not disagree with me one bit, and that my nose never dropped like it was supposed to and agreed to do a revision at no charge! (Excluding the low anesthesia fee). I was absolutely elated! Though I have my hesitations about going back in - he touched on every one of my concerns and understood and agreed to them all.

I can only pray and hope and stress! that it comes out the way promised and hoped for in the end. I will update you all again.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Very unimpressed. Seemed to be a nice and understanding surgeon - but did everything i told him i was scared would happen.... (wider in the front, looks exactly the same and bumps and bones uneven)....

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