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So I mucked up my reviews and my first review is...

So I mucked up my reviews and my first review is for my original augmentation and this one is for my revision. I can't make another revision review and since I'm getting ready for surgery in a few weeks here I really wanted to post.

My original BA was 10 months ago and I picked 250 cc implants. I wanted to go from a 32 A to a 32 D my surgeon told me he wouldn't garuntee a cup size since everyone is different. I thought that was fine and assumed I'd still be getting D's just tailored to me.

This was as high as I could go my doctor told me but what he meant was this is as high as you can go in a moderate profile implant.

So I had my surgery and I hated my implants. My recovery was painful and I felt like I just threw money away. My husband didn't like them either and was mad at me for picking the wrong size.

Two weeks ago I made a consultation appointment and told my surgeon I was not happy with the size. He kindly is waiving his fee and only charging me $3000 for the OR and anesthesia.

I was in terrible pain for the first surgery and am so nervous about the new one. I'm taking off Thursday and Friday and hoping to return to work Monday. Anyone who knows about revision recovery without a lift please let me know if it is better or worse.

Struggling with size

So I posted a question regarding size of implants which I thought I had worked out very throughly with my surgeon. He assured me based on my measurements I wouldn't get distortion up to 550 ultra high profile so I thought I was being moderate by selecting a 400-425 hp implant knowing that 250 mp had not met my expectations.

My husband went with me and heard everything my PS had to say and was totally convinced that we had selected the right one this time. Then suddenly we are watching this video as a reply to my question which talked about small women getting implants that are a D/ 400 cc implants being bad for them and they destroy their body / tissues by doing this. Then he goes on to mention 2000 cc implants in the same breath. 400 cc implants cannot be the same as getting 2000 cc implants. I don't think I'm out of line looking in the 400-425 range especially being sub muscular. So now I've been researching the heck out of everything again. My husband's scared and now I'm scared I'm going to ruin my body by undergoing another surgery. I don't know what to do, I'm so unhappy with my results. I went through this surgery expecting more than a negligible difference. So many conflicting emotions.

How doctors size actual copies of charts

This post is meant to help you understand how doctors size for implants. After ending up way smaller than I wanted I found myself asking, "how did this happen?". The short answer is "the charts". This is not meant to minimize the art of plastic surgery, which I truly believe is an art. You don't want to go to any surgeon that can jam implants into your body. This is meant to help you discuss with your doctor what implant might work for you.

So how did I end up with the wrong size? Simple, I picked the wrong profile. My doctor took my measurements went to the column for moderate profile and found 11.3 cm then told me my implant size in the mentor implants.

When I came back unhappy with the size the doctor explained that you can go up in volume by going out. Seems simple right. Turns out for smaller chested ladies if we want volume we have to go with a high profile implant because if not you end up with a very small cc.

I've included pictures of the original mentor chart used to size me and the allergan high profile and ultra high profile (not considering ultra since dr said would get distortion). I am considering 425 hp allergan implants. This is 0.7 mm larger than my 11.3 mm measurement but if you look at a ruler that is nothing and my PS does not see any issue going this small amount larger. Just for a bit extra info this will NOT help fill the gap between your boobs this extra will project out under your arms so don't think this will bridge that "gap".

Husband doesn't want to go through with revision surgery

So as of right now my husband no longer wants to spend the money. I've spent the whole night begging him to let me have my revision surgery as planned. I'm a professional and work full time it's not like he's our only income. His opinion is that he spent $6500 the first time and I had a chance to get it right. I am totally crushed. The thought of having to live for another decade or so with these implants terrifies me. I feel such a strong amount of dissonance from my implants. I hate them I wish I would have done nothing. He says he will let me know before my preop appointment Friday 2/19 if I will be able to have the revision.

Revision back on for now

So my husband did finally say I can do it but it's tough knowing if he gets the least bit unhappy he has this thing he can take away from me. The whole thing started because I told him he could go to a beer event on Valentine's Day and changed my mind the day before. He still went I didn't give him a hard time but he got home pretty drunk looking for a fight. I can tell he just wanted to show me he can change his mind too just like I did. I didn't know how much this meant to me until last night when it was totally off the table.

I had a lot of pain for my first surgery and my husband thinks I acted like a big baby. I'm pretty sure revision won't be as painful so I'm promising him this shouldn't happen again.

My only other concern is he was the one telling me before "$3k is a small price to pay for happiness and neither one of us is happy with these". Now he's saying "why should I spend $3k on you? What do I get out of it?". I really want to just go back a week when we both wanted it. Everything will feel real when the rest of the money is put down Friday.

Post op in the morning

Seeing my PS in the morning to decide on the final implant size I'm still hovering in between 400cc hp allergan and 425cc hp allergan round implants. It's so hard to tell what they will look like. I haven't seen this size on ladies my size in the community though I've been searching.

Going to high profile I have a feeling will be weird initially. I've seen so many post op pictures where the look square. Can anyone give any input on when they start to look round? Really wonder what it will be like switching from mp to hp silicone. I have many questions for my PS tomorrow.

Deposit will be down tomorrow (finger crossed).

preop appointment and implant selection

My pre op went well today. PS answered all my questions! Have settled on the round silicone 425 cc hp allergan implants 12.0 and 5.2 cm projection.

When I told my surgeon about one of the doctors telling me I was destroying my body by getting ginormous implants he said that was ridiculous. Then he showed me how much breast tissue I had and moved the implant to show how the hp would sit on my frame. I feel much more comfortable with the size selection.

He gave me a prescription for Percocet and an antibiotic. I didn't take an antibiotic for the first surgery but I know many surgeons perscribe these so I wasn't too surprised.

He thinks recovery from the surgery will be very easy I'm really hoping he's right.

Got a nice surprise after purchasing the surgery. My doctors office has a promotion with the allergan implants where you get either a free treatment of Botox or free latisse (eye lash lengthening drops) for you AND (not or) a friend. Have been wanting to try latisse and so has my mother in law, so it was just perfect.

Pre op shopping list and looking for zip front bra

I wave a decent number of wire free bras from my first surgery but I really wanted a zip front bra for the first few days after surgery. I found this 4 pack for $27 that should be arriving Monday. It isn't pretty but fit my criteria of being prime eligible zip front and padded (pics included).


I ordered a Large since they come from China and reviews said they run small even though I'm only a 32. Does anyone else have a good zip front wire free bra that doesn't show nipples? I may have to wear this to work depending on how quickly I bounce back.

I need to get everything for my surgery tomorrow since I will have to pack a full week of work into 3 days and usually end up working 12 hour days in a normal week and am taking a night class on Wednesdays.

1) hydrogen peroxide
2) neosporin
3) nexcare waterproof dressing
4) nexcare sterile adhesive gauze
5) stool softener
6) oyster crackers in case of nausea after surgery and some ginger ale
7) already have ice packs may look at breast feeding ice packs

Am I missing an critical items? Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Loving the post op bras from Amazon

So these bras are fantastic. I ended up buying the large size which is perfect for a 32 chest and what I hope will be my D breasts. Can't feel the zipper at all. Will provide just the right amount of compression and support.

Got most of my post op care items but still need sterile gauze and to pick up my prescriptions. Only a few more days to go!!

The night before

Spoke to my anesthesiologist today and to my doctor's nurse. So nice the follow up with you the night before to check on you. I've got all my nesting done and the house is relatively clean.

I'm so excited to get these little guys out and my new 425s in. Going to jump in the shower, wash with the antibacterial soap as directed. Looking forward to my last night of side sleep for a few weeks. Can't thank all of you enough for the support and advice!!

I will update my review after my surgery tomorrow :)

Farewell pics

Took a few more pics so I can really see how these babies change. I feel like my implants look like I was born with them. In that way my PS really succeeded.

FYI I have moderate to severe scoliosis which is why my chest looks uneven sometimes and my ribs are in different places.

Alright, enough for to night.

They're in!! 425 cc round silicone submuscular - Day 1

Had my revision surgery this morning it went well. Dr. K. did a fantastic job and has great bedside manner. Really nice surgical suit and waiting room for husband. My whole surgical team was great and it was awesome that the nurse, Lacy, who took my stitches out for my first surgery was there. It was also I huge help my husband got to stay with me while I got marked up for surgery (he wasn't invited back last time which was an over sight).

Woke up in recovery with no idea an hour and a half had gone by. The nurse also let me keep my implants as a kind of souvenir which I thought was fun (pics later).

Compared to the first surgery I'm experiencing a lesser degree of pain but I'm not sure the pain block has entirely worn off. My pocket did have to be expanded (not by much) so I may experience slightly more pain than a basic switch. I am experiencing the warming burning and tightening sensation and I feel like I've taken a couple punches to the ribs. No spasms like the first surgery. Took a nap upright for 40 minutes and woke up relatively lucid. I just took my first Percocet 30 minutes ago so I'm hoping it takes the edge off.

Tried to get as many pics as was comfortable.

Day 2 wasn't a good one

Little to no sleep last night. Today my pain reached an 8/10 for most of the day. I wasn't expecting things to be this bad. Luckily I had my mother in law with me. Nothing but pain ice and Netflix today.

Biggest accomplishment today, I took a shower (no hair washing).

Breasts are incredibly swollen (way bigger than yesterday) and it feels like I've been kicked in the ribs a lot. Not looking forward to trying to sleep.

Day 3

Pain was about a 6/10 today. Thank goodness I slept well last night. Kept up with the ice packs and stretching and i think swelling is down a bit.

Managed to wash my hair today (kept my arms at my side and bent my head down) apparently I was blessed with long forearms. I feel like a T. rex not being able to use my arms.

I finally bought a real post surgical bra and I can't wait for it to come. I went with the carefix Alice in a size large since reviews say it runs small. It isn't a looker but so long as it does the trick I will be happy. I think a lot of my pain may be due to not having a proper bra. Here's the link if anyone needs it https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007YXYJ08/ref=ya_st_dp_summary

Day 4

Feeling a lot better. Pain is manageable today about 4/10. I picked up two nursing bralettes yesterday at target which I wore yesterday and that helped a lot. I think the girls needed some support.

My carefix bra came today and it has been a HUGE help. Just to warn everyone they run very small. My chest is a 32 and I'm wearing a large snugly. I am on the loosest closure. This thing is not cute but boy does it work. May need to put gauze over my nipples tomorrow for work since the bra isn't padded you can see them a bit (not much though).

Day 5

Have been back at work for the last two days working my usual 12 hrs. I am in meetings all day or at a desk so my job is not physical. My pain level is about a 4/10 so it's been tolerable.

I'm driving 40 min to work (mainly highway) and 40 min home. I still can't comfortably lift my arms but am ok driving with the lower portion of the wheel.

I'm living in my carefix Alice right now (only remove it to shower) with a bunch of gauze over my nipples to keep things PG.

I've also made my own steri strip dressing cover out of non stick gauve and clear medical tape. I'm applying hydrogen peroxide and neosporin over the steri strip and then covering with the cut gauze (pics included). You all are probably so sick of my boobs by now lol.

Stitches come out on Friday. I am not as numb as the first surgery so am a little scared it will hurt.

Paper tape next time

So I loved my dressings I made until I tried to take off. Omg ouch!! Will be using my paper tape after my shower.

As a side note not stretch marks on boobs its from the bra.

Full body pics 425 cc - Day 6

I got my husband to take a few full body pics so you can see the implants relative to the rest of my body. I like the front view but am not a huge fan of my side view yet. I also have pretty bad scoliosis so my shoulders don't look great from the side.

I wear a size 25 pant or a 0 petite US. My shirts all still fit and from most manufacturers are an xs.

Stitches come out tomorrow at 9! I feel like a rag doll ready to burst at the seams.

Incisions and old implants - Day 10

Had my stitches out on Friday and the nurse put steri tape on them again. I removed the tape today and put the nexcare tegaderm over it. Doctor is in the less is more school so decided just to keep it covered until I begin my scar care at the end of the week. My insidious are about 2.5 inches long. Initially I thought the incisions were much larger because after surgery the entire bottom of my breasts were covered with tape. So happy only 1/3 of it was my actual incision. I have no idea how they get a silicone implant into such a small area.

I finally got some rest and am feeling so much better. I'm sleeping on my sides already, I tried but I just can't sleep comfortably on my back. Still can't lift me arms without pain so I'm not sleeping with my hand under the pillow like I usually do.

My pain is now about a 3/10 and is controlled with tramadol. I've included pics of my 250cc implants which they let me keep after they were removed. They're fun to play with. Wish I could have them at my desk and use them as stress balls but I'm sure someone would be offended.

Post surgical bra

My carefix Anna finally came and I love it. It actually has hooks under the zipper so it isn't a struggle to get on. The last one required 2 people. I have can finally wear light shirts to work now since I have a white bra. Will still need to cover nipples with gauve.

I also got a front clothes wirefree sports bra. I bought in a 34 B since im a bit swollen and I usually need a 32 C/D which isn't carried. Love the look let me know if I should upside to a 34 c. I'm having issues with strap tightness (too tight) and not relaxing the area under my breast.

425 cc hp silicone - 2 weeks

Such a huge relief to finally be happy with my breasts. I had a lot of concern before my revision that I would still be dissatisfied afterwards but I'm not. I don't regret my second surgery at all.

My recovery has been pretty fast. The first 4 days were tough but not as bad as my first BA. I feel like I'm hitting milestones like sleeping on my side (only took 4 days) a lot faster. Another thing that happened a lot quicker was I got sensation back in my nipples. Unfortunately they have been very sore. They were so sore I put a foot cream with a numbing agent in it on them. I've never breastfed so I'm hoping you ladies that did have some suggestions.

Another thing I've noticed is that my boobs didn't start as high as my first BA. The skin around them is still tight and the area on the outer portion of each breast where the pocket was expanded feels bruised and is painful when touched. I'm also just now able to lift my arms above my shoulders. I don't recall having a hard time doing this with the first surgery.

I haven't really began breast massage yet other than massaging my scar daily. I tried once hurt myself then stopped. Friday I had my annual exam and the breast exam ended up really bothering them again so intend to start up in a few days.

I began my scar treatment on Friday. I'm using scar away silicone sheets and I also rub on mederma overnight since it's one of the few that's had a clinical trial. I picked up bio oil since so many ladies rave about it too and intend to apply this evening. Does anyone have a good scar care routine?

Thanks ladies for all your help and support :)

Life Hacks for BA

Wanted to do a bit of a fun post for a change and share some of my BA hacks and hopefully hear some others. So I have 2 hacks that came to mind this week.

1) Reuse your Scar Away Silicone Strips

So you get a pack of 3 sets in a box for $23. For my first BA I went through 3 of these boxes because I'd use the strips for a few weeks then throw them away. That got expensive after 3 months.

After a couple uses with these (especially if you use a self tanner) these get gunky and lose their stick. That's when this hack comes in. Rather than throwing the strips away and opening a new pair cover in antibacterial soap and rinse under warm water. Stick on the edge of your tub or sink to dry. I like to be using two sets at once so I can wash one and have a clean one ready. I usually wash these every 1-2 uses now. The silicone is as good as new once you wash your body product and skin cells off of it.

2) get blood out of post surgical bras using a bar of soap

A little background on this hack. This comes from my great great grandmother and is one of the most useful life hacks I have that I haven't seen all over the Internet. I'm third generation Sicilian on my moms side so I get some good advice on how to make the most of what you have from that side of the family. We waste nothing. Anyway my story for this hack was when I was recovering from my revision my husband found my bra from my first surgery and was horrified to see that it was covered in dried blood from almost a year ago. I know this sounds nastey but I just forgot to clean it and being raised with nothing you don't throw things away. So last weekend I did my bar of soap blood hack. I didn't think to get a picture before but I have it after a few rounds included on this post.

So what you do is wet the bra and wet a bar of soap. Then you rub the bar of soap over the stain. For some stains like period ones in underwear you just rinse and repeat a few times. For this stain it required sitting over night then rinsing in the shower and the another overnight session. So this was a lot of blood caked on for a year and the bars of body soap dissolved the blood stain without damaging the fabric.

Anyway I did this with both post surgical bras from my doctor and they are good as new. These were cheap bras but I know a lot of ladies on here whose surgeons spring for the good ones. So save them. You never know if you might want them later on or if you could gift them to a friend.

Let me know your BA hacks.

1 month post op with 425 cc hp

They are beginning to soften. I have been massaging for 20 minutes at night with a mixture of bio oil and coconut oil I got a whole foods. I love the coconut oil. I'm also using it as a mask for my hair and on my eyebrows/ eyelashes. Scars seem to be responding well to my treatment regime. Had an odd experience last night during my massage I felt a lump/ knot under my scar. I massaged it and it was gone by my post op appointment. Very strange. Did anyone else have an experience like this with a lump under your scar?

Lots of pictures! Includes side boob for meme.

425 cc hp silicone 32 A to D - 6 weeks PO

100 lbs 5 foot 2 inches BWD 11.3 cm. Allergan Natrelle style 20 round silicone implants. Implant width is 12.0 cm with 5.2 cm projection. Went from a 32 A to a full D not VS D but real D. VS I can wear a 32 D now. I'm 6 weeks post op and have noticed big changes from my first surgery.

Breasts are now soft and squishy. They are starting to feel very natural. This definitely wasn't the case with my first surgery. The way my implants feel now is how they felt between 3-6 months post op. I'm also able to sleep on my stomach.

I massage implants 2-3 times per week with bio oil and coconut oil to prevent stretch marks and help with scaring. When massaging most of the time I squeeze the bottom and top of my breasts to move the implant in the pocket. For scar treatment I am using Mederma PM, bio oil ($9 small bottle), and spectrum unrefined coconut oil that I bought at whole foods for $9. The coconut oil has been the best edition to my skincare routine.

No numbness in the nipples or breasts any longer. I love the high profile implant I've woren under wire twice. It's nice because I don't need to wear a push-up bra to get cleavage and have been happy wearing wirefree bras I bought at Soma after my first surgery for work. I am so happy with the cleavage the hp gives. One of my biggest disappointments with my first surgery was that I had to wear a push-up super padded bra if I wanted cleavage and that is totally fixed.

I am so glad I had a revision. This size and profile is just perfect. I also am glad to have some side boob and that there isn't a huge gap between my breasts any longer. These are benefits to selecting an implant size slightly over your BWD.

I don't have any distortion or rippling on the sides. I can feel the implants under my breast but this happened with 250 cc and my PS said it is impossible to prevent or fix regardless of size.

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