Revision Rhinoplasty & Anterior Neck Lift with Lucion Ion - London, GB

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I had my first consultation with Lucion on the...

I had my first consultation with Lucion on the 10th November for a revision rhinoplasty and anterior neck lift. Very nice guy and very knowledgeable. He took his time with me and spent almost 1.5 hours which made him run late! Oopsie! He listened carefully on what changes I would like/direction I'd like to go in to achieve a more natural looking nose. He was realistic and honest about my situation which I liked a lot.
I'm absolutely delighted with how it all went and I feel confident with him fixing my nose to get it to where it should be so my surgery is now booked for February 2017 as an overnight stay at the Weymouth street hospital.
I also decide to get my neck lifted to create a more sharp angle and definition. Both will be done on the same operation.

My cosmetic enhancement journey in pictures - Instagram

I will be documenting my surgery over on Instagram. My plastic/personal account and happy to accept... Lots of support and I've found it very helpful after a member on here recommending it to me.

Revision rhinoplasty, anterior neck lift and also injectable treatments. Considering a chin implant for more forward projection too at a later stage after consulting with Dominic Bray in Harley Street just recently.

Instagram@neomrhino my cosmetic surgery enhancement in pictures.

Update + Insta

It will be 9 weeks on Sunday since I had my revision rhinoplasty and necklift/jaw surgery with Lucion Ion. I couldn't be happier! I'm delighted with my results so far. I had my first check up three weeks ago and both Lucion and I are happy with progress. I had kenalog (steroid) injections in my tip and also my neck to help with swelling and scar tissue build up. Noticed a diffference with having the injections with more definition appearing in both procedures. Also, I was fortunate to have enough of my own septum cartilage for grafts and no rib was needed! Very happy about that!

I found this surgery quite tough! I experienced a lot more pain, discomfort and sickness compared to my last surgery but it was all worth it! I brought up my chin again in this appointment to get his opinion after I had the neck lift, he recommended fillers to see if I like the result first and then we'd do an implant at a later stage.

If you want to keep up to date with my journey feel free to follow my Instagram account _jamiemel
where I've been documenting with photos.
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