2nd Time Around... Different Doctor Who Gave Me What I Wish I Had the First Time! So Worth It! - Kahului, HI

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My original BA was in 2007 with a different PS...

My original BA was in 2007 with a different PS with many, many years of experience... I was naturally a 34B and desired larger breasts and to correct some slight asymmetry. I was hoping to get HP Implants but was told I was not a candidate for those and ended up with 480 (right)/470 (left) Saline Mod+ Implants via transax (he insisted this method so there would not be any scars directly on the breasts) under the muscle... I ended up being a 34D but also encountered several issues as time went by... 1) I found stitches still remaining in one side of my armpits a couple of weeks after all stitches were supposedly removed which I pointed out.. it got removed but I broke out in a rash and it left the scar puffy and very noticeable and in my opinion, I'm not sure it healed right. 2) my left breast was bigger and sat slightly higher than my right which my original PS insisted would drop (it never did)... I learned to live with this by adjusting one bra strap a little higher than the other.. they looked pretty good in a bra but obviously bothered me when I did not have the bra on and was also noticeable through tops you wear without a bra which I steered clear of. 3) they would literally fall completely apart and disappear when laying down. 4) I noticed pain whenever there was pressure toward the front of my chest area... from something as simple as a hug to carrying a large box... I was completely unable to lay on my stomach all these years. My original PS dismissed all of my concerns saying they were fine, they looked great, to give it more time and I was just being my worst critic. I eventually requested a copy of my file only to find that all of the visit notes didn't list a single concern I brought up... instead, each visit note was almost identical (scars are minimal, breasts look good and are healing nicely and patient is pleased)... after bringing this up, they never called me to schedule any other follow-up visits nor did they take any post-op pictures. Six years later, I decided to schedule a consult with Dr. Yu in hopes of correcting most of the issues and also to switch to larger possibly HP silicone implants... the difference between doctors were like night and day! He was extremely knowledgeable and understood all of my issues and goals I wanted to achieve and answered all of my questions! His entire staff were very pleasant to deal with and also answered a lot of questions I had! He mentioned that the left breast sat higher due to a placement issue (sometimes happens with transax method). He also mentioned that he could tighten up the pockets on the outside a little so the breasts would not fall completely apart when lying down... it may also help the pain I felt whenever there was pressure towards the front of my chest as he mentioned a nerve being in the area on the side of the breast which the implants may have been pressing up against. I was very pleased to hear that I was in fact a candidate for HP implants! Due to the fact I wanted to go bigger and correct the size difference between the 2 breasts, we discussed either 600 (left)/650 (right) or at biggest (due to my body frame), 650 (left)/700 (right) HP silicone implants (he would see what looked better in surgery) and to maximize proper placement of the implants, he suggested going in through the nipple area which concerned me since I did not want really noticeable scars but trusted his judgment. I left the consult with my surgery date set! The surgery was just over 2 hours as there was quite a bit of work that needed to be done to the pockets but it went smoothly. I woke up to 700cc (right)/650cc (left) HP Silicone Implants which I got to see the next morning... they looked amazing! The pain was NOTHING like the first BA... it was much more manageable and it seemed like they healed a lot quicker too. I have followed all post-op instructions since and time has been flying by (wish I got to writing this sooner!)... I am now 9 months post-op (with my 10 mth post-op visit approaching next month) and a 34DDD. I swear they look better and better as time passes and are incredibly soft... they truly feel like my real breasts! To me, the difference between saline and silicone is like night and day! They look like twins, are placed perfectly, don't fall apart when I lie down, the scars are barely visible and guess what... I can finally lay on my stomach without pain! This 2nd time around with my new PS made all the difference in the world - so worth it!

The girls... "dressed". Lol!

Everything is still fab! I just thought I would add a couple more pics so y'all can see the assets "dressed". I also thought I should mention that this site also prepared me tremendously for my second surgery... I knew on top of correcting the issues I also wanted to also go noticeably bigger and all the pics, reviews & Q&A's gave me a really good idea of what I wanted while also pointing out the pros and cons of larger implants so a big thank you to the Real Self Community!

Dr. Yu is a professional who I would recommend to anyone! I am overjoyed with my results! He corrected all the issues I had and exceeded my expectations! He and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent care from beginning to end! Thank you Dr. Yu!!!

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