35 Year Old Mom of 2 Breast Dropping and Wanting Bigger Size After a Horrible Experience with First Surgeon - Lethbridge, AB

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I am a mother of two and weigh 124 lbs. I had my...

I am a mother of two and weigh 124 lbs. I had my first ba 2 years ago with another surgeon. I under went a ba as well as a tummy tuck. A year ago my breasts started bottoming out do I had a correction done and about 4 months after that my breasts started dropping again and my capsul was never tightened to hold my implants in place. My tummy tuck scar also is getting fixed as I now have what you call a muffin top due to not having enough skin removed on the sides so it hangs over my scar.
I had my consult with Dr Hasell two months ago and I have 370cc smooth round over the muscle now and we are exchanging them to 565cc smooth mod+profile over the muscle with a little lift to fix the breast reduction surfer screw up from my first surgeon.
I am scheduled for August 9th to have my procedures. I can't wait I am happy I'm finally getting what I asked for and am excited to finally look good again and not feel botched.
Dr hasell and his staff especially Peggy have been so nice and so very helpful. Dr Hasell is very kind and you feel at ease when you see him he makes you feel like you have nothing to worry about, first surgeon ever to actually talk about what you want or what needs to be done. I am now in good hands ????

I forgot to mention I have had a breast reduction 13 years ago and was left with a bit deformed breasts with one sitting high and one low with high beams that pointed one to the ceiling and one to the floor.

Getting excited

15 more days and getting so excited. I know I'm in great hands with dr Hasell.
I'm still deciding on 565cc or 605cc over the muscle. fiance wants me to choose 605 hahaha but only because every post we have read about is woman wishing they choose the larger implant I'm still up in the air about which one.

3 days post op

Had my surgery went very well. The doc did an amazing job and I couldn't be more happy. I believe we ended up going with 605 moderate plus over the muscle and he also corrected my one Breast to match so they are even.
My tummy tuck scar has also been redone and I can say I now have a flat tummy again and my belly button looks normal.
I have not been taking any pain meds only at night to help me sleep the first day was a bit rough and I almost passed out and I threw up my spouse didn't know what to do hahah but after that I was great and feeling very confident I love dr Hasell he is a very amazing surgeon and glad I did my research this time.
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Dr Hasell and his staff are amazing

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