Breast Implant Revision with Full Mastoplexy-Would recommend Dr. Vath to anyone in Denver

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I got moderate profile smooth round Mentor...

I got moderate profile smooth round Mentor implants in 2006 with the renowned Garth Fisher in LA.
His work is gorgeous. I loved them. I have worn a full C-cup and loved my boobs for almost ten years.
I had a third baby in 2012 though and after nursing him for a year, my pretty girls moved. A lot. That, combined with the breast tissue fallout that apparently happens more in your late thirties than when I had my first two... And my left breast is a strange shape and my right is noticeably smaller and droopy.
After getting a referral from a local aesthetician in Denver about his work, I went for a consult with Dr. Broadway and have decide to have my surgery Feb. 4th with him. Unfortunately, contrary to when I had them done ten years ago (and all I did was tell Dr Fisher I wanted a "full C cup" and show him one picture and my breasts ended up looking exactly like the picture.. )..Now there are almost too many choices and too many pics and reviews online which makes things harder this time around.
I agonized over tear drop vs round and then pathetically my decision was made for me because, despite being such a famous and good doctor.. Dr. Fisher's office (when I called them to find out what I got the first time) Could NOT tell me which breast had 350ccs and which one has 300!!
They said my records were "in storage" and they couldn't access them because they were over seven years old..
Since I wanted to go a tad bigger that ruled out tear drop due to the increments in which they go up etc and guesswork about the assume try and which side had which amount..they don't go as high in CCs as the others.
Long story..(you'd think for ten grand with Fisher though they'd keep more accurate records)
Needless to say, I have settled on textured, round moderate profile Sientra implants.
Dr. Broadway and staff are incredibly patient with all my questions and responsive and wonderful.
(The ONLY thing I wish he did more of was to be more assertive about what kind of implant he thinks will best go with the combination of my breast tissue type , amount, diameter etc.. They give you all these choices and profiles but don't express much opinion, which I really would like.)
I am super nervous and excited as I loved having the bigger breast I had when I was pregnant this last time (the first two babies were born before BA #1) so if his placement is good I think the slightly bigger size will be really pretty and help fill out my lower breast enough to raise my nipples a bit...and I am eager to fix the assymetry I now have.
You cannot even tell very well from these pics (which don't look as weird as they do in person) but the right one (when my nipples are cold ;) is really droopy and low and smaller than the left.
And it's incredible how different cc oil on different frames!
My mind has been blown away looking at this site over the last couple of weeks in trying to decide because one woman's 300 ccs can look like a double D while another's 435's can look smaller! My current 300/350ccs look like a small B at some angles..
Again, all the added info makes it even harder to make a decision;-)
Needless to say I am 4 days to my surgery date.. So rubbing my boobs with Hibicleanse like a madwoman and putting antibiotic ointment in my nostrils (anti infection preventative measures he mandates which I thought were impressive ) and have stopped taking my EFA's,etc..
So stay tuned.
Please weigh in on any experiences with the textured moderate round sientras?

Adding current pics, plus one four years post first BA

You can see how they have moved/ changed noticeably. Love his work so excited to see how Dr. Broadway can restore these babies:-) This time around at 120 lbs am actually 5 lbs heavier than when I first had them that should help:-)

Better pic

Then I am done until after revision :-)

Holy Crap! ! Dr. Broadway just backed out of my surgery 24 hours before!!

I had some last minute questions about the diameternal vs siz..and he caked to tell me he felt uncomfortable with my lack of ability to make a decision and if he felt uncomfortable he wouldn't do the surgery!
I have gotten bloodwork, taken PTO and paid in full!!!
He promised a full refund.
What a mess!
Because I wanted do double check the diameter of what I bad chosen was doable???

Decided on Dr. Vath instead;-)

I am so excited. Talk about meant to be.
I scheduled surgery for February 16th now and he answered ALL of the questions I had asked Dr. Broadway, including the fact that given my frame and width, I would in fact NEED high profile implants to reconcile a little extra size with my small diameter.. Just as I had worried about!
The question over which Dr. Broadway told me he was uncomfortable with my asking .
Talk about meant to be!
He also told me that unless I wanted him to create a new pocket I couldn't go textured anyway.. Because they wouldn't adhere!
His bedside manner was awesome and he acted as a great consult and answered all questions, let me show him wish pics (Dr. Broadway doesn't believe in them) and HP Mentor Round Silicone it is!

Pre-Op -Check!

Done today...everything about the experience with them has been amazing so far..their offices are as gorgeous as you get..from killer music playing in the waiting room, to multiple comfy seating areas for privacy and comfort, to a great set-up with a fridge full of sodas and waters for anyone (but this particularly is great for the ansty significant others..haha)..
We got all my prescriptions and went through the disclosures which btw will make any newbie cringe with fear but DONT worry!!!!
It's all legally necessary but just like any RX warnings you get (even for the most basic allergy meds for God's sake) they mean mostly nothing so don't worry!!
The staff is amazing!!
The burden who took my vitals an d pictures was amazing (won't mention her name without permission..but so sweet and likable, (like the whole staff)..she showed me her kiddos' pics..and made the humiliating process of standing naked in front of a stranger with freezing nipples as comfortable and casual as one could possibly make it!
She even reassured me (for my guy's sake) that my tattoos were NOT showing in pics (should they use the pics for future purposes.)

Surgery is now Feb. 19th..they didn't even charge me for the change either! Shaila (sp?), the patient counselor, is amazing and when I called her to tell her I was totally taken aback to see a sign on my little guy's daycare door two days ago stating that "Feb.16th" they were "closed for a teacher administration day"...I panicked!
My guy will be working and I assumed I had childcare.
Shaila changed it without blinking to the next open date three days later.
Of course, as we all seem to be.. I am willy nilly over my choice about size..all else, I trust my surgeon on implicitly:-) silicone unders, high profile , smooth round (Mentors ).
That's what I had before, (save the profile) and as I am thin..he said if they move when you move they look natural..and will be so soft..and he won't have to create a new pocket for textured..
The high profile is due to the fact that I want to go larger for fullness and am lean..
Therein lies my ask..if anyone out there is also tall and lean and has had an ex prince with high profiles in the 400-500 range please contact these ccs look SO different on everyone..depending on their height etc..good lord!
I see 285's that look huge on little girls and then 400's that look relatively small on girls that are 5'7-5'9...
I specifically would love to hear from firms that are tall and skinny and have high profiles:-)...just to drool over pics hopefully;-)
also if you have nursed does that affect the results as opposed to never having your skin stretched?;-)
(I have nursed three GIANT babies who nursed like fiends for a year straight
all for now...
can't wait to hear from y'all:-)

And LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE Dr Vath and staff so far!!!!!

uhh!!! Typos!!

I meant "nurse" ...not "burden" among myriad other typos..sorry!!
Not used to typing long stuff on my phone!
And my "smart"(ass) DUMB phone keeps telling me what he thinks I should be typing. (He's an idiot:-)

Dr. Vath stands by ALL revisions!!

Forgot to mention that!!
In passing the nurse said he promises all revisions gratis no matter what..and i said, "oh..yeah. I forgot..all surgeons just doesn't cover the OR fee and the anesthesia. .." and she corrected me, saying, "No..he promises to cover all costs. He barely has any revisions at all so he is able to stand by his work."

GREAT SIGN!! Woot woot!!!

Good Lord Colorado women

On an non-breast-related note guys...I am not from I am in shock that i have been seeing a TON of before and after pics from Colorado with women that look so aged prematurely, even from the neck down.. (obviously on this site and elsewhere) ..and the before and afters for Colorado surgeons (inexplicably) have more young girls with horrific sunburns..leathery skin and freckles..and nightmare tan lines.. (that btw..make the pretty BA's look gross!)..than those from almost any other state.

Girls! Heads up:

My GOD. This state has a thin ozone layer..combined with the terrible dry
...Y'all keep "tanning" like that.? And you will have the boobs of a 26 year old and the skin and faces of a 60 year 27..
yuck...Even in Cali..NONE of the girls on the biggest surgeons' websites have crazy tan lines like 80s..
Save your faces (and even your expensive boobies) now..and stop this nonsense:-)
Who wants wrinkled cleavage after spending that much on it??

So excited..but the waiting gives you Boobs-on-the-Brain-Syndrome

(And yes..I believe I will have just coined a new universal phrase for all of real self Boob Gazers:-) in fact Boob Gazers may be a new one too:;-)
And by the way..thank you to those of you who recognize yourselves below for blinding me with your beautiful boobs. ..i blatantly stole them..

I called my patient counselor today and got a different one on the phone (Shannon) and she was just as friendly and patient and easy as Shaila..I actually found myself nervous to ask a few questions that I had forgotten to ask when I went for my pre-op be a use of my experience with Dr. Broadway..she had such a different take on it an d told me I should be apologetic at all..made me feel like I was validated in asking..and told me they were good questios..for instance I ajd fogotren to ask if he was using sizes to even out the assymetry..she immediately brought my pics up and went and grabbed my chart..and read his notes. (He is:-) and then listening to my questions about high profile vs. Moderate plus and made notes about my main concern being that I achieve more fulness not bust on the upper pole but everywhere. .and while I was fine with the same space between my breast..certainly didn't want more..she raeesured me that they knew my main goals and sweetly asked me to email her my wish pics which I am she could print them out.
I am no dummy, and know I need to be realistic, so I qualified by saying I know there is no way to change the shape of my boobs to look exactly like wish pics but that it's great that they are willing to see at least the kind of fullness I am after..hehe
Either way..Shannon graciously spent probably about 20 minutes on the phone with me- I am so grateful that this practice and it's staff understands that for such a huge amount of money and something that is (relatively) permanent, all of us boob gazers needs some verbal "cuddling".
am on love with the bedside (phone side/ boobside;) manner of every single perosn I have met at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery and from Dr.Vath's team so far.

pockets..and change...

One of the things I have come to learn with hours upon hours in the middle of the night. .of boob that my pocket on the left is compromised...hehe.
I have super soft no CC..but the right one (even though it has lost tissue and is much smaller) actually better looking and the left has a bulge on the bottom (that even hurts when I palpate it- I can feel the edge of the implant swishing past the fold) ..and I now know that it's because the crease has been compromised and my pocket on that side is f***** up.
when I spoke to Shannon today I asked if that's something he could correct from the inside by tightening that inframammary crease or pocket or something and she said she thought he would do that of course now can't wait to see what can be corrected with the weird ass shape of my left one. Would be thrilled if that "fall out" / bulge could be corrected. (there's gotta be a name for that but I haven't learned THAT much;-)

Ahem..of you are Questioning Size or CCs?

This is a pic of a pair of 350 / 300 cc Mentor smooth, moderate, round Silicone implants (under the muscle) on a 5'7", 120,lb frame..(aged nine years old...)
I would think that would make ALL of us think twice about maybe going a little bigger than you are comfortable with off the bat. .Cause these look like an A and full B to me at first today..that's $10K worth
Now..I DID nurse a baby in between..BUT...
...even if I started with zero...these still don't look like 350/300..Just a commentary on perspective (about how ccs look SO different on each frame..depending on what they started with and how tall each woman is, etc.. ) the taller you are, the more the ccs look like nothing...

"Before" selfie

Holy shit...if I ever had doubts about doing this again..the more I actually look closer..the more bummed I get..and then the more excited / validated on my choice...
(I decided to take a boob selfie (which I have never done without a mirror)..and OH My GOD. it made me want to cry! My guy has been so sweet to not point out the fact that I look like I have two different aliens sitting on my chest..bless his sweet big heart...
(BtW...that means that those of you who look utterly beautiful even at that angle ..are exquisite in real life..Holy moly)

anxiety is a bitch

Two more nights to get through...and ready anxious about not eating or drinking anything until my late surgery time of 3:30pm day after tomorrow. What a nightmare :-(.haha
For a girl as thin as I am with a crazy meyabolosm...I am.terrified my blood sugar is going to throw me into a also still need to get my rxs and clean a bit..basically being a slacker..because i am umm working full time and being a mom.ha. super excited...just need the little ice packs..and a clean house...41 hours and counting. .;-)))))

Goodnight and goodbye little ones...

Thankful for what they have done for my sex drive and confidence and how much happiness they have given my babe...but time to change things up a bit; -)

one day post- Dr. Vath and staff are amazing

They made me feel so great and confortbale..they even have these blankets with heat being pumped into them and then give you these wraps around your calves over compression socks..the wraps are mechanized and every 30 seconds or calf at a time they squeeze like a mini calf massage to keep circulation going through surgery as an added bonus/ extra precaution about blood clot first doc did none of that 9 years ago. Nursery Ashley and Carolin were incredible and Dr. Vath himself truly loves what he does. I decided to go with a full mastoplexy right before and he was thrilled because he's an artist and was super happy to be able to give me the best possible breast shape. .I had had hesitation about the scars at my prep but called afterward to ask about the possibility after seeing how amazing his sutures and post op scars look on bother patients. My nipped are now in a beautiful location so so worth it!
Ended up going with 475 ccs Moderate Plus smooth, round silicone to give me a wider filer breast shape for mor overall fullness.
they of course look very small today because they are so taped and tight due to the extra amount fo work and tissue cutting that goes into a full am in more pain that anticipated..but even then took on Percocet last night at 11:30 and then didn't have to take another one until just now so made it 9 hours :-)
Have no pictures because they are so taped you can't tell anyway except for the side shots...also was able to get up and downstairs and make myself a bagel with avocado panini because I hadn't eating anything in over 32 hours at all. .so that helps.
BTW of his staff cam in and Sai they heard I was "a blogger" hehe. .and I was mortified..told them I wasn't by n at ure but found this wonderful site because the time around there are so many choices of profiles I needed it to be able to help make decisions..I asked them if I should talent his down because I was embarrassed they saw it..but she agreed it was probably great free marketing for a fabulous doctor anyway.

I live him and his energy and excitement about what he does.I would recommend him to anyone.
and two extra perks: They send you home with the compression stockings to wear for three days after surgery (as an extra precation) and said I only have to wait 24 hours for a shower!!

Day 3 post

Cannot believe how the pain has kicked my ass. I think of myself as a rock star pain-wise having given birth with no drugs. ..but it's a testament to how much he had to do to fix these babies. I have spent a lot of time sleeping and watching TV this weekend. Something my kids have NEVER seen. Finally graduated myself to Tylenol extra strength today mostly because I would rather hurt more and yet not be constipated. ;-).
Will post more pics later. Am suppose to keep my compression bra and taping on until week one post op so hard to tell how they look..but I am tickled.
Worst part is swelling beneath my bra line on the sides (which you can see in one of the pics above) and on top of my sternum...just fluid build up..Overall so excited though!!!

3 days post op- Front pic

475 ccs Moderate Plus profile, Smooth round silicone replacement with lift.:-)

Love Dr. Vath

Day 4 Post Op..I went to work today and feel like a i got hit by a train narcotics..but definitely came home and had a glass of wine to help Tylenol. Good Lord. ..after swelling was almost gone..came home to unleash these puppies from this horrible compression sweet relief...:-).
My left breast is numb..although the nipple is NOT..I learned today that is a god sign..the tiny nerves can heal and eventually get feeling back .so not as worried now...both are already really soft.
Not really in a place to figure out the photos editing thing y'all do to juxtapose one pic next to the other for comparison but will post three from today you can see three days post how great his work is..:-)

Dr. Vath is a flipping Magician

To Revisit:
6 days post FULL Mastoplexy with Implant exchange/ revision-
So happy I listened to Dr. Vath about the shape of the breasts being so important to me and only getting that with a full lift. (475 cc's, Smooth, round, silicone unders btw..moderate plus profile for more width and more over-all fullness...)
But originally was just going to get implant exchange and he was very clear that they would be bigger..but he couldn't do much with the shape. .thank GOD for integrity in a surgeon ...LOOK at what these suckers look like 5 days in!!! They are soft and perfectly shaped and I am absolutely tickled...and they haven't even fallen into their end-result shape yet! He is truly an incredible doctor.

One Week Post Op

Feeling pretty great, other than the nerve "tingle zingers " I am getting in the left breast..a good sign as bit shows nerve regeneration and means the numbness will subside.:-).typical wright gain..I don't own a scale but my tummy was still bloated enough yesterday I had to switch pants because I couldn't button my suit I went to my post op Appt. And nurse said I could take off steribstrips whenever, and go back to lifting anything as long as it didn't cause emergency oain..but no aerobic exercise.that's a no brainer as sadly..I have not worked out in three years. (I need to change that for sure, I know ). Dr. Vath said I could go back to taking all suppplements: EFAs, vit. E, VIT.D, B-Complex etc..and just NO underwire bras until one month post. He is lovely. Continue to like his co-partnering in the process of his practices. He real l y listens and collaborates on both results and goals and healing. Oddly I still cannot believe I have 475cc as they don't even look that big on maybe as they drop and "fluff" whatever that means. .they will look fuller..They are sure as hell an improvement over the formers regardless :-)

This one is in answer to a private message...

Someone asked about attention from them...and i answered that it is very not get it based on how you dress. I did this for myself and my love only. .not for anyone here's a pic to show how understated they can look if you really don't want others to notice..

9 Days Post Revision-FULL lift and upgrade to 475cc's Moderate + Smooth round Mentor silicone. .

Just peeled off the last if the tape...definitely scars...but already livable...cannot wait to see what they look like in three months. Would be happy even if the look of them never changed from this day on (I'm exchange ofr / given the new shape of my breasts.) (Not saying I still didn't start mega does of vitamin E and EFAs yesterday though. .as well as Vitalzym...;-) LOVE DR. VATH's work.Thank God.

Smooth sailing and then whammo!

This left breast has a tender spot (small hardness that feels a little like a small swollen lump) on the top of my left breast (so nowhere near the incisions)..and it's about an inch or 2 in diamter area thats super sore to the touch ...but no discoloration or bruising...
Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe just have been overdoing it but of course instantly got worried about a seroma or hemotoma...Trying to wait until tomorrow to call as I don't want to bug my Dr. on a weekend with his family

Have Discovered a Great Secret!

Cold, unprotected nipples/ incisions/ boobies make for more MUCH more pain...
Good GOD..I accidentally did something "wrong" starting last night by applying these silicone strips to my breasts in my own version of a Lara Croft like tape bra of silicone (pic)...well..I slept better than I have this entire time in comfort because my sutures and nipples felt so soothed...and I had taken off the tape three days ago and breasts felt excruciatingly sore since..Thought I had serious issues going on...Turns out the nipples being over sensitive, along with the incisions being over sensitive must have been the root cause, (COMBINED with the fact that my nipples have been freezing at work for two days)... man...last night when I (unknowingly) put silicone scar strips on (a week earlier than suggested) boobs were in heaven all day night and long: )
Nipples were covered...(see pic)..and scars were soothed. Now that I have since read I am supposed to NOT wear silicone scar strips til three to 4 weeks out. .am going to have to figure out the same.method of nipple protection because seriously..

...warm...soft nipples mean warm and pain-free breasts!

Am going to try putting paper tape back on incisions tonight and putting gauze over my nipples to see if that emulates this feeling..cause jeezzz..been nice to feel zero irritation and pain. .I took Tylenol at 9am this morning and at 5:22pm...was shocked to realize I had hadnt taken any more..

oh..and more pics-13 Days Post Revision with Lift-Incisions Showing

Of most, I wish I went bigger (to 550ccs roughly..boob greed..) when I look at these pics..they haven't even "settled"..especially the right one (the right one is the one with the scar more prominent around my nipple)...and already..they don't look very big on my frame..but still thrilled with the shape and work and scars...etc... (my fault..not my doctor's. .:-)

2 weeks post

Have not wanted to be jumping the gun...but am having issues...frustrated to the point of tears tonight...

okay...scared to post these...but here is why I am upset

Assymetry is exactly the same..just bigger versions of the same exact issue..
(But I had a lift AND we agreed to put a bigger implant in the right side to even out the what happened? ) both sides are 475ccs...

Thanks to all the helpful comments on this site

..have calmed down...It's traumatic when you don't see the doc at your post op (not his fault..just part of the process I am sure, but not something I was warned about by the staff when the 1-week post op appt. was made) and have one major question that can't be answered by the person you do see and then assymetry is so apparent and I am wondering if that's the answers on this site (about differences in dropping and settling etc, have calmed me hugely..thank you. I am not going to even look at them in the mirror or post any pics until I have gone to my one month appoint with Jim on the 19th and have some answers. Hopefully their Nurse hotline people who got sent pics on Friday don't hate me for panicking...I really do love the staff there and him and his personality am going to just cross fingers my judgement was right and he came across something that affected his unilateral decision about change in sizing...
Thanks again.

Dr. Vath Just Called and Made Me feel So Much Better- His Bedside Manner is Unbeatable!

He just has a way about him that is down to earth and empathic and doesn't make you feel crazy (despite inundating his poor nurses and with panic-post op texts in a bad moment on Friday:-). He called to talk me down as they say and said he had to remind me that he couldn't completely change the shape of my breasts but with a lift, the lower pole COULD be reshaped dramatically..which I admit he accomplished as I have said. That said he also reassuringly said that we would go over everything at my one month post op March 19th and if the assymetry remained an issue once things settled..he "would be happy" to replace the smaller one with a different size. He said he is "always humble" with his medicine (How refreshing!! No God complex in sight!)..and sometimes despite best efforts they can't get the size perfectly symmetrical..but otherwise also just may be something that will resolve as well..with time...Either way, no matter the outcome, he made me feel as though he would make sure if there was a problem he would fix It.
Really do love this guy's energy.

Feeling SO Much Better After Dr. Vath Called

Can't figure out how to juxtapose before and afters next to each other.(.and these aren't the selfie amhle which really shows assymetry the most... )
But still: shooting into a mirror... Significant difference in shape even if one is smaller than the other...They are SO, SO much prettier, lift made the lower pole so much better, etx..

Being Skinny is Never Better

That is what I have learned even more than ever:-)
In addition to aging faster in the is worse for your girl parts with or without breast implants..
So to make sure I get best possible end results..I am resolving to try and gain five pounds or so..VERY hard for me..but have read that increasing weight even by a modest amount reduces chances of rippling will give it a shot!! For every girl out there who has new implants who laments that extra five pounds..just remember the silver lining is that it will help your boobs look even better!!!!
btw discovered Target has this killer very cheap sports bra that says "High Support"... The things have not MOVED since I out it on...(something I am especially wanting to be careful about since seeing a tiny bit of rippling in my left cleavage...need them to stay out until the new capsule has a chance to for around the mitigate the rippling..)
Ladies, y'all should not eschew going to places like Kohls and Target to get inexpensive boob coverage...especially in the first 6 months before you know what size you will actually end up exactly. .why spend $80 on a bra you will only wear for 2 months right?

1 month post op

Not much looks dfferent from the side ..
from the front assymetry seems to be getting better. (Good news!)
Bad news? From the front..They are not near as full as I requested. Brought pics into the surgery and said ..this is the "fullness" I want..we had talked about going 100 to 150 ccs bigger in the left and matching the right...but i cavetaed by saying or whayever you need tobegt this amiunt fo fullness.I am okay with..and we ended up hoing 125 bigger onnthe left..and the same on the right...and oddly..they still look small on my frame. (Broad shouldered and tall, albeit thin)..
More bad news..visible rippling om inner left breast in cleavage for about a week now..had nine there before..hoping ince capsule will get better. It's common (almost 100%) with lean women when you bend over (on the outside of your breadts)..but NOT common at all (especially not even 4 weeks post surgery) the cleavage area, AND when you are standing upright...; (
I go in for my one month post op in the 19th so we will see what he has to suggest...i love my hopefully he will have some great reassuring thoughts or stats..or be able to tell me what will resolve especially the inner rippling issue.
I have never seen that before this close to post op..

Perspective - One Month Post Op- (Still Loving Dr. Vath)

I went to my one month post op today..and always loving this doctor and his energy and presence.
(It's a bit disconcerting every time I see him that he looks exactly like an ex love named Andrew (albeit a younger looking, less grizzled version). It's so uncanny I have to steal myself against a double take. .
I thanked him profusely for allowing me to change my mind and go with his original suggestion of a lift (mastoplexy) at the 11th hour. It made ALL the difference in the world.
I have some rippling. .which he explained is to be expected with a bigger implant in a very thin person ..but it's when I do certain movements....(just like flexing a chest muscle or doing a push up after breast implants..umm, it shows and flipping tell the person who will see you naked that's the down side to having great boobs:-)
And then don't expose that to anyone else.
He did also say if there is any assymetey (after they settle) switching one side out for a slightly different sized implant is easy and also correcting my nipple on the left (if they dont contract to be more equal) is also easily doable.
Nobody is seeing me naked right now..So time is on my side..I set a follow up for a few months from now and left being reminded to have perspective:
Nobody is perfect...and..
Just as you can't get water from a also can't get surgery and expect perfection...but I will tell you this:

I brought home my before pics today that they took and GOOD GOD..this guy worked magic.
(I didnt realize until I saw them how much!! I have become so used to my new shape after the lift that I forgot what they DID look like!!)
Now?..They are amazing compared to what they were! And soft, guys..its unbelievable..Again, he is very talented at revision.)
I thank GOD I went for the last minute decision to do a lift!!!
I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Vath that a beautiful breast shape with minor scars is still sexier than a breast that is misshapen without a scar.
And without a "before" boobs would have been bigger versions of the same shape.
Swear to God..had to catch myself from hugging him!!!
(Entirely inappropriate because he is married..but I am so used to it because i work for a company where hugging is a huge part of the culture. Lol)

Anyway..ladies..should you ever question the scar factor versus the lift factor..? see pics..
Dr. Vath turned my yucky boobs into pretty ones..with scars.
Big deal:-)
(I also have scars on my tummy from a latharoscopic ovarian cyst removal and nobody has ever complained:-)

Before and after Pics- Dr. Vath-Revision with Full Lift / Mastoplexy - He is a genius.. (see pics!!! and post above)

See pics. Enough said.:)

FOUR Days of Bio-oil and my nipple has completely changed

I am almost 5 weeks post and last week at my one month post op..Dr.Vath offered to go in and even out my left nipple in a couple months, because it was contracted and pulling in (so about half the size of the other one).
we set up follow ip consult (and as usual I left feeling taken care of)...
I syarted rubbing them with Bio Oil from the grocery store and in three days literally while bra shopping for the first time yesterday (apparently i have been wearing a 34 my whole life when i am really a 32)...I was astounded to see the nipple is softening up and not pulled in and wrinkling like it was..i was so excitedd I took a pic and texted it to his nurses! May not need that touchup after all!

look at the left nipple last week!

Pic on left is nipple difference last week.
Pic on right is this morning.

Girls...look at how fast things can change with implants!

First pic: 3 days post op
Second pic: 4 weeks post op
Third pic: 5 weeks post op

Breasts feeling firmer during ovulation

Does anyone else have this happen? Am praying its menstrual related and not the beginning of CC. .
Trying to remmeber if my breasts have swelled in the past mid month. .Think so..for sure they got huge and harder right before my time. .thoughts?

ways to

Took a picture lying down for the first time two actually. .to see what they might like to my other half.yikes.
i wont even post the looking down from above view (IE: HIS)..suffice it to say they gonoff the the side like normal boobs (a good think i guess because it means they are soft) but that makes them look like brand new UHP melons on my chest that are 6 inches apart.NOT pretty...ahh well..maybe we will have to get into blindfolding...GOOD LORD. In the pic i posted from the can see how they float up into my armpits so you can only imagine from bad they look. Glad i'm loving them from other angles cause if they looked like this standing up..I'd never let anyone see me naked again. Hehe

Pic isnt posting

Question about Rippling - Need personal stories of experience

I have slight rippling in my cleavage. We all lnow when you bend over most of us have rippling the outer lower breast..but but in general rippling on the inside of cleavage is consudered worth revision or consideration..

My PS said we could go a TAD bigger to fill our the pocket more..but it would likely be a temporary fix..and then get worse over time.problme is mine now will also get worse over time he said as the skin stretches more...when i lean slightly forward and sway back and forth i can feel the omplants moving side to side within the pockets by the way..given all any of you have personal experiences to lend about what choice I should make?


5 and half weeks. ..what a joy to look down in the shower. .and (barely pressing my arms against my boobs) see thsi!!!
Before, they were so far apart, I couldnt make them look like this if i tried!

Cleavage! !!!

Granted..pressing my arms gently against them in the shower...but pre revision..couldnt have them touching if I tried!!

6 weeks post in two days...Boobs getting farther apart?

How is that possible?...i have not lost any weight..but they definitely kook smaller and farther apart. .f***

On a positive note I guess..I found a great comfy sports / regular bra that gives extra support but also a great shape for under work clothes at Target.

Target bras

Super comfy and great under-your-shirt shape .

7.5 week post op- Pros and Cons

My breast feel great..super soft and natural..they move when i brush my teeth:-)..they look much prettier in shape than before..

My scars, ironically, are worse than when they first started to heal.they are flattening but jagged...i have had enough scars in my life though that i realize that may get better again with time.
The scar under my right breast is about 3/4 inch above the crease and that implant shows beneath that scar..making me worried about bottoming out on that side. .again have no idea if thats a time will settle things issue.
frim the side they are gorgeous..the slope is so surgeon should never have been worried about me being bummed about too much upper pole fullness;-).
Even with a bra on..they dont get close to each other...(actually...the upper poles were prettier in a bra before Because that portion of my breasts were already closer together , even though braless.they were so weird looking.)
ah post op is third week in three months time will tell.

Oddly though, from the the top of the place where the space between my breasts is..they are WIDER than pre-op- and that is a huge bummer.
Anybody have this happen? Its the single biggest reason i went with moderate plus instead of hp.

Overall much happier..but i keep having to repeat to myself my mantra about reminding myself they "are much better than before".

This is my Knock-Self-On-The-Noggin Review

Ahem, Self!
Not exactly the same angle..but..same side.
enough said..the minor stuff that can be fixed? ...maybe..the "major"?
Um..NOT major apparently:')

For those who worry about going too big...

Pretty incredible if you remember that different frames and heights mean implants look different on different women! I have 475 cc's on a 122 lb., 5'7 and a half inch frame with broad shoulders they don't look very big in a sports bra...:-) I would urge every woman that's contemplating size and profile to make sure that when you see someone whose boobs you like, make sure that they are roughly your same height and weight until you start expecting the same end result. These suckers on a little girl with narrow shoulders, 5 feet tall and 90 pounds would look humongous:-)

I see a lot of women on here who are contemplating their sizes who ask what size other women are (who have already had their BA's) and its almost worthless to know that unless they also know how much they weigh, how tall they are, if they had children and nursed, and what their current breast tissue is like.

My new version of an underwire bra..Thanks to some great RS advice;)

Thank you, sweet lady:)

Another amazing sports bra from Target!

My boobs don't even move when I brake suddenly while driving ..which usually makes them spasm and hurt.

8 weeks post op-

Have some pretty significant asymmetry still (which he said he would correct gladly if it didn't resolve!)
I was waiting to see how things panned out, but my right breast is much smaller than my left..
The good news is that Dr. Vath is so humble and instantly said he would do an implant exchange if necessary to even them out..

On another note, wore a real bra today for the second time ever since surgery.

My boobs looked great in the bra.. (though no one but me sees them.. :) and they felt great all day, with exception to the twinges and muscle stiffness I am still getting in my armpits and chest muscles.. (They reassured me within minutes of my text query about that issue that it was normal and NOT the beginning of CC. Again, LOVE Dr. Vath and his staff for ALWAYS being s responsive to worries messages, etc.)...

But, at days end, when I let them out.. (hehe .. sounds like we are talking about pets here..;) ..They felt stiff and weird and were a funny shape..

Has anyone else had this experience???

8 weeks and 3 days post op- getting muscle "contractions"

Does everybody else get these weird twinges? They should not be confused with the nerve zingers.
For those of you who are mothers...I am talking about little chest muscle contractions almost like the boob version of braxton hicks contractions...where it feels for a moment two like my chest muscle is hardening and pulling ip on the implant..Can someone weigh in?

9 weeks- Settling sweetly

Fun comparison -1 month PO to 2 months PO

Have to only 9 weeks post op?...This really bothers bummed. ..

Have the sics' sites i have visited say if there is rippling in the cleavage this fast, it should be fixed in a revision..Mine says there's nothing much i can do And he disagrwws with gat graftinf in thw breasta at ALL) . I go back and some of the docs-who have beautiful before and afters- say putting a (slightly) larger implant in a loose pocket can improve this..Mine says its only temporary and then it gets worse..yet i DO feel my implants moving back and forth in the pockets when i sway..and is temporary four months? ... in which case i would say no way..or four years?..In which case i would say Hell Yes!..

The entire life span of implants is ten years so if they look prettier than now for half of that time roughly..its well worth it as fixes are only getting more accessible and better..arggg. .just know I am terribly discouraged as they started out so pretty and from certain angles are atill gorge..but this "cleavage rippling" (at only 9 weeks post??) is bunk.

Question: Has anyone gone from moderate plus to HP JUST to get rid of rippling?

I love the slope of mine and the width is pretty....Has anyone exchanged moderate plus for HP just for rippling reasons alone?

9 weeks today-They look very relaxed after a morning rub down

Funny how you routin extenda by ten minutes for boob rub down, bob oil and boob inspection..haha..
Felt a lot of nipple nerve zingers in my righty this week.Yay!!
Maybe that slowpoke is catching up to its more nervy neighbor and wil start contracting again so its the same size .lol

of didn't upload

This site has the IT issues of a business from the 80s;-)

Testing-Pic upload

This site has the archaic IT skills of a 1980s startup:-). .

Boobs post massage (first pic) and post bra day..:-(

This difference makes me see why all the docs who tell their patients to go braless mught have a point.
Mine ALWAYS look prettier and more relaxed after they have NOT been in a bra for a while..

and now I'm a bra engineer..

10 weeks..have been researching the TAB bra.. they are very the interim..noticed that the theory behind it is similar to something the surgeon I DIDN'T use was going to have me wear. (This is the guy whom i originally planned to have surgery with beforw Dr. VATH.) I AM THRILLED I MADE THAT CHANGE..but he may have had something in his post op ideas..I remmebered that the burse tild me that i needed to bring a cut out bra in for post op..see pic..Having seen the tab occurred to me it was a similar theory..the lower poles and sided are supported and crease sutures held toght an dflat while the rest ofnyour breast gets to drop normally.
well guess what? May be just coincidence but i have worn this get-up all weekend..under a second sports bra when out and at home by itself..and i swear to god..boobs have looked so much better..rippling has gotten a tad better and i have stopped having muscle spasms quite so much. Again..may be just the timing..but it's fascinating..
on another nipples are a mess.theybwwre tiny befor surgery and while i dont mind the left one which is bigger but at least clea ..the right HUGE compared to before surgery..and totally uneven..the scars look completely different on that side and its about a 1/3 bigger than my other one now..what's up with that? Maybe inevitable with a mastoplexy?

Just quietly got a revision to my revision...

Dr. Vath is truly amazing. I had been bothered by assymetry that was present prior to my first revision..and after much thought had decided to do an inplant exchange to even it out .It was scheduled for June and they called to see if I wanted to take a cancellation last Friday...and I went for it. Whole thing was gratis..Dr. Vath came in looking all handsome in suit and tie and when i laughingly asked him why he was in a suit at 6am..he told me he had a day of consults and was doing my surgery only.
He really is a gem.
It took about 45 minutes and that was that. In order to get the righty to be big enough to equal the left .**However..i did end up going to high otherwise the width would have had to go to 14.9 cms..wasn't particularly worried about the profile change as in pist nursing breasts HPs on me will surely end up looking like mod plus anyway..And this way..the width of the one on the right is now exactly the same width as it was before in a mod plus with lower ccs..and bonus: got a little scar revision by default!
Feel pretty great..except this time oddly, my face got super puffy (maybe different anasthesia? Did anyone else have this experience?) and my new scar incisions are super super sore this time.

Arms RAISED- so beyond thrilled-Assymetry almost completely gone

Update: 550 ccs (L) 600ccs (R) Mentor HP-
By evening oit the assymetry my right nipple isn't as high either...Actually shocking that even though I am now quite large ccs..they dont look that much bigger than a week ago..just more even!
Pulled skin from lift scars on right side is gone when i lift my arms too-
So l blessed to have Dr. Vath as my PS

Nudie arms down..and pretty sure I will need a new

Forgot my obnoxious old swimsuit pic..hehe

One Week Post Op today- Revision

Now have 550ccs (left) and 600 ccs (right) HP mentor smooth round silicone implants under the muscle.

One week post revision..went in today and had nothing to say! No concerns..So beyond tickled and happy...

Had to convince him to let me go bigger to even out asymmetry but am so glad he went with it..
Now MY job is to gain weight to mitigate rippling to keep them so pretty!!.

Bra Shopping 9 days Post Revision

After looking at the construction of the TAB bra..for anyone who has can see its basically exactly like a well constructed nursing bra..After three attempts to call that far8n company and see how to get one have no follow ups..I took things into my own now the proud owner of a 32D nursing bra with tabs just like the TABbra and side "sling" support..and also like the tab bra..NO underwires..the combo of the side sling support ..despite the no indwrwire..holds them together..brilliant!:-)

Huh..They took the RF off my profile...

No answer to my email why...I was actually hurt.

Braless-This one's for BigMini..almost 2 weeks post revsision

550 ccs left/600 ccs right- Smooth,round silicone, HP Mentors, under the muscle-
5'7, 120-122 lbs..-breastfed three babies for a year each.

Anybody else ever feel like their boobs have had a long week?

Cause mine definitely feel like its a Friday. Lol

Weird Anatomy Question

I dont know the answer to this one..and I know a LOT about anatomy. .
I have discovered in the last week how much larger and ropier the TENDON between my shoulder and pectoral muscle is on my right side..i am.right clearly thats why its so strong. But it is crazily different (like three times more palpable and bigger and shorter.)
Does anyone else know of any correlation between that (instead of the actual pec muscle) and your breast implants moving...?

2 weeks post revision- Love my decision!!

Love size and shape . (Had full.lift but due to assymetry ended up exchanging and how have 550 (L) and 600 (R) HP Smooth, Round, Silicone Mentors under the muscle..My scars are status quo for weeks around my nipple and the vertical part..(but think I set myself back fro a while because I have allergies to everything..and they'd get red with everything I tried so now just taking supplements and leaving them alone...)
Have pretty strong incision pain still now two weeks later (Underneath and especially with certain movements) and took off my tape on Friday at the 2 week mark and wished I hadnt because the incisions are getting more inflamed and one of the sutures is sticking out and catching on went today to find some new hypo allergenic tape to use one month post op with Dr. Vath in two weeks. .(anyone else have stitches that cane through??)
So, so happy with the size though and his work (his lift work).

3 weeks post..Boobs feel great...heart underneath is broken bathrub..nipples still have assymetry but they probably always will (but not nearly as noticable as will my boobs to some extent..) but love the fullness..they are soo soo soft..

On a sad note ex will now never get to see them..we broke up on Tuesday..he is a vet who is deployed and has been gone for 7.5 months..home just a few times..So these were "ours"..and sadly..He just comes home every time and treats me badly (not abusively physically ..just..emotionally almost sociopathic after this much time spent over there..)
HE'S an amazing person..but has no tools. Sure it is huge PTSD..but regardless..a spec ops guy who has seen too much is ..just that...he CAN'T function in the real world..
Cut to: i have a hugely broken heart ... and apparently i am the only one who will ever enjoy these suckers..

124 lbs:-) First time in my life I have hit the "Normal" range for BMI for 5'7"

Hard to tell as i have only gained in my tush and hips a tad..but am determined as it cant be bad for rippling defenses!.

Four Months Post Op From Lift/ One Month Post Op From Subesquent Implant Exchange

Very happy overall.
Love my doc..He's this awesome, honest, down to earth, forthright family guy (cutely mentioned his wife in an appointment in sweet way) who happens to be a fantastic that's recipe for a person who makes yoi feel at ease and in good hands.
i actually (forgot to make my one month post appt..thats how great I feel and how few issues I have...and i called when i tealized I was at a month today and they fir me in last mibute this afternoon.) love the size and shape of my breasts.They will never be "perfect"...but nobody's and no BODIES are.;-)
i asked him about my scars
.and he said since they were looking to be normal scar tissue..i could put silicone on and it may make them less ted faster..but over time..would not change the way they would look long term..

They are flat and thin...just red he said if I left them alone..eventually i would not be able to even see them..
i asked him about massaging and he said I could do a little but there's new evidence to support that it may not make a I didn't have to.
he l9oke dat them for a split second ..said they look beautiful and answred a few wuestions and i made my 6 month pist op appt. and that was that. .Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Knock wood:-

Things I have noticed:
When Iam sitting and I look down my my bra or not..when i move my right hand in the right implant pulls a lot to the right..When i do the same on the implant doesnt move at ALL..this correlates with my theory that explains why my right side trends to pull out and down to the right away from my sternum..i am strongly right handed..
I urge you guys to look and let me know if you notice the same phenomenon?

I am now steadfastly concentrating on doign things evenly as much as possible with both hands to preclude that from happening more as much as possible..
Also: Whemni sneezeborbstartle my pecs "grab" my imlants almost isntantly in spasm..
He said that was still the muscles are getting used to the implants underneath them.
other than that no huge news..i am now officially 125 pounds which is full 14 pounds heavier than a year ago...and 3 pounds heavier than 4 weeks ago.. weird to get used to as its not muscle..since i havent been able to work out...but I still think its better. Even with the soft and flabby tushy..:-)
It's the most I have ever weighed except when 9 month pregnant. .so i am thrilled because it can only help my breasts..

I will see how things go and just relax..;-)

Fun Before And After Comparison

Even more incredible...its difficult to reconcile because the before pics are from hsi taken by someone right in that one is your left.
The afters are taken in a mirror so the one on the right is actually the right breast.
THAT breast is a full 300 ccs bigger than it was originally.
before revision and mastoplexy:
Right: 300 ccs moderate profile silicone under
Left: 350 ccs mod.profile silicone unders

Right: 600 ccs HP silicone unders
Left: 550 ccs HP silicone unders.

His technique is so good that the difference is much more subtle than I could have imagined.
More than that...for anyone worried about the scars from a God..look at the difference in shape it can make..
Every time I think about the alternative (I originally was just going to go bigger with no lift because i didnt want the scars)
....I picture a bigger version of the befores and cringe!!
Dr. Vath is right:
A prettier shaped breast with scars is still much more attractive than a bigger, misshapen breast with no scars.
Go mastoplexy everytime if your surgeon recommends it!!

This is in response to a request for pic of vertical scar

self conscious about posting a picture that is this close up of my nipple and my a RF is debating mastoplexy. ..
If you question doing a lift and whether a vertical scar will make a big difference you can see how well this is healing. (4 months old)

Trying to help an RS friend who has the same doc :-)

Size issues.
We both are in our early 40s.
Same approximate height and weight.
Both nursed three babies
Both have the same surgeon
**Our tissue could be totally different** THAT is for our amazing surgeon to weigh in on..
But otherwise look at "before and afters"
Of two different girls..uncannily similar builds

5 weeks post revision / 4 months post mastoplexy

Settling nicely. .look just barely bigger than before but with a little more upper pole (gained from going from mod plus to HP) but very subtle and symmetry better from front.
Just started putting silicone on the vertical scars for a few to see if it helps but if it doesn't, will just scrap it as in the end they end uo looking the may just speed it up.
Still wearing two bras 24/7. 6 months of that i think. as far as I'm concerned they are plenty settled so I'd rather err on the side of being conservative. they do you feel weird when I let them out of the bras to bathe though... They feel tight because they are compressed all day long for so long, so I gotta say it does so feel better to go without a bra even for a few
Ledt nip points a bit down by no fault of anyone's (ezcept my three munchkins, who all favored guzzling from that side when they nursed..;-)

Need some reassurance and wisdom from my RS friends..

Love the way my boobs look. Cant believe he was able to make the size look so subtle ( am not a moron. They are BIG:-)..but i enjoy those in the bedroom...problem is..Just waiting to enjoy the way they FEEL.
Here are my questions / concerns:
I went off muscle relaxers two days ago.(was taking a half of one in the mornings)..since then my boobs arw super SORE. Is that possibly just muscle sorebss because the pecs are back to working full time again without being drugged?
Secondly..this coincides with them flexing and spasming more..could it be for the same reason?
Lastly..I am ovulating (and its a bad one..i can literally tell this month I am ovulating from my right ovary because it hurts.)
My boobs also are MUCH firmer the last two days. Could that be from ovulation? (Nipples are also rubbed raw feeling..and no they havent been..i

Of course when we feel any extra firmness we all panic about CC onset.
I can squish them and bounce them up and down but they are definitely firmer (also firmer than before bigger implants just feel firmer in general?) Because they are swollen and firmer, they look i cant even determine if that is due to ovulation or I should be nervous.
Sorry for the lengthy five part questionnaire..but these things have been niggling at the back of my brain for a couple days.
On a positive note..four monthsbfatwr mastoplexy..i have noticed when i rub lotion in a downwards motion on them after showering, the left one (which has been previously been numb) now gets these tingling sensations like when you foot starts to come back after "falling asleep" so think the slow poke nerves are finally getting back to normal after 4 months.;-)

Perspective- 6 weeks post revision tomorrow:-)

Hehe..suffice it to say..until you're naked size doesn't matter as much as people worry about:-)
See SAME day trajectory from dressed in a simple T-SHIRT to..well..not..:-)

6 weeks post revision

Getting a bit closer together..(still spasm and separate because of the sudden muscle grab every time I sneeze and it freaks me out) ...They feel tighter when they are in two bras all day and when i take them off..they always feel kind of stiff from being compressed all first it worries me each time and then after a few minutes of being "freed" they feels soft and jiggly..(Regardless i am still committed to wearing two brad every day until the capsule healing end piint i can helpnthem heal as strongly as possible) AM surprised though that the HPs feel decidedly firmer in the upper pole than the mod pluses this normal? read everywhere that massage prevents cap. Contracture..but my surgeon doesn't believe that. He has me doing none..hoping that is correct. (That said, I also read that when you get a lift and bigger implants...massage can make the skin stretch too THAT I want to avoid at all costs..hahah.)
Other than that happy happy with the size and shape..i sometimes get discouraged about my scars (seeing all these perfect scarless breasts on here.).but the shape is so much better I still think they are the lesser of two evils..I DO get excited though when i see what they look like with the scar silicone strips over the vertical scars because its kind of an optical illusion and since they blend it with my skin it gives me an idea of what they will sort of look like someday when they aren't so damn red. So i get encouraged when I see that.
All for at the halfway to three months mark which is awesome..because the capsules are halfway to their almost fully formed mark.

Ugh. HuGE Bathing suit FAIL

Where the heck do you get suits for bog boobs???
I just got depressed for the first time about how big I went. I LOVE THEM NAKED AND IN BRAS..but shit..they look TERRIBLE and are falling out of the timy bikinie tops at the surf shop I just tried..
Not to mention it didn't help my morale that it was awful to really have to look at how flat and flabby my ass is.. ( i dont have a full length mirror at home)..To see cellulite in the harsh light of a dinky dressing room is NOT fun..Vowed to do squats today , bought some roxy shorts to wear in the pool until i get my ass in gear and left with no swimsuit, utterly depressed.

EPIC Bikini Fail Number 2!

Ahem...babysitter falls through..semi annual sale has been touted on RS so figure this is my one day to get there before it ends..I end up schlepping my littlest to the mall after Fathers day stuff, armed with millions of pennies for the fountain and the promise of riding the escalator 4000 times.
Cut to:
I find that all the bathing suits at our VS have been thrown into a giant bin with all sizes mixed..(and want to stick a fork in my eyeball..)
I get over the sale idea and head to the regular priced stuff. KID IS HANGIN IN AT THIS POINT . (Fists full of change and cute as a button in a little checkered fedora:!)
1. All the suits I think are amazing end up having padded 3 inches of padding. (Have huge boobs..Do NOT eant to make them bigger )
2. 2/3rds of the suits with cup sizes stop at 34 DD..(i am 32 DDD which a lot of hals on this site are).
3. The salesy sheister VS girls convince me those are "sister sizes." (Um. NO)
4. I get into the dressing room..settle my little one with my phone and a counting app...and undress.I try on one suit.. (looks awful) and, within seconds, "Mommy!!! I have to go potty! "( Holy God..that's inarguable..with a newly potty trained toddler..)

Cut to:
Frantically shedding VS swimsuit...throwing on both bras..necklace and clothes and giving the girl my name and my number and saying "we'll be right back!" (we had waited in line already after 5 people and didnt want her to put my stuff back:)
Race my little one out of VS....down the escalator and across a third of the pee..(Told my kiddo how proud I am for telling me and up we go again..)
Cut to:
We ho back in...get back in line behind three people this time..and when we get to the dressing room...they have put all my stuff back..f****** ROAR.
She finds my stuff..(with a bitchy look on her face..)
I get on bathing suit one..and "Mommy I have to go poop!!".
Holy SHIT!
Frantically throw clothes BACK on..leave everything with girls again...and race my little guy back out.. down the escalator. .and across the the nothing...
At that point? Over and out . I knew my kid would keep doing it and was panicked about going number 2 in a public bathroom..
I gave up..Called VS and told them to please forget it and apologized and that was that..
Stay tuned..
( ladies..34 DD is NOT a sister size to 32 DDD...the band is HUGE..and it slides up and never trust a sales person:-)

7 Weeks Post Op

Feeling fewer and fewer muscle spasms and pretty good. They don't look much different from the side..a tad different from the front..still wearing two bras religiously..little worried because they feel firmer on the upper pole than before....but i also am getting my cycle and from ovulation to Flo..always get swollen and have I fibrous breast tissue so praying to GOD its just that ...and not the start of CC (what does that feel like?)
Has anyone else gone from a different profile to HPs and felt that the upper poles feel firmer?
I CAN jiggle and easily squish them inwards . They feel super soft when i squeeze them in that direction..but damn, when I try to push down on they feel firm..They barely do the water balloon squishy thing my old ones did where you can push down on the tops and make the lower pole squish out...and I'm hoping that's just because of the different profile also and the fact that this time around, I am keeping them so contained (last time..i went braless a lot and slept braless once or twice etc.) So maybe the capsule is healing more firmly and not stretching as much?

Argghh!! Allergic to everything????

8 weeks post revision tomorrow. .and thought virgin coconut oil was amazing because it makes my scars and breasts so soft- and voila!! Three days of use later..boobs soft, but scars bright RED!!!.

8 weeks Post Revision

Most interesting thing (Cheekyvibes this is for you!-:) is that I went from 475ccs on both sides to 550/600ccs and I still in the same size VS bra ..just more cleavage. (32DDD).
I was just nicely surprised by that. I also wont have to give away three brand new bras! Not that i will be wearing one of those suckers for MONTHS. (Still wearing two sports bras night and day until the three month caspule heal mark). Boobs also getting much softer and "flexing" less..
Only niggling thing is some crazy "crooked cleavage" with some flex deformity can tell two different surgeons have worked on my boobs. Fisher released the muscle in my left breast where it attaches to the sternum more..and Vath doesnt believe in he did both the same. (Not at all from what I know of his technuque) side bulges IN and the other is slightly indented (meaning it doesn't bulge in at all.. ( for whatever reason Fisher never released the right side..only the left) and now with bigger implants the difference is more apparent and Vath and I didnt account for that difference in surgical technique (not something you could really anticipate).... Results in my cleavage looking like a crooked stream whem i press my breasts bothers me a bit..(probably not something to stop the presses all things that drive only us crazy;-) otherwise healing well..They will never be perfect of course..but they are starting to feel normal!!:-) Biggest issue is a sore back from back sleeping still! Hate it!

Crooked Cleavage Syndrome??

:-/..Not even as drastic as it can look because i had to hold my phone an squeeze them with my arms..but you can still clearly see it. Will this resolve itself over time? Anybody have a theory?

Love the size- (see in proportion)...

But my right nipple is mighty high..All the surgeons on here say doing a mastoplexy at the same time as BA is the most complicate surgery...maybe too much of a good thing?
An I just being self conscious? Again,..when you see them in I don't regret that choice at all...As big as they are..they don't look huge against my bod..But my right nipple points upwards basically..

9 weeks post revision on two days..

These bigger hps are getting squishy!!
Other than that, nothing is changed form last week except..
I just wanted to give a shout out to all the women - beautiful inside and out- who truly are a supportive community. It is crowd-sourcing therapy at its best!
An you imagine what different experiences we all would be having if we didnt have outlets for our concerns and issues?
Muah to all of my RS friends!!

2.5 Months Post Revsion- 550ccs /600ccs HP Mentors Smooth, Round (Mastoplexy 5.5 Months Post Op)

I mainly have had only a few changes..thank GOD. With a lift and with having had implants replaced.. (while all the first-timers on here WANT THEIR TIGHT SKIN TO STRETCH)....revisionists usually don't want too much "dropping".
I am happy to say that my breasts are soft enough to squish and jiggle but at least for now holding up, literally:-)
In fact..i hope they don't drop much more at all because i like the nipple placement I have but if they drop will cause the illusiom of bottoming out with nipples that are too high simply because I had a lift. (For that reason the combination of a breast lift and implants is a very tricky operation.)
I give Dr. Vath 99% of the credit for the no sagging..but will take a tiny bit myself as I have been following LynnCC's theory and wearing two bras (NO underwire) 24/7 with exception to shower time which is when i quickly snapped a few pics. Haha!
I am happy to report they dont seem to be spreading or sagging much at all. IN FACT, wearing the bras constantly has brought them closer together, literally, as they settle, so I actually have a tad more cleavage.
as younwill see in the two breasts are created they are atill and always will be slightly assymetrical in shape but the size is symmetrical and i am tickled for the most part.
Trying to be patient with my scars and wish my nipples contracted more and were symmetrical but that's nothing compared to the disaster I went in looking like:-)
i would highly recommend Dr. Vath to amyone in the country. Relative to thousands of dollars a few hundred for a plane ticket and one night in a hotel is well worth it to get superior results.
I am beyond grateful to have found him!!

Rs Friends Poll about "Unders" Flexing..

How many of you with unders see them move when you do things like pull up your pants, etc?
I was at Kohl's yesterday and even in two bras as I was trying pants on (with no buttons, mind you, just pull on pants, so was not even exerting that strength ) mine still pull a bit when i do certain movements. I hadn't really seen them in action during simple movement up close until yesterday..
Its not CRAZY flex deformity..but it DOES look weird. I am worried it will get that way / worse. is the only thing that bothers me about my boobs at this point.
Do all of you struggle with that in a minimal way?..or are than ANY unders that dont show movement at all when flexing?
And (LynnCC may know this one..) once the muscles settle down a little does that lessen)
It happened with my old implants but not with the most minor movements. Only when doing pushups etc.. (which I now know NEVER to do again.;-)
I would love to hear your experiences..

6 month post Mastoplexy / Three months Post Revision (in two days )

Not much to update. I am iverall so haooy with how they turned out! My boobs are settling a little closer together. Am convinced its because then capsules have formed while I have been wearing double bras ( my surgical on and a sports bra 24/7 since the revision/ exchange). Thank you Lynn CC!! :-))
The ONE issue I have is that on the right the way my muscle is attached is different.. You can see it in the way ot attaches at my sternum. And it flexes strangely compared to the left. Not sure if that's purely anatomy or because two different surgeons have worked on them and the old surgeon released the one on my left breast a little more medially.
Regardless, compared to befores, they are NIGHT AND DAY.In person it is less noticable..though in bras much more noticable than naked..i gotta there are not many regular bras I have tired on where my cleavage doesn't look bizarre now..(I wish he has released that right side in the middle just a tad more so it looked more like the left and didnt flex so strangely mid cleavage)..i know Dr. Vath is conservative about that out of worries about symantasia (sp?).
.. .so I can understand his choice..but as you can see from the frontal boobs still wouldn't have stood a chance of doing that..because the left IS released more (your left in the pic too) and they aren't growing together by any means.;-) ahh well...Hindsight is 20/20.

Love, love the size. Can't believe I am saying that and would NEVER tell people on real life the ccs because they would think I am insane until they saw them. Lol..From the front..they dont even close to look as big as they are, which I love and he evened them out beautifully. Love my surgeon. He really does have this down to an artform.
Assuming my scars will hopefully still fade more because at six months the vertical lift scar is pretty status quo. Doesn't bother me much given the shape of my boobs in contrast to before.
so I haven't really done much about using cream on them...the incisions underneath I pretty much don't even look at. As long as they stay put and don't start "climbing up my boobs" I am fine.haha!
They feel firmer sometimes than others..but usually that's right after taking the double bras off..
Once i am naked for a few minutes they are jiggly and settled and super squishy.

Love Dr. Vath and really loving my choice to get this done.

Just Went to My 6 month Post Op

What a sweetheart Dr. Vath is. In LA, I swear he'd have is own He's cute enough to be on TV but he is also just so endearing and makes you feel so comfortable. Every time I go in I am grateful for his bedside manner.
He said they were softening nicely and my scars were fading. He was honest about the fact that my scars wouldnt look end result for possibly up to two years. He answered frankly about the little nitpicky question I had about my cleavage..basically its just being nitpicky on myself. He is very honest..but says those things in a way that doesnt make one feel foolish..just easily pointed out that if anyone else was looking there, it's "because they are attracted not because they are noticing" (a centimeter's worth of difference from one boob to the other.)
So that's that. We all need to be less
He said come back if I ever have concerns or questions. Easy breezy.
Love the doc. Love his staff and think he is phenomenal at what he does.

Flex deformity make it impossible for me to A. Look good in a bra, B. Get cleavage

Yes..i realize i said last week i was nitpicking. .but i also have a suave charming surgeon who is very reassuring, almost to the point he convinces me something is not there..and then i go home to find to still bugs the crap outta me..(gotta hand it to his charm) and I am sure..doesn't want to do a matter how sweet he is.
And to his credit..he only saw me naked..and motionless.
Suffice it to say...this is bothering me ALL the time. No matter what I do when I wear a bra and the breasts are pulled on in ANY way or if I move suddenly at ALL, the muscle in the middle of my right breast pulls the implant in fiercely into this dent. He said it "could be skin too". Hell no! Skin doesnt pull in that suddenly with movement. When he said a revision could make it worse i even asked about getting botox just on that area to relax the muscles a bit to see if it would work. He said no.
How depressing though to get new boobs and then literally NEVER want th to be aeen in a bra or sporta bra or TANK TOP by anyone! !
It's flipping 95 degrees and I am walking around covered to my neck. Even with my deformed "before" boobs..because they were so soft they looked killer in a tank top and i had no flex deformity.. the pic is JUST an aritzia sports bra that NO ONE CAN LOOK BAD IN and my cleavage looks horrible..and this is NOT moving...Imagine that dent when i do anything with my arm or upper body
I literally have a 2 inch indent in the middle of my right cleavage.
I cannot believe there is not some simple latharoscopic way to just release that tiny portion of muscle the slightest bit...but guess not..:-(

Just to Clarify- Still Think Dr. Vath is the best of the best

My post was misunderstood by some. Revisions are just tricky..and hindsight is 20/20..When I said he is too charming for his own good, I didnt mean he was trying to steer me away from a problem he thought obvious. I just genuinely think he both isn't bothered by it like I am am (He doesnt have to dress them;) also didnt see it at its worst. He definitely doesnt want to do another revision. I will say that , but he did the last one for free, so I get that. He also (and unfortunately I agree with this) doesn't want me to go through another revision for MY sake..because it can make ither things worse.
It was more a matter of me backing down in the room because he made it seem nominal in his genuine I caved to his opinion without taking my time to ask about anything else that i could consider...IE- pursuing why he thought the botox option wasnt viable (women get it in their faces every three or four months..I guess what's the difference in spending the money on one tiny area tiny boob to get some relief? )
Anyway, when i read the responses i realized I owe the community amd him some clarification. This was a matter of his trying to be conservative in the medial pec / cleavage area to avoid the complication of them growing too close together..and it just didn't pan out the same way on both sides..anatomy isn't a perfect science.
Regardless..from befores to afters he stil made them look 1000xs better..

This Utilitarian Thing is Still My Fave Bra.

I f8nally..after looking dor them EVERYWHERE on line because all the print on the back says is "made in china"and "medium" texted Dr. Vath's nurse hotline this am and asked where the hecknto fond it as clearly..this one has seem better days. (Of course, true to their always responsive comms, even 6 month later)..they got right back to me-literally within 5 minutes-and said Walmart!! Fruit of the Loom! Hah! I am tickled it is that easy AND cheap. Who knew?:-)

Have definitely "trained" my breasts closer together

Thanks to LynnCC and her double bra advice....I have literally watched my breasts get closer together over three months.
This view is in one cotton sports bra. (I can wear regular ones without seeing a dent


Same angle within minutes.
Hopefully y'all can see what I couldnt produce while standing in Dr. V's office.
This is what they look like static...and them one minute later..
Immediately after ONE SNEEZE. SERIOUSLY.

THIS IS NOT SKIN PULLING. The inner right cleavage jumps inward into this dent pulled by my muscle that is attached too tightly in this one spot. (Both above and below it is slightly released more.)


If course i had no sooner (literally) written i hadn't had an new rippling since the second surgery because I had been so careful wearing double bras..and laughed about not wanting to jinx myself, and one day later (four months after exchange), noticed ripping on the inner left cleavage when i leaned forward this morning. Having said that
..i also have been uder a TON of personal stress and and have dropped my hard-earned 5 pounds in two weeks. .so back down to 118..I believe the slight rippong is probably noticable due to onTHAT issue i am just going to regain the weight and see what happens.

On a more frustrating note:
I wrote a long and detailed email to Dr. Vath at the advice of some friends on here...about my crazy flex deformity (with not lifting or flexing..but when simply sneezing or laughing etc..) and compared it to a water balloon..said since it is only getting squuezed tighter and tighter where those muscles are stuck..the implant was starting to squish down and out..etc..and I understood his concerns about further surgery but asked him what about the implant possibly bottoming out and displacing because it is being pushed like that by the me that seems like a more difficult long term problem to address.
I sent four pictures to illustrate.
I them sent two more this morning to show the difference between two weeks ago and this week.
Dr. V didn't respond to my detailed email at all but simply responded to the secondary picture email and said he preferred I come in to the office to discuss in person (again) and that he still had concerns about the risks of more surgery.
I asked him if he had seen my detailed email with questions last night so at least i would not have to reiterate..i haven't hear back yet. Now I feel even more anxious and silly....and also a 45 minute trip to Golden (90 minutes round trip) for a ten minute repeat of what i said and showed in my email is less than ideal.
Now have no idea what to do..

Okay, LynnCC co vibced me to post these for comparison :-(

The first one is three weeks ago.
The second one is last week.
The third is this morning.
The inner little fibers of muscle in my medial right cleavage are pulling harder and harder against my implant, progressively.
It is in the same spot I took two pictures of last week looking down where, when I sneezed, the breast jumped inward two inches and stayed there for a minute. (An everyday occurence)

Finally Made Appt. About Muscles Pulling On Right Implant

I literally feel like an ass because the last time I went it..i already tried to address dreading it.
But it is getting worse and driving me crazy. Just don't want to hurt his feelings..because I think he is so talented and as usual, their staff is amazing. Shayla took my call, and she is so darn sweet.
They really go out of their way.. they made an appt. for me tomorrow, so immediately.
I did ask her to pull my op report and inquired as to whether any pocket work was done during the exchange since my right implant went up 125ccs. And told her I would think he wouldn't have just opened me up and put a larger implant in the same space, but wanted to know what it said nevertheless...Shayla said "normally that would be" the case on the phone (meaning he would do "pocket work"), but then went got it and said, to my surprise, that she actually "didnt see" anything (notes) about that on the report, just that it said "implant exchange", but told me to ask him about it tomorrow ;-(
(That would certainly explain why the larger implant has no room, so it is getting caught.)
I also asked if he had any experience with Strattice and she said they used it every once in a while.. (To be honest though, the tiny rippling I have comes and goes with about two or three pounds weight gain so that isn't my right breast looking increasingly more deformed IS..And there is NO sign of CC-this is JUST a muscle thing which is what is SO frustrating.) Not looking forward to my trip tomorrow as am feeling somewhat hopeless, but will keep y'all posted . He is pretty awesome and usually manages to make me feel better but I also need to stick to my guns and be more assertive, because it will only cause more problems long-term the way it's progressing now..

Dr. Vath is pretty much my favorite person on Earth other than my children right now:-)

I just went to my appt. so anxious..He walked in looking gorgeous as usual (in his suit) with his equally gorgeous office manager (whom I hadnt met before..) He had received all my pics from Shayla, who had printed them out as promised.
I had all these visions of trying to plan for a lengthy and expensive revision because my op report indeed showed he had worked on the pocket to make room for the bigger right side implant..
Dr. V admitted he could see right where it was pulling and said he would do a quick half hour procedure to release the little band of muscle!
And ...they scheduled me for Thursday!!! I almost cried.
He said he is scheduled out through November (wonder why?;-) but because this was so quick he could fit it in!!
He is doing it for nothing!!
There is a reason this guy has 95 FIVE STAR REVIEWS on RS.
We can see his WORK is amazing...but there are genius surgeons like him who are not very nice people.
He is ALSO an amazing human being
Simple as that.

All DONE.:-)

Covered in iodine and still have marker on me..but i am in too much pain to care.
(I am surprised by the amount of pain..weird to feel it on one
It's as bad as BA number ONE! Probably because the muscle was released..
They already look better though.
No more tight guitar strings pulling.
Dr. V said after this we have to agree that he has done all he can aesthetically. I 100% concur. He was not concerned about the release causing symmastia because my breasts are plenty far apart still so thats good...and he prepared me there may be slight rippling on that side post release..I will take that one on the chin if that happens because that will be my fault.
Either way, it will be SO much more comfortable to move around, daily, without painful and eye popping pulling. My amazing surgeon has done TWO mini revisions at no cost. He definitely has a space in the Karma Hall of Fame.
What a sweetheart.
The staff and Dr. Vath literally bend over backwards.
Thaks for your support!! Hoping I made the right decision..and now after actually taking TWO percocet for the first time in my entire life (believe it or not to give you measure of the pain..i didnt have them give me a new RX because i had my original bottle dated 2/18/2015 with 20 pills left inside! So I just brought that and showed it to them and asked if the instructions were the that worked out!
(It's telling how much this hurts, because clearly i didnt feel much pain that surgery given how few I took amd how many I had left over..)
And when i noticed it said "take 1-2"...I actually took the full dose tonight..That should be safe right?
(I have my kid waking me up at 9:30pm to make sure my SATS feel okay...)
All for you can imagine..twenty minutes into to a full dose..pain is now a LOT less...but now having trouble seeing what I am writing. Lol.
Lastly..(before I become incoherently loopy...:-)
I have a special shout out to an incredibly lovely human being named Dr. CARPENTER . HE is their remarkable anesthesiologist and medical director. He just beams assurance and kindness..and is fabulous..
I always forget to mention the anesthesiologist on these and i feel badly about that.
He is an incredible humam being nurturing .
The reason I am calling him out because they said he is soon retiring, so hoping they sharey huge thanks and admiration of him..with him.
Dr. V's staff..if you guys read these, please convey how wonderful his bedside manner is to him!!

Simple Question

How the heck do you get the permanent marker off?
I've never had it left on before and I tried to wipe it off with soap and water in the shower this morning and then tried to use little baby wipes and it doesn't come off. Lol

Wtf? BOOB LOOKS AND FEELS GREAT..but watery, gurgling noise??

Please tell me anyone else has experienced this??
So flipping weird. When I LIFT my right arm (the side where I just had a quickie half-hour surgery and had the inner right pectoral muscle released )...bubbly, gurgling noises?!?
( I have silicone not saline!;-).
Any reassurance? I can post the damn video..It's crazy how loud it is!!

Listen to the last sound. HOLY MOLY!!

Help me is this?
Shoot....wont let me upload the loud video "farting"noise my boob makes;-)

Dr. Vath got right back as usual and reassured me crazy noises are not worrisome;-)

His nurse said that this early, not to be concerned about them. She said they usually occur "with primary augmentations" but he was not concerned at all. Of course I freaked because they never happened wit my primary augmentation or revisions so I had no precedent for it.
..and LOUD bubbling sounds coming out of your breast are
I DID ask to go on antibiotics prophylactically since I am NEVER on them (the only other time this year was after his surgery in February) and since my breast was starting to get red , similar to how it was in February after my first revsision with him...I figured it can't hurt to go on them just in case, if I take lots of probiotocs. (One of the things they think causes CC for sure is latent infection.)
(When I went on them in February, the redness cleared right up) He doesn't prescribe antibiotics usually after surgery for his patients, but I figured better safe than sorry.
Needless to say, am thrilled with hiq they look!! No more weird and painful pulling.
One week post tomorrow.
The guy is amazing.


Over the course of the day, my right breast has swelled up about a third bigger and is now bright red..even three doses of antiobiotics in...
Nurse said he thought it was heat from cautery and not to worry but may try to change my Friday 1 week PO to tomorrow. Hurts like HELL.

No more Rice Krispies boob!

After one week and being on antiobiotics (prophylactically) for four boob no longer makes the "snap, crackle pop"...gurgle, bubbling noises and redness and swelling have gone down (once again convincing me I WAS getting a low grade infection and am glad I was proactive and pushed for antibiotics. I am taking Fortify probiotics every dose too just to be safe).
I had my one week post op (for the third time..haha) with Deb , Dr. Vath's amazing nurse..I expressed my frustration that the muscle was still pulling in one place and i had taken a pic that morning that was almost identical to the one I took before the revision to release the muscle..and she assured me it had not settled yet, and might still relax more.
So (as the story usually goes), at one week, basically, you can't tell anything...haha.
I DID vocalize that I was going to be so bummed (since I knew it was his self admitted last-hurrah attempt) if he had released it ...but not quite enough..
She was extremely reassuring and said it was still inflamed and not to take what it looks like now as any indication of final result.
I am so over my own boobs at this point..I am now going to just comment on others' posts and will post a set of pics at my 6 week post op check-up on October 16th. The great news is, the pulling that was visible even when i wasn't moving is no longer visible..and my pain has gone down a LOT.
All for now.
Happy healing to all..and I will post pics in October to see if any changes have occurred. Xoxox

Said I wouldn't update pics until October. .but thought this was interesting

These pics are taken within five minutes of each other. week post-muscle release (of the right pec that was pulling egregiously on my right implant...)

The first? Is awful..Right after being released from two bras..the second one is after a shower and some massaging to relax the muscle a bit. Seb at Dr. Vath's said it may take some time to settle so hoping the second pic reflects what that ultimately looks like cauae I would be thrilled with that.
The other two are just squishing rhem together (They are SUPER soft)..and then bending sideways into a position where I can see rippling in thebinaide left cleavage.) I have to purposely do that movement to make that happen though so at this point..not stressing too much..and will just try to gain weight..having said that, if I ever DO need to do Strattice or Alloderm to revise THAT issue, it will (in all likelihood) NOT be with him, as much as I love him. His staff told me he rarely uses it.

3 weeks post Muscle Release on right...

They definitely look better..he didn't quite nail it is now pulling about half as much as before and indenting in..just not as many muscle fibers when it instead of the whole breast jumping to my right..just a portion he left one or two bands if muscle untouched...I am giving up though;-)
Feel a bit like a case study...and to get it right in stages is gracious but sucks now that I am definitely not measing with them again and the same thing is STILL happeng in a bit.
That said..again..I LOVE the way they look when that damn pulling is not happening. Subtle difference in look with the releasing he DID do...but noticable.

Nipples atill uneven but that never bothers me and scars are status quo..pretty red but can judge that til about two years not bugging about that either.

I am sorry i have not updating..have been under extreme stress at home..started a new job, car accident (all okay but damn, scary and grateful to be okay...and it was 100% my fault.):-(
I am catching up on pieces and trying to see how you lovelies are doing but now am having to be out of the house two hours earlier, so if I dont comment or at least lengthily, its not because I am not interested or following you beauties.

Settled and staying put:-) Thank you @LynnCC

I am 8 months out from my mastolpexy next week.
They are not saggy at ALL. I have worn two bras every day 24/7. (With exception to bathing and intimacy)..Thanks to LynnCC, i have basically now have a super soft and squishy version of the originals. Meaning they arent displacing or sagging.
Dr. Vath's theories about mastoplexies being used to reshape the breast to a more beautiful contour are dead on.
(I had VERY little sagging prior to my mastoplexy February 19th, so i otially didnt want to gp for the full mastoplexy desspote his insisting it would completely change the shape..and i decided at the last minute (to his delight) to go for the full lift. This man is a genius at shaping breasts. Mine dont even look like they came from the same torso.
8 months later?...though things have changed along the way (implant exchange and muscle release)..i thank GOD I listened to his thoughts about mastoplexies.
My scars are thin and flat and softening..they don't bother me AT ALL. Yes, they are red, but they will take a full two years to achieve end result...
I can't figure out how to post a video, but they are so soft its actually incredible.
I have minimal rippling but it gets better every time I gain a few pounds.
Literally though, the theory of keeping them well contained until the capsule is fully healed is key, I think..That info was imparted to me by LynnCC, and folling it has preveted them from sagging completely.
I am sorry for not posting or checking in for a while..have been so busy I dont even remember my head hitting the pillow at night, (thats how tired I am)..but huge hugs and good vibes to all my fellow Real Selfers;-) cant wait to go catch up!

@BringontheBoobz, this is for you

8 months post mastoplexy, 5 months post exchange- went from 475 high moderate plus mentors (see the assymetry) to 550 and 600ccs ( 600 on that smaller right side) on May 8th.
First: it's pretty astounding to realize the first pic is 475 ccs. (Hence my reminders to taller girls to remember how much volume you can carry on a taller or wider frame.)
Second: I actually exchanged the implants but went for HPs so that I could get more volume BUT stay the same diameter. The 475 mod plus are 14cms. My 550 and 600 HPs are 13.6 and one actually went down a bit (in diameter) ..but they are very close. If I had gone up to that volume in mod plus they would have been 15 cm implants and WAY TOO wide for my frame. In staying the same width, I had the math right. Interestingly, even though the the 600 cc HP implant is the exact diameter as the 475 mod plus, as the volume has settled down and fluffed, the gap has closed significantly.
And yet, from the side, the profile projects only a little more, so they look almost identical as pre exchange from the side. (See earlier pics of the side profile pre-May 8th)
Lastly, I am tickled with the symmetry and the way the larger volume looks on my frame. Closer together but not as big as they are "on paper".

For BringOnTheBoobzz- part 2;-)

Better pic of what they look like from the front, without being squished together at all.. (So don't wory sweet lady:-)

So happy and unconcerned I cancelled my check up

Was 8 month from mastoplexy but my 6 week post op check up from the mini muscle release.
They are soft and squishy, continue to not sag and i have no concerns whatsoever, so I decided it wasnt worth taking 15 minutes of his time and an hourof mine to leave work and drive there to tell him exactly that. Still wearing two bras 24/ until at least December (the three month mark for the right side capsule which had the muscle release.)
They only ripple a tiny amount and only when I contort myself by bending slightly sideways and forward, so not stressing about it. I have been working so much that I havent had the time to go shopping, so i finally fashioned a "tab bra" of my own so that they dont grow closer together while still having side support. I cut the middles out of a soft cozy bra and out that on first so essentially there is support and a "spacer" betweeny breasts, underneath and on the sides. I then wear my sports bra over that. It seem to be training them to both not get too close together and also not sag or displace laterally. Like Okiex I also have been barely graxing RD just to keep tabs on all, but also not to be too obsessive and i fond that is a perfect balance. I DO WORRY however about a few lovelies who have completely dropped off after having been on here so much.. (big Minnie for isntance..are you out there?;-) and Bela?)
Anyway, here are a few pics... love you all and have been excited to start following some new journies on here.

Umm...I have a secret

Have been wary of posting until now..Not sure why...Maybe because, in general, I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery (and overdoing it.) Having said that, for my Denver RS friends, especially, I realized what a disservice I am doing to my vaginal doctor, Dr. Aguirre (and Dr. Vath) by not intermingling the reviews. Anyway...I have just gotten a vaginaplasty and labiaplasty by the world reknowned Dr. Oscar Aguirre. [I DO mean WORLD reknowned-IE: The ONLY reason I was able to get it done after an extensive (medically necessary) surgery "down there" was because he was training another surgeon who flew in to watch his techniques, all non-disclosed..]
Because he IS THAT Brilliant

Y'all, we change our lives via breasts..YOU WANT to ALSO change your sex lives FOREVER, AND make your partners' WORLDS'?
Contact Dr. Oscar Aguirre;-)
Let me know if you have any questions.
My "other" review is "Overhaul By Dr. Aguirre" I believe. ;-) okay?

You posted an update..saying you "were back and a lot had changed"...I went to your review...and it said the page was deleted.
I am worried. I have NEVER seen that on this site...they dont delete anyone's stuff even when we try..
Here is the pic..please pm me to let me know you are okay???

Help please. After 10 plus months..scars look horrific

They look worse than one month PO. Wtf?

10 Month Boobie Christmas Update

Apart from the scars which are confounding...amd loving the way they have both settled and don't look like the volume I actually have and also how they have remained perky while doing so..which I attribute to two factors:
Having a full lift
Wearing two bras everyday (per LynnCC's advice)
They are super soft and squishy (and squish together like natural breasts)...there are the normal factors of implants on a thin frame with little breasts tissue..when I lean over I see a tiny bit of rippling..and I can certainly feel (though not see) the bottom edge of the implants on both sides.
They also feel fairly more firm between ovulation and my cycle, because of natural breast swelling.
An interesting note:
I have been taking 1000IUs of Vitamin E for almost a year now and happened to run out a .on the and half ago..I felt a slight but notable firmer tone to them..I definitely think that supplement keeps the tissues more supple. (Perhaps a reason is is know to prevent CC?)
I went back on a week ago..and I already feel a difference.
It took about 6 months to get back sensation in the top and sides of my left breasts..but I now have full sensation in both. My nipples also oddly didn't contract much for about 5 months and now they do beautifully. Soft, they are still assymetrical a bit, but when I cold or turned on they contract perfectly. Incredible how long it takes nerves to grow back. (I was still getting wingers for about 7 months.)
Another interesting note: after I have had an orgasm, my nipples stay hyper sensitive for about 24 hours...

I have done ZERO CHEST WORK with weights and NO push-ups since this mastoplexy, and never will again. I also think that factor contributes to less movement and flex deformity and frankly don't think women need pecs. I made the mistake last time of lifting weights after my BA and doing tons of push-ups and planks and destroyed their placement.
My advice for women who want to lift weights and do upper body work post BA is to keep your elbows at your sides when possible (with bicep curls for instance), to engage the arms and shoulders and core, and NEVER your pecs. With planks, press your fingertips into the floor (each fingertip, when engaged, takes an extra five pounds of weight off), and keep your heels TOGETHER, and squeeze your glutes. (ALL will engage the core more anyway..AND take the strain off those lovely new breasts.;')

All for now..Here are some pics from last night. If I could zap away the lovely red, angry scars I would be perfectly happy..but still love the shape and size.;-)

More pics- better to see how the volume displaces

Mederma working a bit on these ugly scars!!

After griping about my scars last week I had a couple of you amazing real self ladies reached out and / or post about Mederma which I had but early on but used twice and then lost somehow . I bought it again and after only about 4 days things are looking better, so thank you so much lovelies!!!

Great Article That Answers a TON of Questions for Women Considering Implants

Anyone want three barely worn 32DDD VS bras for free?

I wrote this in a reply on anna1989'S review, but figured I'd also do so here..
For anyone who wants them..I have THERE beautiful 32DDD bras from VS..that technically fit..but are uncomfortable and the cups are smaller than any other bras in the same size that I try on from other brands. For SURE that is my size.. (in some brands..the cups are even roomy..usually bras made of lace..) but VS is tiny..and it's the biggest size they I am giving up on them. I have worn each one once for about four hours.
If someone out there is a VS fan and that is your size for sure..let me know and I will will ship em off.;-) giving up on their crappy fitting bras.

11 month update - love the size and shape..had a particularly interesting hormonal experience

They squish together normally and shake, but literally RIGHT after ovulation this month, my breasts a tried to get HUGE and firm and sore..and the tissue felt more fibrous...of course even though it felt hormonal, spent days thinking I had CC onset..and got a cycle that started SUPER heavy (tmi, sorry) and it started SIX days early!! Wtf? Other than yhat, this is my ONE VS 32DDD bras that I kept that fits properly.

My "System"

Post muscle release, on of the things you DON'T want is for them to heal (as the capsules are newly healing, too close together.)
The other thing I want is no lateral displacement...
Lastly I follow LynnCC'S two bras system religiously, and will until I am 6 months post op from my little revision. Which will be March 4th..

It looks fairly silly (or apocalyptic;-)..bit this is how I have trained them during the healing stage: cut out one surgical there is a "separator" between them. (I have also done this with two cookie bras, one black and one white , creating my own cheap versions of the uber expensive trademarked "Thongbra bra"..then wear a regular sports bra over it. This synthesis ugliest one but still my fave.. my original first ever surgical
You CAN train your breasts to heal in a certain fashion/shape, I believe. Doctors that lay no import in bras or supper after surgery are crazy in your opinion. (Or looking for revision dollars down the line?)

Workout Gear Fail

What's amazing is it all the work out stuff out there now it's really strappy and sexy...
What's not amazing is that one of the drawbacks of having much bigger boobs is that you need much more support... Unfortunately I can't wear any of the sexy stuff... Because I am definitely not brave enough to jump into that boat at the

Almost at my year "Boobiversary"

Scars looking better. Have been only using Mederma 8n the last three weeks. Seems to be (finally) working!
They never completely feel "rea"... they are very squishy...but let's face it, I am thin, and I have large implants..(Especially in the bathtub...when my tissues are buoyant, the under-edges of the implants are crazily palpable!! When I stand up and out of the water, gravity residuals everything and then they aren't as noticable to the touch.)
I still only have very little rippling when I bend a certain way..and that is almost a miracle considering my size and body frame. I 1000% credit that to my after care, and LynnCC..and wearing two bras 24/7 with exception to bathing and imtimacy..for a YEAR. (I DON'T attribute it to my doctor, who virtually give no aftercare instructions).
I DO attribute the beautiful lift work and shape to HIM. In that regard, Dr. Vath is a genius
I think about them everyday. Not necessarily a great thing. Preserving their position has taken a lot of care.
I still have full nipple sensation and they, after 6 months that of not doing so..definitely contract when I am turned on.;')
From ovulation to my start of cycle they get bigger just like pre- BA..but with bigger implants, that feeling is they feel extra firm and sore during that time. Ugh.

I think my MY main problem is keeping them apart.
In clothes mine are big but not obscene. Nobody would EVER GUESS they are what volume they are.
In bathing suits, that's a different if you live your life in a swimsuit, be more conservative.
Push up bras RUIN your implants. Period. Stay away from VS bras at all costs. Or anything that pushes them I to an unnatural shape. They will settle or gravitate that way.
Definitely take 1000IUs of Vitamin E everyday to keep them softer and prevent CC. It is proven to help.
I do NOT chest work now...

All I can think of for now. PM me if you have any questions..for the most part?...super happy with them!

Forgot to add...I still, after a YEAR, wear some version of "my system" 24/7

With exception to bathing and intimacy, of course..


NOT good for my boobs.
In one 24 hour period, after hours of upper body chest-work that I had no choice but to do.. boobs are misshapen within ONE day..and pulling!!
Validates everything I feel about doing chest work after submuscular implants

Perspective..and to each her own...

I just got taken aback by an update by a gal whom I think is beautiful and have always been complimentary towards...who used the words "top heavy whore", alluding to what she would have looked like if she had gone bigger than her 400s. (She is 5'6" and 130 pounds, I am 5'7" and barely 120 pounds, and have 550/600ccs.) Get my reaction? I am hardly a whore, just because I am "top heavy". .so ladies...Just some positive, go-easy-on-each other mojo here please? Good God. To each her own. All shapes and all sizes, whether boobs or booties...bods are beautiful; and it's super subjective, no matter which way you look at it. I happen to not be attracted to blond, clean shaven men. But I would never attached an obscene,insulting adjective to those types im n my description of them, just because it's not my particular taste. Just going to bed on this note: I have seen many, many different shapes and sizes of breasts on here and continue to be shocked AND awed by their beauty and differences despite heights, frames, ccs, weight, I think we should put a moratorium on ALL blanket insults. To make statements like that on here seems cruel and judgemental.

They are a Pain't sometimes, but Mostly LOVE my Boobs;-)

Standing, as-is cleavage and then squeezing them together. Certain things will never be quite like having real (big) breasts...and having nursed and been a full D naturally, I know the, I hate feeling the edge of the implant poking out on the bottom, for instance, and sometimes...barely even seeing it a tad (looks like a tiny bump)..
...But I will trade that any day to at least look down and see THIS and feel womanly.;-)

13 months post lift update, 6 months post muscle release

Hello ladies... ;-) Happy Springs Solstice!!
I am sorry I have only briefly commented on so many of your reviews lately..have been very busy and dealing with family stuff.
I am following everyone's stories though and catch up in doses. :-))
Just wanted to say that I am finally wearing ONE bra much of the time and feel safe doing so now that my breasts has gotten past the 6 month post (last surgery) capsule healing mark...the lift is holding up beautifuly.. Thank you doctor Vath! I still wear two bras to bed every night and about two days a week...(was worried that they would grow too close together into symmastia for a while afyer muscle release,) so started jerry rigging that thong bra under a sports bra method...
I still look terrible in a push up bras because it changes their shape too much and they get squeezed too one together which scares me..when I lean over they fall together but when I lean back or low down they fall more to the sides like natural breasts so feeling safe they are well contained in their capsules...and pockets. (And I am too big for a push up bras anyway.;-)
Here are a few new pics..and the absolute most fave bra I have ever had! I was having issues with the 32DDD I had, because my breasts were moving around still. .and voila, I got release red and my band is actually a 30!! Made so much sense. Of course I had to go up by a letter because the sister size to a 32 triple D is a 30 quadruple D...
I also happy to report that 13 months post lift I have full sensation in both breasts and awesome nipple contraction and full sensation in nipples as well. Sheesh! It certainly took long enough, but for those of you ladies to worry about sensation coming back, just know it takes a long time for nerves to grow back
Anyway the attached picture is the first ever 30DDDD bra I have worn and it fits like a glove!
I hope you all are doing awesome and feeling great about yourselves and enjoying the beginning of Spring Time!

Have been AWOL..missing you guys!!

So sorry...I have moved and been dealing with an illness in my immediate family, so have been totally underwater, but cannot wait to catch up on my (239!!) humongous newsfeed...The great news is that SO MUCH HAS CHANGED FOR SO many of you, it tickles me! I am two weeks away from the implant exchange I had in May after my February lift. Wearing regular bras to work every day and two sports bras at night still. My breasts have, for the most part, settled into their final result, I believe. I love how soft they are..the one thing that has changed since they said have that the right breast looks slight square which is caused by seeing the little corner edge of my right implant ...not sure anyone notices but me. I can also REALLY feel the bottom edges of both..little self conscious with a new lover, but he doesn't seem to notice.;-) thanks to LynnCC, my breasts have neither fallen, NOT grown closer together Here are a few pics from this week. Muah to all of you and love seeing all your beautiful boobies. Happy Spring!

A year and two months post-exchange to HP, loving my girls!

Hello beautiful, sweet friends. I feel so badly I have not been following anyone's journeys for months now...I have a child who is dealing with a very scary issue, so that has trumped everything. I finally logged on just now and was a med and delighted to see some updates from some of my friends;-)

I am also thrilled to say that after fastidiously "training" my breasts with two bras, 24/7, for almost a year, post exchange, per LynnCC'S wise advice..I now sleep in one bra most nights and in nothing when I am with my guy...And they have settled beautifully into a nice shape, still very perky, with a perfect gap symmastia like I was worried about after the small muscle release... (I jerry-rigged a thong bra system under a sports bra which I wore for months and thimk that it helped actually.) Dr.
Vath is beyond talented. I love their shape and size and the cleavage I now have... I also have to say that although I have missed all you guys..taking a long break from this site has helped me no obsess..and magically, they have settled into their final selves...and it's almost as if I have been rewarded for going easy on myself...My nipples are delightfully sensitive, but not overly so..the rippling is TOTALLY gone, without having gained weight, and they are super squishy AND still look exactly the same projection wise.
I hope you all are feeling happy and beautiful as you should! Happy 4th!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vath is an artist. (Not an overstatement.) At the last minute, I chose to also get a full mastoplexy, in addition to just an implant exchange, in my revision. (I cringe to think of how disappointed I would have been if I just had gone bigger, and still had breasts that were shaped like my "befores.") He was absolutely correct in pointing out that a "beautifully shaped breast with scars is much more attractive" than bigger breasts that are still mishapen. He completely changed the shape of my breasts with a mastoplexy! (I cannot even believe the difference myself!) Best decision I ever made was to trust him in that one. (His incisions are thread-thin and end up almost invisible anyway, by the way. I am four months post-op from the mastoplexy, and from 6 inches away, you can barely see the scars around my areola!) Dr. Vath is super down-to-earth, personable, AND talented at his craft- a triple-whammy combo in a surgeon. His bedside manner matches his technique. He is neither pushy, nor is he completely unopinionated, which I appreciate. He is confident and answers questions honestly- about both what he CAN do, given each individual's unique set of factors (tissue quality, history of breast feeding, age, breast-width, etc.) and also honest about what he CANNOT do. That communication style doesn't allow you to have unrealistic expectations. I appreciated that forthrightness and integrity. The experiences I have had with him have also truly felt like a TEAM effort. His staff is readily responsive and always empathic, kind and understanding of any concerns. They answer questions without making you feel silly. They provide you with a nurse hotline number which you can text or call anytime. Dr. Vath himself also said, verbatim, he will "bend over backwards" to make his patients happy with their results..and he HAS! He has surrounded himself with a staff that provides that same caliber interest in complete patient care. Their offices (The Center for Cosmetic Surgery) are gorgeous and relaxing, and the surgical center itself is in their own offices, so you get a private recovery room and the surgical staff is theirs only. (That is very important, as they all know and trust each other and there are no surprises.) I am so grateful to have found this incredible surgeon and practice!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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