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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I had closed rhinoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants over a year ago. This surgery changed my life for the better. I now have more confidence than before and I'm so glad I choose Dr. G. He is a great surgeon! Let's start from the beginning. I've started feeling very insecure about my nose since high school. You know how your body changes and growing, well my nose got bigger. I had a bump and my nose was super wide all over! I also had a deviated septum so I had trouble breathing from one nostril. My big nose made my eyes and mouth look small, so all I saw was my big nose. I was very insecure and had low self esteem, especially when I heard comments about my nose from other. I wasn't really bullied, but people noticed my nose. And of course, your nose never stops growing so I just wondered how much bigger it was going to get in the years to come. I wanted a nose job asap. I did A LOT of research for years! That is something I strongly recommend. You need to know what you need to do before your surgery, during surgery, and post op. Trust me, I'm still learning a few things. But I came across a couple of doctors. I live in Michigan, so I tried to find someone close. Yes, I understand that having surgery out of town can be difficult and very expensive, but I made the right choice going to Dr. G even though he was that far away. Anyways, I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Chicago. He was horrible. Very unprofessional. He even offered me a discounted price for the surgery! I didn't go back there. A good surgeon does not do that. I was upset but kept looking. This time I told myself that I would go anywhere for the best surgery. I then came across Dr. G. I did an e-mail consultation and he replied right away. He was very nice and told me what I needed done and price. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it right then. I decided to save money until I had enough. Two years later, I finally was able to schedule my surgery. I had my consultation for my surgery the day before. I was super excited to meet him. We talked about the procedure and he asked about my expectations and showed him some pics. I did feel a little rushed though. But he did make me feel confident that I choose the right surgeon. I then had to prepare for my surgery. Then the day finally came. I was his first surgery that day. The hospital staff was incredible and they make you feel better. I got to talk to Dr. G and we went over what was going to be done once more. Then it happened. Not going to lie, but I felt like shit after surgery and the days after. The pain was bearable so I didn't take those pain pills. I heard they make you constipated so I didn't want that. I ate baby food and lots of liquid since I did get dry mouth. I had to sleep with a neck pillow so I didn’t sleep on my side because that is how I usually sleep. I didn’t leave the hotel until the day my cast came off the fifth day. I was super nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. G explained how it will look swollen and not the final result. He said that my nose will keep changing. It can even take 5 years to fully heal!! But most of the swelling should be less noticeable after 3 months. When he took the cast off my nose looked soo wide I almost cried and it felt uncomfortable when he pulled all that crap off from my nostrils. After surgery, it’s like a waiting game. Just waiting for the swelling to go down. I taped my nose all day everyday for like two weeks. That really helped the swelling go down. For like a couple of weeks after I looked like an alien. My lower part of my face felt and looked swollen. I was not able to properly smile for like 3 months!!! I did message Dr. G with some concerns about how swollen my nose was even after 3 months. He said it takes a long time for the nose to heal. WELL, it’s been almost a year since my surgery last November and I swear, the tip of my nose is STILL swollen. My tip was lifted and refined, so I’m guessing that’s why it’s taking forever to heal. I also notice that my nose still gets swollen especially in the morning. One tip for people wanting rhinoplasty: Baby Your Nose!!!! Till this day, I still do because I’m scared I might damage it somehow. I’m probably ok now, but I still feel that my tip needs to heal longer. I did read that some people damage their nose by not taking proper care after surgery. But even after everything I went through, it was sooo worth it! I would do it all over again with Dr. Grigoryants. He is the BEST!! I hope he continues to change people’s lives doing what he does. He truly is an artist. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great, caring, talented, etc., surgeon.

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