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After waiting 40 mins past my appointment time to...

After waiting 40 mins past my appointment time to be seen I wasn't in the best of moods and even thought about cancelling my appointment all together! Thank God I didn't. Dr Lucion Ion was most pleasant, charming, informative and professional and made my consultation experience as good as it can be. I must say, having had 3 surgeries previously and this to be my fourth, he is by far the best in terms of consultations I have ever had. Never have I felt so confident in a surgeon. It really makes sense why he has such great reviews online. He examined my nose internally and proceeded to take photographs of my face at various angles. Soon after he uploaded my images onto a computer and began morphing what he believed to be a suitable and realistic nose for my face. He then asked what I would like. He is certainly an artist, as - as fussy as I am, I did not feel the need to alter his image. Happy and confident that I am not going to find a better surgeon (at least in the UK) I have booked my revision surgery for the earliest available appointment. May 3rd!

3 days post op...

I woke up straight after surgery feeling fine. I looked in the mirror and had little swelling. But i knew it was still too early. The hospital was weymouth street hospital, it is more like a plush hotel... very comfortable and lovely staff. I almost wish I had stayed the night. I ate a little bit of food a couple of hours later but couldnt manage much. I advise soft foods. The nurse told me to order sorbet so I did. As you will have a very sore throat and a dry mouth. My 1st night was difficult. I could barely sleep, needing to sip on water every minute due to my extremely dry mouth. Advise using straws! the next day my swelling had arrived in full force. I look like a hamster... swollen red eyes and huge hamster cheeks. Dr Lucion came to see me after my surgery and said he had to do a complete re build of my nose. He said he found a cyst which he tried his best to remove (cue worried face) and replaced my previous nose grafts with new ones from my ribs. Today, 3 days post surgery, swelling has gone down ever so slightly around my eyes and I'm feeling a little better. Still anxious about my results which i will see for the first time in 4 days time (yikes).

6 days post op...

Swelling around my eyes has now completely vanished and my face also. Although I can see my nose is still very swollen... my cast comes off tomoro.... anxious to see the results for the first time although I know i wont be able to see clearly due to swelling. But the first step to seeing what I can expect at least. I'm a little worried about the possible scarring where the incision was made in my nose tip.. but hoping this will heal. My rib still hurts when I move or stretch too much (i had a rib graft) but other than that no pain. Just a little pressure from the nose swelling. Plus i've had hayfever since yesterday. Will update tomoro once ive seen my nose for the first time!


Nurse Rosie took my cast off today. What a lovely lady... kind, gentle and informative. She made the experience a lot better than it could have been so very happy to have had her. She numbed my tip then proceeded to carefully take out my stitches. After cleaning my nose (poor lady) i loooked in the mirror and was instantly relieved.. Rosie did warn me prior that my nose will be swollen and this wont be my final result but nevertheless I can see the beginnings of what Dr Lucion Ion has done. I think he has done a marvellous job... and after having 3 surgeons previously, believe me when I say he has superb skills. Whilst I would say this is not quite the 'dream' nose, he has done a VERY good job considering what he had to work with!! He also seems to have got my nose very very close to the morph he created before surgery. There are some minor things I would change but I think that is due to me not expressing these desires before surgery so no fault to Dr Ion at all. So definitely do not hold back during consultations. I think I should have had more faith that he could well give me anything I had asked for lol... so i didnt place too many 'unreasonable' requests. I am now looking forward to seeing my FINAL results once swelling has gone down some more. But I'm happy with his work. He is a very skilled, professional and an artist of a surgeon.


SO... M y nose is still very swollen and I often feel a slight throbbing/tingling sensation. I think this is part of the healing process but I haven't experienced this before with any of my previous surgeries. My last 3 operations - each with different surgeons - I was pretty much feeling back to normal straight after cast removal. This is the first time it has taken much longer to heal. I think this is because 1. this is my 4th surgery 2. Dr Ion had quite a lot of work to do on my nose making the healing time longer. I'm hoping the current size of my nose is just swelling as it looks a little on the large side with not much definition... i can see improvements he has made- lifting the tip and bump/cyst removal however I think I'm still yet to see my final results.

Can't believe how sensitive my nose still feels... and i have lumpy swelling on either side of the bridge. Can't wait to see Dr Ion in a couple of weeks to discuss these issues. I do trust him though so I'm sure it's just swelling

4 months post op

OK, so i haven't updated for a while as i have been waiting for my nose swelling to settle down in order to make an accurate review. Unfortunately, I haven't been too happy with the results so far. Whilst Dr Ion has made an improvement ( removed bump) thats all i can really say i am genuinely happy about. My nose is still too large for my face, the shape of the tip is exactly the same (v shape) and what i most wanted to change. He has also set my bridge too high for my face... higher than it was originally?! For the huge expense it cost and the long uncomfortable recovery (my rib still aches) i would definitely say that IF you can live with your nose then do. The surgery is NOT worth it. However, although I cant scream how happy I am with Lucions work, as I am surely not.. I can say that he isnt a bad surgeon and he wont bodge your nose which is better than some. But like any surgery it will still be a huge risk. Overall i'm slightly gutted as i had high hopes.

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