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Hi, I'm 28 years old and have hated my nose...


I'm 28 years old and have hated my nose since I was about 11. I've always wanted rhinoplasty on and off, but kept trying to convince myself that I can live with it and learn to not care. It doesn't affect me to the extent that I can go out or be social. But I never take profile pictures and every time I see my nose from the side in a fitting room, it really upsets me. I really dislike the fake look, and prefer looking natural, but I'd only really get a natural looking nose anyway.

So recently I decided that if I don't get it done now, I never will. I booked a consultation with both Harley Medical Group and Mya. HMG gave me a list of surgeons, but none of them had great reviews online, so I decided to go with Mya. However, at the consultation with the surgeon, he couldn't even tell me how many procedures he carries out a week, or a year, and I couldn't find a single rhinoplasty of his online, so I decided he's not the right choice.

My mum then started looking into good surgeons for me online, and we've come across a few, but I'm not between two doctors, Lucian Ion and David Roberts. Lucian Ion has great reviews on here, but I couldn't find much on David Roberts. However, I've heard good things about him from people at the NHS etc.

I was just wondering if anyone has had surgery with either of these surgeons and can help me make up my mind. They're both very expensive, but I'd rather go with someone expensive and know I'm in good hands.

Please help.

Surgery booked!

I've stayed away from Realself and other cosmetic surgery forums in the last few months, as I just wanted to make a decision and wait for my surgery date.

So let me go back to the beginning. After posting on here for the first time, I booked a consultation with Lucian Ion, there was a few months' wait, and I managed to get an October date with him. At the consultation, he made me feel extremely comfortable. In fact, I would have had the surgery then and there had he allowed me to! He was very professional, measured my ears etc, took photos, looked inside my nose, unlike the surgeon at Mya, who seemed clueless, didn't touch my nose, didn't take photos, and, in fact, was quite rude. Lucian Ion, however, was very patient and explained everything in detail. He morphed an image for me, which I liked, but when I got home I thought it's too straight. My mind was made, though, Lucian was the surgeon for me.

On the first consultation, he recommended a second consultation (which is free of charge), so I booked the next available date, 24 December. he told me the waiting list is usually around 6 weeks, so I didn't bother booking the surgery yet, as I thought I can easily book it on Xmas eve, as I wanted to roughly get it done around Feb.

Before my second consultation, I wanted to figure out the best dates that would suit me financially etc, and started getting impatient, plus I was starting a new job so wanted to have a rough idea of when I'd be having the surgery. So I called the practice, and was told the earliest date would be 29 March. I booked it straight away, not wanting to miss out, as I want to have the surgery and recover by the summer.

On my second consultation, I asked if he could give me a slight curve, which he did, but I could tell from his face that he didn't think this nose would be ideal for my face. He said he could still go ahead with it though and doesn't want to give me an opinion that might change my mind. So once I had both morphed images, I went home to compare them. The more I looked at them, I realised I actually hated the second one. As a stand-alone nose, it was a nice nose, but it just didn't seem to suit my face. So I've 100% decided to go with the first morphed image. My family and friends prefer the first one too.

I've now got around 6 weeks to wait. And I honestly feel SO impatient. I hardly want to do anything, as I just want to get it over and done with. Plus I've been planning summer holidays etc, so I have a lot to look forward to after the surgery. I've taken two weeks off from work, plus my surgery date falls just after the Easter weekend, so I'll have nearly 2 weeks off from work. I absolutely can't WAIT. I will post again after the surgery. Fingers crossed everything goes well!
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Lucian Ion, David Roberts

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