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A 19, nearly 20, year old girl suffering from...

A 19, nearly 20, year old girl suffering from insecurity due to my nose for a couple years now and have finally decided to take the plunge. Have had other consultations but Lucian Ion is definitely the surgeon for me. He is realistic and confident in his work and I believe he will give me the nose I have been dreaming of.

First Consultation

So I had my first consultation with Dr Ion late November. I arrived at his practice on Harley Street and was greeted by his lovely stuff. I was handed a form to complete to fill out details about my contact details, health etc. Soon after Lucian Ion called me to his office and after pleasant introductions he examined my nose externally and internally. He took pictures of me from all angles and I then had a seat at his desk.

He asked me about how I envisioned my nose to be and I informed him of what I would like to be changed. He then morphed my photos listening to what I wanted and showed me such an elegant nose! I asked him to make it a little less upturned and he listened. One thing about Dr Ion is he is very attentive. He will not force his opinion on you on what he believes your nose should be, he will listen to what you want and tell you whether its realistic or if it could be improved further.

He then explained his techniques and his aftercare. He was so thorough and informative I was left with no questions to ask. I spent a good hour and a half in his office, he really took his time explaining everything.

We both agreed on how my nose good be improved so I'm booked for my surgery on 20th March 2017. I believe his earliest available consultations as of late November are mid February, and his earliest surgery dates are late March/early April.

My quote is £8,600 but because I've opted for an overnight stay in Weymouth Hospital I have to pay an extra £400 bringing my total to £9000. Some may say this is very expensive, but I would rather pay more for that extra piece of mind for altering something that is in the centre of my face.

Morphs & Other Pics on Instagram

I will not be uploading any pictures of myself on here due to privacy reasons. However, if you guys want to keep up-to-date with my journey through pictures give my rhinoplasty instagram a follow. The account is Rhiyesplasty - if you don't have a rhinoplasty instagram account just drop me a message and I'll be more than happy to accept. There is a great community on instagram for support and advice on rhinoplasty and I encourage you all to take part.
London Plastic Surgeon

Lucian Ion is a great man and his reviews speak for themselves. He is so knowledgeable he will cover everything that will have you checking off the questions before you've even asked them. I also like how Dr Ion seems to be very attentive and caring, he will not force anything upon you and will always listen to what you have to say. I feel so safe in this doctor's hands for my upcoming procedure and cannot recommend him enough based on my experience so far.

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