33 Year Old Male, 7th Rhinoplasty Procedure Using Rib Graft

Hello all, I'm a 33 year old Caucasian male who...

Hello all,

I'm a 33 year old Caucasian male who underwent my first rhinoplasty procedure aged just 17, as my nose had a large hump and was very out of proportion with my face. I was young and naive at the time and really didn't know what I was letting myself in for. I had it done through NHS and was referred to an ENT surgeon, who ended up allowing a registrar to operate on me without my knowledge. Of course, this was not a success and instead of going private I saw another surgeon on NHS called Dr Simon Withey. I had 4 further open rhinoplasty operations by him and 2 further closed operations. The last of which was 5 years ago.

I am still left with a very asymmetrical nose, poor nasal breathing and irregular misshapen nostril, despite numerous attempts to have this corrected. I also still have a drooping septum. In other words, it looks horrific! I have been unable to look at my face in its entirety for the past 7 years without feeling wholly depressed.

I saw Dr Lucian Ion in 24th December and felt very well informed and confident about what he felt he could do for me. I'd previously seen Dr Basim Matti and was wholly 'unimpressed' by him. He was also quoted £2,000 more for surgery. Lucian agreed that I had unsuccessful surgery in the past and was sympathetic. He took photos and showed me a morphed image of what he felt could be achieved. I am still deeply concerned (that due to large amount of scar tissue and little or no cartilage available to work with) that this will be my 7th umcsuccessful procedure, at a huge expense (£8,225). He seems confident about improving my breathing and overall symmetry of my nose, despite the previous surgeon's FAILED attempts at this.

Reading everyone's comments on here, it seems that I am one of the very few who has undergone so many procedures and it is very upsetting that I didn't find a site like this in the past or a surgeon like Lucian. I just hope that he can do something for me as it would make me feel happier than words can say.

Am booking surgery when his office reopens next week and will also have a second consultation to ask further question that I have.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced similar. Also, how long the waiting time for surgery is. I'm told it is 8-10 weeks.



Dr Uppal

Another Realself user has kindly mentioned Dr Rajan Uppal as a worthy consideration for revision rhinoplasty surgery, so have decided to arrange a consultation with him before committing to anything.

2nd Consultation

I was wondering whether anyone has seen Lucian for a 2nd consultation before committing to surgery, as normally the 2nd consultation is after booking in a date for surgery? Many thanks.

Rib Cartilage

I have done a little more research into the use of rib cartilage for rhinoplasty and the general consensus that I am getting is that it is the 3rd preferred use of cartilage after nasal and ear. I've also been informed that it can feel like 'wood' to the touch and has a tendency to warp or be reabsorbed into the body, creating an uneven look so am feeling very uncertain and nervous about it all.

Second Consultation

I can't believe it was back on December when I had my first consult with Lucian! I have finally got around to booking a second consultation with him in July so fingers crossed all goes well.

Dr Charles East

I am 99.8% certain that if I decide to proceed with surgery then I will have it done with Lician as I have complete faith in his ability. One thing he did mention though (in my first consult) was that an ENT surgeon would be better qualified to improve the issue I have with my breathing ( which is pretty bad!). This procedure would likely be done after I have my rhinoplasty op with Lucian but was wondering what people's thoughts were on Charles?

Having Second Thoughts

It is now 4 weeks until I have my second consultation with Mr Ion and since I last saw him in December I have shared experiences and thoughts with many other realselfers which has been both enlightening and imformative. As my consultation draws ever closer, I am starting to seriously question whether I should risk another procedure. I have been through so much physical and emotional scarring since I had my first procedure aged just 17 until now (aged 33). I am also wondering whether my nose has been tampered with so much that it is unlikely that I will achieve any real improvement or perhaps risk making things worse with another procedure. Ever since my first rhinoplasty operation, I have experienced disappointment and my biggest fear of all is to experience a further disappointment if I take the plunge once more. Ion was very optimistic that he could achieve close to his morphs (which looked great!), but unfortunately I find it difficult to share that optimism. Hope is what has got me this far but I am starting to feel as though hope is fading. Perhaps I should just accept that I am one of the unlucky ones and (try to) live with what I've got. I'm so confused and rather lost.

2nd Consultation

Hi All,

I have just had my 2nd consultation with Mr Ion. We discussed what he proposed to do and I expressed my concerns regarding the functional element of my nose, as I have severe breathing issues, partially due to deviated septum and partially due to scarring.

Whilst he felt confident that he could achieve close to the proposed morphs, he wasn't as confident about fully correcting my breathing. He said that I could arrange to have an ENT operate on me with him (at an additional expensive) but he felt confident enough to simply have a rhinoplasty now and see what the results are like with that. He also said that my case was borderline plastic surgery and ENT.

I also asked Ion whether he had performed many reconstructive cases and he said he had performed some but didn't give any indication as to how many. The pictures he showed me on his computer were not complex revision cases. Also, he said that a significant proportion of his cases are primary and secondary procedures which is understandable. That said, I get the impression that he hasn't performed many reconstructive cases like mine and this does worry me somewhat.

I was very open with Ion and told him that I had consuted with an ENT named Mr Charles East and he said that if I required any further work on breathing after my procedure with him that he would put me in touch with a good ENT who would not undo any of the work he had done.

I'm currently very confused. I knew I would be. I know it'll be a risk no matter what I do and I will inevitably need to bite the bullet and go with my gut. Problem is, my gut is equally as confused as my head. lol

I feel more reassured that East would be more well equipped to deal with the functional element of my nose but am also confident that Ion would achieve a nicer aesthetic, thus a nicer looking nose. Also, I saw East via NHS and he didn't provide any morphs (which is disconcerting) and also informed my that he would have a registrar with him who would help assist with surgery. I don't like this idea at all.

Ion is a lovely, honest man and I do trust him. It's because my case is functional as well as aesthetic, not to mention the amount of surgery I've already had, that makes this so much harder.

Any thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps if you are or have been in a similar situation to myself.

Thank you. :)

Surgery Booked

After much deliberation, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and proceed with surgery with Lucian Ion. The decision was not an easy one (given my current situation), but I am confident that Lucian will do what he can to best improve my nose.

I have booked to have surgery towards the end of the year and pray to God that this will be my last!

Wish me luck, eh. :)
London Plastic Surgeon

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