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I wanted slightly fuller lips and I heard that...

I wanted slightly fuller lips and I heard that Juvederm lasts longer and gives a smoother look than Resty.  I've had Resty injected about 4 times before and loved the results.

The plastic surgeon gave me a dental block.  I felt pain from the block for 1wk following my injection.  It's been 2wks and I still feel pain when I palpate.  I've had injections before with only Emla used and was able to tolerate it.  My lips look horrible.  They are lumpy and asymetrical.  I have a huge lump on my lower lip that I keep biting when I eat or chew gum.

I asked the doctor that did the procedure to inject hyaluronidase to reverse his work.  He tried to convince me that my lips look great.  He wasn't aware of this product and I had no other option but to find another pratitioner to correct his mistake. 

I am going out of town and have an appt at my destination for the correction.  What a waste of my time, pain, and money.

Looking back at my before pictures I totally regret it.  My lips were perfect before. 

My lips over the past few years

Update: I never returned to the plastic surgeon that originally injected my lips. I was hesitant to try it again until I found an injector I trusted. I've added some pictures. All have been with Juvederm, with and w/out dental blocks. I prefer w/out. The lido mix makes it tolerable.
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

Lips were left lumpy and asymetrical and he called it perfect. I appreciate honesty not someone trying to justify his mistake.

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