30 Year Old Male Having Rhino with Lucian Ion - London, GB

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Have wanted Rhino since a teenager. I have my...

Have wanted Rhino since a teenager. I have my fathers large nose. Due to cost and work commitments i have waited all this time. Mainly from reviewing this website i decided that Lucian Ion would be a good surgeon to speak to. I booked my consultation middle of July and i met Mr Ion late September. I was very nervous about going and walked past the entrance door a couple of times picking up the courage to go in, but once inside i relaxed a bit and the staff were friendly. Mr Ion was running 45 mins later, so i sat in the waiting room with 3 other people waiting to be called. When called, Mr ion looked up my nose, took some pictures, created a morph and we ran through the procedure. Then i asked some questions. (all written down on paper in advance)
1.Do you specialise in female noses or is there a diffference.
2. How many noses have you done
3. Do you do complex noses and revisions
4. What is the impact of thick, thin skin etc
5. Open or closed Rhino in my case
6. Graft or not
7. Dissolvable stitches or not
8. What to do if you get an infection
9. Can i see pics of scars and noses similar to mine
10. what is the revision rate
11. Is my current type of nose more susceptible to having issues
12. When can i travel by train after surgery
13. when can i sleep on my front again
14. What to you need to do as a surgeon to be registered by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and how do you maintain the registration.

and one or two more that i cant remember

I would say that Lucian did seem a bit rushed as he was running late and was so softly spoken at times it was different to hear him but he did seem nice. He also gave me a flash drive with my pics to take home
I was then ushered into another room to talk about the cost of surgery with a young lady. Mr Ion does work in several surgeries but they had already quoted for the Weymouth hospital (day case). Which was £8475. Maybe some other facility would be cheaper but i didnt ask. I forgot to ask when surgery was being booked for at the time.
The next day i emailed the practice and enquired about the next surgery date and it was the last day in February, but was told that there were some overnight spaces available for surgery earlier than this. I didnt want to wait til the end of February so i asked when the earlier dates were for overnight cases and there were two in november and one in January. So im paying an extra £400 to stay overnight and get the surgery done in November rather than wait until February/March time.
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