Male - 35 Year Old, Open Tip Rhinoplasty - Bridge Bump, Bulbous Tip, Asymmetric Nose - London, GB

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The shape of my nose has been something which has...

The shape of my nose has been something which has bothered me since my early teens. Although I was never bullied about it at school or work there’s nothing more confidence destroying than talking to someone and noticing them focusing on your nose. It was something I always told myself I would address at some point in life.

After spending hours lurking on this and other sites and reading about other people journeys and horror stories it was apparent that the choice of surgeon was crucial to ensuring the outcome desired. I was also clear this wasn't something I could skimp on since a revision is definitely not an option. After reading many reviews for surgeons who have a larger web presence I stumbled across Lucian Ion. I won’t repeat all the points mentioned in the other reviews however after meeting Lucian for my consultation what I would say is that they are accurate.

The issues identified are;

Nasal Bridge: Relatively Wide, Deviated to the left, Bridge bump, Radix relatively deep
Nasal tip: Wide, Moderate asymmetry, Deviated to the left
Columella: Slight Overhang
Nostril rim: Slight overhang
Nasal Skin: Relatively Thick

During my consultation Lucion created two images. One was his recommendation and the other was based on my expectation.

I’d be grateful if you’d let me know which suits me better. I have plenty of time to decide as my surgery date isn’t until late May.

Removed morphs

I've removed my morphs as they were a little unflattering and having them on here was a little too exposing for my liking. Please send me a PM if you wish to see them.
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As described in other reviews

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