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I had old silicone implants from 1996 that I...

I had old silicone implants from 1996 that I wanted to change to new ones. They looked fine before but now a mess. The doc did not read or ignored the old surgery report I gave him that stated that implants were placed above muscle in my case due to lack of tissue around nipple area and could not be placed properly under muscle. The new doctor put under muscle anyways and all kinds of problems and very unhappy now including mismatched size,shape, one hangs much lower now than other one and ripples on sides every time I bend a certain way. I just want my old breasts back but not sure if it can be done and if it will look nice like before :(.

Revision with new Doc 5/2014

Very unsatisfactory result with first doc so got revision 6 days ago with different doc which included Strattice for lift and hold in place, fat transfer to breast for thin skin to avoid rippling and change from mod. plus 500cc to Sientra high profile 590 cc needed to fill large pockets. So far nice but way too soon to tell if fat will survive an if final result will be good and other possible long term problems that could occur. New Doc is Dr. Godat in Dallas.

boobs too large but better than...

Most will think boobs too large now but this for me a better choice than traditonial lift with hideous scars. Luckily the Strattice will hold these up hopefully a long time.

3 weeks post op a lot of swelling gone looks better

Size down some, swelling down, looks a lot better. So far so good :).

2 years post surgery size still too big and nipples too low

I was hoping after swelling down all the way and settling breasts would be a smaller and nipples back to centered level like before the surgery but this never happened. I am left with too big of implants, I only wanted the same size range 525, didn't ask for 590 (doc said necessary once he performed surgery and changed the size on his own), this turned out to be way too big and I feel like a different style implant and smaller would have filled pocket and look more natural like original implants (not the implants I had immediately before this surgery which had issues since placed below muscle). Also nipples still too low, overall looks similar as in pictures right after surgery, too big and nipples too low. I wrote to the doctor about my concerns but have not heard back yet.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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