18 Year Old Rhinoplasty - with Dr Ion - London, GB

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Hello everyone , i am 18 years old and had...

Hello everyone , i am 18 years old and had Rhinoplasty with Dr Lucian ion . Rhinoplasty was something i have always wanted , as i really suffered from low confidence .. which was really difficult for my self .. it was really hard for me to go out socialise with people and just take photographs. there came a point where i isolated my self from the world as i became super concious about the way i looked. we live in a society where believe it or not looks do matter and to me it was always at the back of my mind. im here to share my experience of rhinoplasty. incase any of you out there suffered exactly like me .. here goes:) .. i had My Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr Lucian Ion who is based in london , He has his own practice on Harley street. i did a years worth of research on which surgeon is best i am from the area of birmingham and looked into local surgery too . however after reading reviews about MYA and The harley medical group ETC and local private surgeons in birmingham i became a little skeptical. The prices of rhinoplasty in birmingham ranged from £4000 . now i knew Surgery in london will cost alot more .But i believed paying more and getting the work done perfectly with a well known surgeon will be well worth the money. as i had heart alot of horror stories in regards to rhinoplasty procedures going totally wrong and people were forced to pay a huge lump sum to get there nose corrected this is known as revisin rhinoplasty. I researched on alot of well known surgeons . i cannot emphasise on how much research needs to be done when choosing your surgeon. I read alot about dr basim matti , dr lucian ion and dr julian de silva , all seemed to come up in the top band of plastic surgeons in london . Dr lucian his work appealed to me . I finally took the courage to book a consulation with himself . i explained all my concerns and what i did not like about my nose and what i wanted to have changed . the first consultation was really over whelming purely because you really do not know what to expect. dr ion kindly offered to invite me back for a second consultation . i then went for my second consultation . and opened up to him alot more which was a sigh of relief as i felt he knew exactly what i wanted. in the first consultation i forgot tommention he does take photographs of you and create morphs according to how you would like your nose to be . i finally booked surgery for the 24th of november. i was very excited . i just couldnt stand my nose any longer . my family thought i was a so crazy but honestly it was one of the most exciting days of my life????. the day had finally come my surgery was booked at the weymouth street hospital in london . a beautiful hospital based in westminister side of london. i was super happy to finally get a new nose a new look. i was taken to my room by a lovely nurse named ranvier he was super cute must say! . He told me what was going to happen . handed me a gown to wear and stockings i needed to wear for surgery. he advised my anaesthesist will be comming to speak to me shortly followed by dr ion shortly after .long story short . operation was over . and there i was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders . i felt beautiful already . all i can say is Dr Ion himself is amazing . he truley is a sweetheart and genuinely is an Artist . I highly recommend him and i seriously have no regrets. Rhinoplasty recovery is tough , infact very very tough . but all i can say is the end result makes everything seem so worth it . I am so greatful to Dr ion for changing my life:) . i cannot recommend him enough . if your thinking to opt for rhinoplasty do it.. with no regrets . my nurse rosie stated i am so petite yet so strong???? . if i can do it so can you!? . goodluck .. ill keep you updates with photos i am currently on day 9 with swelling still evident. ill be sure to keep you updated .

Day 10

14 days post op

hey guys thought id drop in a little update. my nose is yet swollen , swelling tends to decrease one day the next i wake up and it is again swollen i guess its something you have to get used to meanwhile.. icing the nose is helping , however it does get a little fustrating . because ur so eager to see the results . however mentally you do have to prepare yourself as with all operations there will be swelling . and patience is the key i guess! .

Nearly 4 weeks post op

So today i had a check up appointment with Dr Ion , it will be exactly one month post op this week on the 24th . time really does fly you just do not realise . Today Dr ion injected 2 steroid injections into the tip of the nose and closely below the tip . as swelling in that reigon is rather evident also , he stated it was to reduce scar tissue aswell . My nose looks well despite all the swelling .However it definetly will look even better after the swelling subsides which i am rather excited about. Dr Ion is such a humble man , He is very easy to talk to and you do not need to think twice when voicing your concerns . He really does give you a peace of mind :). Despite everything i am looking forward to see what magic these steroid injections will do . i shall keep you updated :) If i see any difference . bye for now :)

little update


one month post op

so it is exactly one month post op today thought i shall update you a little . so my thoughts and concerns right now is the tip of my nose , i feel like it is starting to look a tad bulbous this may just be an illusion due to the swelling . is it possible that the tip will elevate as the swelling goes down? . And also does anybody know how long it takes for the steroid injections to actually start working? as my nose is very swollen . i am uploading some photos from today if you can give me some feedback in terms of what you guys think . it would be great .

2 months and 3 days post op

Hi guys , been wanting to post an update just did not get round doing so , thought id write up a little update notifying you of any progress. so yes it has been two months and exactly 3 days since my surgery. which was on the 24th of november.. so nose looks great , sometimes it can swell alot , and sometimes the nose shape just looks amazing .. i notice the swelling is mostly evident when i wake up however Dr ion said that was totally normal.. the tip is still yet swollen but not as much as before.. Breathing wise i feel fine , however i still do feel congested sometimes, so i make sure i continue to use the neil med rinse as recommended by dr ion , so far so good otherwise , my check up is pretty soon i still feel dr ion will again inject some steroid injections in the tip of the nose as thats alot swollen then the rest of my nose , however it does not look bad so it is rather bareable . my nose still hurts quiet abit , to touch and when laying down i feel alot of pressure in my nose .. however again it is still early days . I still have no regrets undergoing surgery . still rather happy with the outcome i just hope it will continue to look better as the swelling completely subsides. my tip of my nose feels very eachy where my stitches were that is the only downside ? is that normal? . regardless of that if you have any questions just be sure to drop me a message and ill be sure to reply when i can:)

just a quick update of the front view

nose before


You dont really remember how bad your nose was initially untill u compare it with old photos .. the feeling of joy though must say????

Just a little update:)

Currently on the Train back from London so thought i would update you wonderful people on how i am getting on as have not had a chance to update you with my progress. so i Had a check up appointment today with Dr ion , Everything is comming along well however there is still quiet abit of swelling . Now to my self and Dr Ion it is rather evident but to a third person it is not . Today again i was given 4 kenalog (steroid) Injections again to try and reduce any swelling and scar tissue present. I have been called back for a appointment in january to see if the injections have had any effect and to see wether i would need any further treatment:). It really isnt something i am concerned about but i am rather happy that there are further changes yet to occur to the shape of my nose and hopefully my nose will look even better. it will be 10 months on the 24th of september post Surgery. In terms of the injections is there any other way to reduce the swelling? If swelling is or was persistent for you this is far after surgery can you please let me know whether this was / is the case for your self . also in terms of steroid injections how long after surgery did you continue getting the injections? if so did you see a vast change in swelling? . I shall post a photo later on:) x Any questions you may wish to ask feel free to message me or comment below:) , Alina

updates :)

Just uploading a couple of photos of my nose right now :) . So today my Nose is least swollen . a couple of days ago i was getting a little worried as swelling was really evident and persistent since i had my steroid injections. But i guess today they have decided to show its after effects.

Another photo from today

All did not upload the first time. so just reuploading:)


looks fab today as swelling is very minimal . But the problem is the swelling tends to vary from day to day. Even 10 months post operation. was that the case for you? sometimes the swelling is very evident and so i need to massage my nose as directed by the nurse or a few ways i have seen over the internet to reduce the swelling as it does really iritate me! But well see how it goes it is said it takes a year for swelling to subside so lets just wait a little longer :)

Update in photos:)

Just a little update . Thought i would post some photos of progression


so i have had a lot of questions regarding wether dr ion used any grafts? ever so sorry for the late reply but i thought instead of replying individually i shall just explain it on this post. Yes dr ion has used grafts in my nose although it was a primary to support the tip of my nose! just to add alot more definition and give the nose some structure. :) i am just adding a photo here just to show you guys how it looks at present .
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Dr Lucian ion is amazing .

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