26 Yr Old Rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion - London, GB

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Hey I've booked a consultation with lucian ion for...

Hey I've booked a consultation with lucian ion for October. Thought it would be useful to share my experience with everyone who is thinking of using ion. Everyone says such good things about him and when I asked the reception theu told me he does around 5 or 6 rhinoplasty a week which I think shows he's very able and experienced.
Regardless of experience I'm still very nervous to do it. Anything could wrong.
I try to ignore my nose and look in the mirror and think it's not so bad but then as soon as someone takes a picture of me I see how prominent the nose is on the face. It makes me really upset and I've wanted this for 15 yrs. People say accept yourself how you are and you should love yourself but I feel it's easy to say when you don't have a nose or feature like mine. They don't have to live with your face. I also wanted my boobs bigger but I feel that's something I can learn to get over and love. When it's on your fave you can't hide or conceal it.
Don't know how many of you guys also feel like this.
Will let you all know how consultation goes x

first consultation

So I've had my first consultation with ion and have to say he is a very calm and nice person. He seems very knowledgeable and seems very much an expert in noses.
I definitely would get mine done with him and wouldn't even look elsewhere.
I've booked my surgery for end of November.
I'm really nervous for bleeding and also wondered has anyone experienced any acne outbreaks? If so what did you do and how long did it last.
I'm such a nervous freak with the whole op but I really do want to change my nose as I've hated it since I was 14 and I just feel so miserable everytime I see a pic of myself as that's all I see.
Will post my pics as well
London Plastic Surgeon

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