Rhinoplasty with Mr Lucian Ion - Primary and Finesse Revision - London, UK

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My Rhinoplasty

On Friday 14th June I had open tip rhinoplasty surgery with Lucian Ion, and yesterday I had the cast, stitches, tape and splints removed. (and I apologize in advance for the long read!

The problems with my nose as stated by Ion:
Nasal bridge: moderate deviation to the right
Nasal tip: moderately wide
Nasal bridge: slightly convex, slight over-projection
Nasal tip: slight over-projection

I also had a small bump on my nose from several hits to my nose. But one of the things I really hated about my nose was the V shaped/downward arrow shape, my nose had from the front especially when I was smiling. I had always said it was droopy, but I don’t think that’s the right word for it. Lucian Ion said it was more of an illusion and what the eye wanted to see, but it is apparent when smiling, and also in ¾ view. He said that everyone’s nose had it a little bit otherwise your nose would look like it had been amputated! And that he would fix it for me.
This is the decision we came to together:
Nasal bridge: straight from front, lower on profile (approximately 5mm) with slight supra-tip break (slight curve)
Nasal tip: narrower from the front, reduced projection (approximately 4mm), slight shortening (approximately 3mm), and increased definition on profile
Alar base: alar base reduction
Columella: reduced lateral show
Nasolabial angle: increased slightly

I have hated my nose since I was 11 when we made silhouette drawings of our profiles in class and I thought mine looked so manly due to my nose. Then when I was 12 I saw in photos how horrible my nose looked from the front when I was smiling, and from then on I hated my nose and avoided photos. When I had to have photos I turned my head to a kind of ¾ position, but that wasn’t much better either. From the age of 14 I decided I wanted rhinoplasty surgery (because I didn’t know much about plastic surgery before then and that was when I found out it could be fixed). And I decided on having the surgery about two years ago, and have been researching seriously for a year as I had seen how wrong rhinoplasty could go.

Rhinoplasty is the only way to make your nose smaller. I tried to sugar coat and think that my nose wasn’t as bad as it was (like everyone told me), but then I’d see myself in profile and it made me so upset. I cried so many times because of it because I felt that it was just not fair. Why did I have to have a big nose? It made me feel so masculine and unattractive. Because for me a big nose is the worst facial feature, I would never go out with a man with a big nose, but then I would think isn’t that a bit hypocritical of me because I have a huge nose. And I can’t think of a single woman I find pretty who had a big nose, because to me big noses aren’t cute. Every time I laughed or smiled I would raise my hands over my mouth and nose because I thought my nose looked so ugly. I tried the makeup technique of contouring and highlighting to make my nose look narrower and the tip more raised, but it made my nose look worse! So I decided that was it, I was going to do it.

Also, I’ll add at this point. I’m a small person, my height is 157cm (5ft1) and I weigh about 41kg. Nothing about me is big, so I didn’t want to have to have a big nose.

After a lot of research I decided on Lucian Ion (who funnily enough was my first choice so I kinda went in a massive circle).

I had a consult with him in February. I was nervous that if I didn’t like him or if I didn’t feel I could trust him then it would throw all my plans out the window for rhinoplasty. I felt very comfortable with him. He’s a very nice and charming man. He is very calm and I felt I could trust him. He pointed out everything that was bad about my nose plus some other things I didn’t notice (like I had never noticed that it was deviated). I went with my mum (who was against my having the surgery) and she liked him and felt he was a good choice. I did a lot of research before booking the consultation (Ion was the only surgeon I met with). I chose Lucian Ion because he is a member of baaps and bapras, he a primary and revision rhinoplasty surgeon, he mainly does facial plastic surgery and I had read lots of good reviews about him. Also, surgeons all have their own signature mark, and he favours more feminine and cute noses, which was exactly what I wanted.

I then had to spend ages convincing my mum because even after meeting Ion she was still against it. She would say yes, then no. I spent ages reasoning and trying to convince her. I think I should add, my mum doesn’t have a big nose at all. She is half Chinese so her nose isn’t overly projected like mine was and her front view is fine. Anyway, she finally changed her mind, I booked the surgery and I was lucky to get a date in two weeks times (because the waiting time the previous occasions I had enquired was two months! – because he is a popular surgeon)

I had the surgery at BMI Weymouth. The staff were so nice and made me feel really comfortable. It’s really nice there, more like a hotel than a hospital! I was so scared though (because the rest of the week I had been worrying more about an exam I had to sit the day before surgery). I arrived at 11.30 and my surgery was at 13.00. However, I didn’t have surgery until 15.30 (the person before me was having two procedures and the nurse said that Ion was slow in surgery because he was a perfectionist). Luckily there was a tv in my room, and so I could distract myself a bit, but I was so scared. My mum didn’t help saying things like, ‘I’m not taking responsibility if it goes wrong’ (which I was so scared about), and ‘what if you die, this is all self inflicted, then I won’t have a daughter’.

I didn’t even feel as if I had been asleep long when the nurse woke me up, and I was thinking please don’t wake me up, I’m having such a nice sleep. My first words were like, please can I have something to eat I’m so starving? (I hadn’t eaten since about 22.00 the previous night and it was now 17.45) I was also so surprised because I could breathe through my nose! After being awake half an hour they took me upstairs to my room. I felt very nauseous at this point. The nurse gave me some water and told me to drink slowly. I felt nauseous for about an hour.

Ion also came to see me in my room to see how I was doing. He told me that the surgery went well and my nose fitted my features much better now and that the result was similar to the 3d imaging we had done on Monday. We spoke a bit and then he left. My mum and younger brother arrived at 20.00, I had some supper (I had filled out a menu when I got there, but I ordered so much because there were lots of options and the nurse was like order as much as you want, order some more drinks!), I was given my medication, they called a taxi for us and we left the hospital at 22.00
I could already see an improvement in my nose, despite the swelling and the cast. I felt really bad the next day, and all I could think was ‘what have I done to myself?. I think thought compared to other people (I have read lots of rhinoplasty stories), my recovery was quite hard, and I only became more mobile by day 6. Also, my nose bled a lot after surgery, and I wore the drip pad thing (is that what it’s called? I don’t think so!) until Sunday and still then some clear liquid was coming out of my nose. I phoned the emergency number that I had been given by Ion’s staff, to check that it was okay to be bleeding so much and they said it was okay. Also, I don’t really remember anyone else mentioning this, but the inner corner of my eyes were really sore and really hurt, and would start watering every time I woke up until about day 6.
I still couldn’t manage to take the train and tube up to Ion’s office to get the cast removed yesterday so my mum drove me. I was really scared about this because I had read that some people had said it really hurt. Ms Angelica Kavouni (she is another plastic surgeon who has an office in the same building as Ion – she is also his wife) took off the cast and tape, and started removing the dry blood from inside my nose. (Because the nurse was running late). She said that the side profile looked really nice. Anyway, the nurse came and took over. The worst part was taking out the internal splints (to me anyway, because there was a lot of dried blood around them because my nose had bled a fair amount). She then said to me, ‘I don’t know what your nose was like before, but it’s tiny now’.
I cannot believe that this is my nose. I love it so much (I can’t believe I’m saying that!) It seems so unreal. I’m so happy with it. Literally words cannot describe it. Lucian Ion has done an amazing job!!! I never imagined that it would look this good, especially the front. I love it! Even though there is still some swelling in the front and side I love it! I wouldn’t mind if there was no swelling now and this was the final result, that’s how much I love it. Ion is amazing and really nice to, and easy to talk to (I never imagined a plastic surgeon would be like that, the ones I have seen on TV have been really creepy and I wouldn’t want them coming near me, let alone cutting up a part of my face). I recommend him completely. He should win an award for being so good at rhinoplasty surgery and for being such a good surgeon. All I have to say is Thank you so much Lucian Ion for my lovely nose.

Reuploaded some photos

I noticed that these photos came up much smaller on the website than on my computer, so I uploaded some bigger versions so you can see the change more clearly

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I have decided to remove photos on here.

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I wasn't too comfortable with having my photos on here, but I have made a picturetrail account so if you want to see some, send me a message and I will tell you my username and the password to view the photos ^^

7 months post op

I had my rhinoplasty procedure with Mr Ion on June 14th 2013 at BMI Weymouth hospital. I did a write up after cast off. I noticed that there weren't many updates from Mr Ion's patient so I decided to do one (because I'm still so in love with the result)

I have updated my picturetrail account with new photos, so anyone who is interested in seeing these photos can message me and I will send you a link with a password.

From the moment of cast off I have loved my new nose. I didn't actually notice until I compared some photos that the swelling has come down quite a bit (especially the front view has become smaller and more defined). I didn't really notice the swelling too much, but the swelling fluctuates much more now but nothing in particular sets it off for me. Apart from crying which makes my nose as swollen as when the cast was on - I'm not joking.

The aftercare I have received from Mr Ion has been so good (I've seen him four times post op). I really cannot recommend Mr Ion enough from my experience. I have much more confidence in my appearance now. I feel that my nose suits my face and looks natural (in my opinion - I felt a little self-conscious/paranoid when a man sitting opposite me on the tube was talking to his girlfriend squeezing his nose, and pressing the tip, obviously talking about nose jobs, I was listening to music so I couldn't hear, maybe it was a coincidence I'd had my nose done and he wasn't talking about me) Also, the scar from the open tip incision is almost invisible and the alar base reduction scars are hardly visible.

Also my nose is still hard. I asked Mr Ion about this and he said that it would get a little softer, but it will still be harder than pre-op. This is because I had cartilage grafts for support and definition, and had a fair amount of work to make the tip smaller (seriously it's like at least 2/3 times smaller than pre-op) The columella is hard too. The hardness doesn't bother me, but I'd thought I'd mention it.

I am so glad that I chose Mr Ion as my surgeon, I don't feel I could have chosen a better surgeon. I am so pleased and happy with what he has done for me.

Feel free to ask any questions^^

1 Year Post Op

I had my rhinoplasty procedure with Mr Ion one year ago, 14th June 2013. I did a write up after and an update at six months. I have decided to do one last update with photos because maybe that would be useful to some people (because I found the decision to have the rhinoplasty procedure a very scary one to make)

I updated my picturetrail account with more photos. Just send me a message or leave a comment and I will give you the link and password.

I am still really very happy with the result that Mr Ion has given me^^ I would recommend him fully and I really believe that I could not have chosen a better surgeon^^. I still have times when I look in the mirror and feel so happy to see this nose (and sometimes I really can't believe it)

For me, it was strange to gradually forget how my old nose looked (I read beforehand on someone else's review that their surgeon said they would forget how their old nose looked, and all I thought was I'll never forget this nose, I hate it so much!!!) When I compare the before and after photos I really can't believe the change, and I am really so thankful to Mr Ion.

Now I can wear more minimal makeup without feeling uncomfortable, and I can wear clothes that I would never have felt comfortable in (like pinks and white, and more girly style)

For me, there were no downsides to this procedure. The feeling hasn't returned 100% to the tip but that doesn't really bother me too much. The tip will remain hard (due to grafts and techniques used to create the smaller tip), but I don't really care about that, it's worth it to have a smaller nose.

Overall I am really pleased with my result, and in my opinion Mr Ion is a really amazing surgeon. I really cannot express how grateful I am to Mr Ion^^

18 month post op update with photos

It has now been about 18 months since my rhinoplasty with Mr Ion! My last update was at 1 year post op, but I thought it might be useful to do update again as my nose is still changing! Actually I did not notice these changes until at my appointment with Mr Ion – at 18 months – when he compared them to the photos he had taken 3 months prior and changes could still be seen. He told me that it is now believed that with rhinoplasty that changes can take place for up to three years. Hopefully that will happen for me and then I’ll have a super tiny nose! I think that I was quite lucky in terms of swelling (well not for the first week with the cast on) because my nose was never super swollen, and even at cast off my nose looked really nice, in my opinion, and I loved it straight away. However, that’s not to say that my nose wasn't swollen, Mr Ion compared a photo of my nose from November 2013 to the photo he took on the day, and my nose was pretty swollen then (compared to now) with a lot less definition, though at the time I didn't think that at all. (Also my face looked really fat in comparison, and in the more recent photo my face looks fatter than usual – hopefully I have lost that extra weight now! – I think the 15 month post op photo gives a better idea of how I look as a whole, also because I was feeling poorly in the 18 month photo – and I don’t like photo taken so close up!!!)

I am still very happy and pleased with the results from my surgery; when I look at photos of my old nose I can’t believe that I had a nose like that – and that I lived for so long with it! I couldn't have spent the money in a better way, and a good result from surgery is priceless. One thing I don’t think that I have mentioned before is how much I like how the bridge looks from the front, it is has a softer, and not so harsh, appearance making my nose seem a lot smaller than before, if that makes sense. I really like that. I have never looked back once since having the surgery. As I have mentioned before I feel more comfortable wearing more natural makeup (though not exactly less products!) because I find that too much makes me look a little harsh – I always used to liner the inner corners of my eyes pre op but I haven’t really done it since as it gives me a harsh look, plus I like wide set eyes (and not to mention lining your eyes like that makes your nose appear wider/larger as it makes your eyes seem closer together), though that’s not to say I don’t like wearing dramatic makeup, just not on a day to day basis like I used to. Also, quite a few people have mentioned that it’s made me look younger which makes me so happy^^

The tip of my nose is still hard – as well as the columella, and the feeling of sensation not 100% or the same as pre op (though I can’t remember the exact feeling pre op, I just know it was different) I mentioned it before but it’s due to having grafts in the tip and techniques used to make a smaller tip. I just thought I ought to mention this, but I don’t think that this is the case for everyone, especially if you don’t have lots of tip work.

And I only have good things to say about Mr Ion^^ He’s a really excellent and caring surgeon, and a nice man. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face. I don’t believe that I would have got such a good result from another surgeon, and I also don’t believe that many other surgeons would have taken such good care of my post-op and seen me so many times (my next appointment is in June – when I will be 2 years post op! I really can’t believe that!!!). I am really so grateful to him, and I really don’t believe that I could have chosen a better surgeon than Mr Ion *^ ^*

I have uploaded the photos that Mr Ion took, at both 15 months and 18 months post op, onto my picturetrail account, as well as some of my own. As usual, just send me a message or leave me a comment and I will give you a link and password for the photos~~

I don’t think that I have missed anything out that I wanted to write, but I'm ill at the moment so I might have >.<

If you have any questions feel free to ask^^

Finesse / Touch Up / Minor Revision

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has written such kind messages to me^^ I've received some really super kind messages which really mean so much to me, and have been really touching ^-^On September 21st I had a finesse revision with Mr Ion. The revision was open tip again, but under local anaesthetic this time as the change was minor. Also, I didn't have this procedure at Weymouth hospital (where I had my original rhinoplasty) but at 152 Harley Street (I had previously been there to have a scar tissue removal on one alar base)I took the decision to have a revision super seriously, and thought about it for a long time. My main concern was that the tip was still to V shaped for my liking (I find it hard to explain in words). I first noticed this around 2.5/3 months post op. At first, I thought that maybe it is just swelling and that it would resolve itself over time, so I didn't say anything to Mr Ion for a long time. Actually, I was really scared to tell him that there was something I didn't like about my nose because he's done such an amazing job and I don't want to offend him, and I don't want for him to get cross with me! Also, I had read about how some surgeon's can be really dismissive and rude if there's something that a patient doesn't like about their nose. And Mr Ion had done really amazing and impressive work on my nose, and it's like 1,000,000 times better than my birth nose (ugh I don't even know how I lived so long with that nose...) But it's just this one little thing that bothers me about my nose. I told Mr Ion when I was nearly a year post op, and he booked me in for an appointment for a few months later so that we could discuss it more. Anyway, Mr Ion was so super kind and understanding about it. This appointment was in September 2014 and my nose was still changing from May 2014 (when I first mentioned the problem I had with the tip). I wasn't in a super hurry to get this fixed so Mr Ion said that we could meet again in three months, December 2014. When we met again in December and compared the photo taken on that day to the one in September, there were still changes, because of this I am still a little apprehensive to commit myself to having a revision in case the nose would just change to how I wanted it without any surgical intervention, and Mr Ion said the same. So, Mr Ion booked me in to see him in June 2015. My biggest concern is that something will go wrong and I will regret my decision of having a revision. Part of me really wanted to go ahead with, and I really trust Mr Ion anyway, but another part of me felt like I was playing with fire and that if I went through with this, and it went wrong I would never be able to forgive myself because my nose was good! Basically I'm not a risk taker! I told Mr Ion that I didn't want to make a bad decision, and he said that he didn't think that it was a bad idea, so I felt more at ease about my decision. At my appointment in June, Mr Ion said that my nose wasn't going to change anymore than it already had and that I could either have the revision under local or general. I also wanted to have more of a slope in the profile and have the bridge lowered. At first I was booked in to have the procedure under general anaesthetic having the tip fixed, more of a supratip break and the bridge taken down a little. There wasn't going to be any removal of bone, just cartilage. But still I am really scared, and when I told my mum she said that my profile is perfect and just to change the tip, so I changed to have the procedure done under local. Now I don't feel so scared or worried anymore! However, I fully believe that if I'd had the procedure under general with the bridge lowered it would have worked out (now I kind of hate being such a chicken because I really loved the profile morphs!!!!)My surgery was booked for September, and I wasn't really worried because I thought that it's not so serious because it's just under local anaesthetic. So I wasn't really prepared that I would feel pretty much as bad as I did after my primary, and that my nose would be really swollen!On the day of the surgery I was really scared. My surgery was scheduled for 8.30 so I had to get to the hospital for 8.00. The best thing about having local is that I was able to eat and drink, because having to skip breakfast for my primary was one of the worst things ever! I'm literally dead if I don't eat breakfast X_X Mr Ion spoke to me about what he was going to do before the operation, and I was also able to get more of a supratip break^^ It was at this point that I found out the procedure was open tip (I had no idea how I thought Mr Ion was going to change the tip without opening the nose!) I told Mr Ion that I was really scared and he told me not to worry and that I wouldn't feel anything and the injections would only hurt a little, and that they had to put a pad on my tummy, which was hooked up to some machine, and that would feel cold at first. But still, I'm so scared! My hands were shaking so much that when I signed the consent form my handwriting looked like a little child's! Then Mr Ion took me through to the operating theatre. The nurse made sure I was comfortable and warm enough by giving me some blankets. She was really nice and did her best to make me feel comfortable. I had to wear a cap over my head to keep my hair away, and she was like 'don't worry, we're all wearing them so we're matching', I don't know, maybe I come across as super vain!So first I had to have the local anaeshetic injections in my nose, and I think it was obvious how scared I was because the nurse held my hand the whole time. The first injection hurt so much, but after that they became less and less worse. Still, I must seem so scared because the nurse is trying to say things to make me relax. First she tells me to imagine I'm at a spa, and then Mr Ion says he hopes that I don't go to a spa where they do this to me, and then this makes me start laughing. Then she says that afterwards she'll make me a hot chocolate, and Mr Ion says he thinks something stronger like a gin and tonic would be better, and the nurse is like noooo it's too early for that!!! Then I really start laughing so they stop because I think they see really how easy it is to make me laugh! Mr Ion was really thorough in making sure my nose was completely numb and that I wouldn't be able to feel any pain. He then double checked that I couldn't feel any pain. Then Mr Ion marks on my nose where he's going to make the incision. The nurse ask him something (I can't remember what) and he says that it's hard to see the scar from the primary, so for those who are worried about scarring that shows how small and hard to see they are!The operation itself lasted about nearly 1 hour and was really scary because even though I can't feel any pain, I still feel everything that is happening and it's really unpleasant T_T. Actually I can remember it really vividly, even now. I remember during the operation really regretting not having general anaesthetic. I wouldn't really recommend it, but a massive plus is that I didn't feel sick like I did from the general anaesthetic, which was super horrible. But I'm a massive wimp, seriously, so maybe to others it wouldn't be so bad.After the operation, Mr Ion told me that it went well and it's looking nice. He spoke to me some more and gave me a prescription and then told me that he was going back to his practice but that they would look after me at the hospital. The nurse gave me a hot chocolate as well, which helped make me feel a little better, and I also had a tea as well. I lay down for about 1.5 hour I think, and then the hospital arranged for a taxi to take me home. Before I left, the nurse changed the dressing and let me see my nose. The first time the dressing was changed the nurse told me I could see my nose later because it's bleeding a lot and such. But when the nurse hands me the mirror I remember not thinking much, sure the V-shape has gone and the base of the nose is a lot more level, but it's really swollen. When I got home I watched some movies. After some time I tried to eat because it's past lunch time, even though I'm not hungry. I bought Korean pumpkin porridge because I read it's meant to be good for after plastic surgery, but I could only eat a small amount and then I felt really sick and nauseous. I had a bath and was careful not to get my nose wet, and then rested some more. At the hospital, the nurses said that I could wash my hair and just not to get my face wet, but not to wash my hair on the first day. I didn't have to wear a cast post op, Mr Ion taped up my nose and I had a dressing underneath for the first 24 hours. However, my nose did bleed quite a fair bit, and by the time the recovery week was over there was quite a bit of dried blood.Post op, I did feel super nauseous for the first few days, and eating was really hard because I just felt like I'm going to be sick. For pretty much the whole week, I slept all day and was only up for a few hours in the evening before going back to bed. Also, as I was only expecting to have minor swelling I was really concerned because my nose was really swollen. My mum just told me not to worry because Mr Ion is an expert and he knows what he's doing.For my recovery week I made sure to eat plain foods and to avoid eating too much salt. I can't say how much that helped the swelling (I'm a bit run down and weak at the moment so that probably made recovery and swelling harder). I ate the following foods;
-Steamed rice
-Poached chicken
-Udon in chicken bone broth with Chinese cabbage and tofu
-Baked potato
-Baked goguma (Korean sweet potato/yam)
-Juk (Chinese dish made with rice cooked in bone broth)
-Ice cream
I didn't add salt or flavouring to any food, and I tried to have a lot of bone broth because it's high in collagen and supposedly like nature's botox so good for healing, etc... Actually I ate plain foods for quite some time after the operation, and then when I tried to add more flavoursome food back into my diet everything tastes really salty! But it's okay to eat sweet foods. I also tried to drink lots of water and pineapple juice. And I also took Arnica.I got a taxi to Mr Ion's office when it was time to get the tape and stitches removed, because I felt too weak to go on public transport. When the tape was removed my nose looked super cute from the front and in profile. However, by the time I got home the front was really swollen. Compared to my primary, my swelling was pretty bad and persistent, so I kept my nose taped whenever I was inside (I still tape my nose when I'm in and when I go to bed). Taping really helped with the swelling and I could see how cute my nose looked without so much swelling. But even now my swelling fluctuates, even with the same day!Originally I only took a week off work, because I thought that recovery was going to be much easier than my primary! However, it wasn't and I had to take an extra week off work! The result was subtle so I wasn't worried about anyone at work noticing and figuring out I'd had time off to have plastic surgery (and I don't work with the most observant people anyway)The change is subtle, but I'm really pleased because the base of the nose is much more level. Some days I look in the mirror and can't believe how small my nose is! My brother says that it's finessed, haha! And my mum says that it's so much better, because she could see the problem and she said that she just didn't want to point it out to me! Asides from the swelling, I only had one other small problem which Mr Ion fixed straight away! A few weeks ago I had a painful lump inside my nose (there had been some pain in that area for a little bit, but nothing there so I just used Savlon and left it alone) I noticed it immediately one morning, and as soon as I got into work I emailed his practice. They emailed back super fast and told me to phone the practice and ask for the practice nurse. I spoke to the practice nurse and she booked me in to see Mr Ion a week later, to be honest I'm not that impressed because it looks a little like an infection with pus inside the lump (eww so gross, I'm sorry!) Anyway, after I return from lunch I have an email in my inbox telling me that Mr Ion would see me later that same afternoon. I phone the practice in and they book me in to see Mr Ion at 17.45 (this was at about 14.30), and luckily I was allowed to leave work early to go to my appointment. When I get there Mr Ion checks the area, then he gives me some local anaesthetic and fixes it (I have no idea how!). He frequently checked that I'm okay and it's not hurting, he's really such a great surgeon^^ He prescribed me some antibiotics and told me that if it doesn't go away to phone the practice and that he would see me again. Anway, by the next morning I can't even see anything, there isn't even a wound! I really don't understand how he did it!In terms of scarring, the open tip scar is really faded and hard to see, and I don't think that anyone will ever notice it. Post op, the wound healed really quickly, and after the stitches were removed there was hardly any scab or anything. I also used sinus rinse straight after stitch removal which helped to remove any remaining dried blood inside the nose, it also prevents the bad smell from inside the nose.Really I can't fault Mr Ion at all, and I only have good things to say about him. He's a really amazing and talented surgeon, and I feel grateful to him everyday. My pre-op nose was really so horrible and I find it so hard to believe that Mr Ion turned that nose into the nose I have now. Pre-op I always felt so self conscious and never felt pretty, I felt that I couldn't wear pretty clothes or pink lip colours because I felt too masculine, and I would always wear heavy eye makeup. Now I love to wear pink and clothes I would never have worn pre-op, and I always wear pink lip colour. I don't think I'll ever forget how I felt pre-op, and so I'll always feel so grateful to Mr Ion. I read that finesse rhinoplasty is harder than making a big change, and Mr Ion has given me such a nice result^^ I really feel so lucky to have chosen Mr Ion as my surgeon *^-^*I find it hard to trust others with my appearance, I find it hard enough to trust someone with my hair, and nearly impossible with my nails. Someone once offered to style my hair but I said no because I don't trust them to make it look nice! But I trust Mr Ion completely with my face. If I want more surgery and Mr Ion does it, I would go to him. Also, the level of aftercare that Mr Ion has given has been so high, and I really don't believe that another surgeon would have given me such good aftercare, and so much time post op.I've updated my picturetrail with new post-op photos, as well as photos from my primary, some pre-op photos and morphs. As usual, just send me a message or leave me a comment and I'll give you the link and password, and feel free to ask any questions~~

Mr Ion is a really awesome surgeon. He is a member of baaps and bapras, and he specialises in rhinoplasty (and revision rhinoplasty as well) I always felt that I could really trust him and he always answered all my questions. He is really talented and skilled with a good aesthetic eye, as well as kind and understanding. I feel that the work he did for my nose is really so amazing. The level of aftercare I have received from Mr Ion has been really excellent; I really do not believe that I would have received this from any other surgeon. I really couldn't have chosen a better surgeon.

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